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I love watching how different brands try to push the same looks over and over again and pretend like they have invented something new.  New is a concept I hardly see nowadays, as more and more designers turn to vintage for inspiration and often straight up theft.  Now don’t get me wrong.. I completely understand the idea that everything has been done before (although I don’t fully agree)  and that we all strive to just do it “better”.  As a stylist I often have to grapple with this issue because I’m on a never ending quest to be original.
With that said.. the whole safari look is by no means a novel idea, yet I insist on entertaining it cause I just love it so darn much.  In some purely selfish ways it reminds me of my childhood and my obsession with Indiana Jones and my dream of being an archeologist when I grew up (too late) which is why I haven’t snuffed it yet.
What has and always will captivate me about this girl, the inherent explorer, is that she values utility above all else.. she’s a badass at heart but somehow still manages to be hot as all hell. Do you know what I mean? Well in case you don’t I have photographic proof that she exists.. and she can both be practical and adorable simultaneously….. and best of all..she’s shamelessly all about indulging in her favorite summer treat.. ICE CREAM.

Lana is wearing an OmniaVintage dress, shoes and handbag which can all be found on her website:  She is also wearing an Urban Outfitters utility vest and a Zara necklace (stylist owned). For more summer style inspiration check out my other posts!

I LOVE styling other people.  There, now you know one more thing about me (besides my love for margaritas).  It’s such an amazing feeling to watch a look come together piece by piece and transform a person.  This is why I do what I do.  I’ve assisted many photo shoots in my day but now I’m finally starting to work on my own stuff and loving every second of it.  I recently had the privilege to walk into the infinite world of Omnia Vintage and use her amazing pieces to create a few looks for her upcoming spring/summer lookbook.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting these outfits and chatting about the way you can achieve the look too.  One key factor that ties all of my styling together is the way I often incorporate contemporary with vintage to give it a fresh and updated treatment.  Not enough bloggers/stylists are taking past and present and molding it into what it has potential to be when combined.
Most pieces will be available to shop on Omnia Vintage, unless I’ve stated that they are my own.

For this particular look I went for a 70’s meets modern day downtown cool vibe by pairing wide leg pants with a tucked in boxy tank and layering it with both a chambray shirt and a utility jacket.  The box bag adds a touch of structure and polish to the look and that hint of a warmer color to balance out all the green and blue.
On this particular afternoon, the sky was an intense blue and so clear, and we were feeling adventurous. We climbed on top of this abandoned flatbed and called it our home for the shoot.  The results were, if I dare say so myself…pretty awesome.

Lana is wearing:  Vintage wide leg plaid pants (Omnia Vintage); Vintage star blue and white tank (Omnia Vintage); Vintage chambray shirt; H&M utility jacket (stylist owned); Zimmermann leather woven sandals (stylist owned); Vintage jewelry (Omnia Vintage).

Stylist: Stefany Mohebban
Photographer: Naomi of Omnia Vintage
Model: Lana
Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn

I’m certain that by now you’ve heard me gushing about the 70’s enough to make you, either rush to your couch and watch reruns of that 70’s show, or hate me.  Whichever way you go, the truth is, I can’t stop loving this era.  The music, the spontaneous peace and love.. (sex),  the bell bottoms, the festivals, tie dye, what’s there not to adore?
As I’ve also mentioned, I’m working on a look book which will feature a lot of late 60’s and 70’s pieces.  In order to get excited and inspired for the project, I did a little bit of digging and pulled some images which embodied the essence I am aiming for…

Note: The perfect curls, and paisley print, and those rings!

 A popped collar never looked so chic, and the matching white boots? Killer!

 How NOT to fall in love with this.. head to toe, yes pigtails with flower hair ties included (I may regret saying that later)

Making a statement in oversized gorgeous floral print maxi’s. I’m so in.

 Did you say nautical? How about whimsical, colorful, cute and perfect too.

 Three time’s the charm.

Boho chic realness right this way…

A little bit rock and roll, but also demure and sweet? Unbeatable combo.

 White bermuda shorts? Striped blouse with bell sleeves?? Stop it! Just stop!

 Ooops! I’m being adorable again!

I just got back from a little work trip that sent me to North Carolina.  Home of peaches and furniture.  I perused many furniture showrooms looking for attractive fabrics as inspiration and guide as to where the market is going.  Along my trip I fell in love with a certain type of geometric design you sometimes find on furniture.  So when I got back, I went on a little online hunt for some fun dresses and such with that kind of look.  This is what I found

It’s a geometric pattern bowtie. Need I say more? Find her and more on this Etsy shop

watch out Proenza Schouler!
Amazing Alined mod jacket in lightweight neon geometric design. You can find her Here.

Hi! yes that’s me running off, with a vintage cape that could very well be a couch pattern. Woopwoop        

Truth is, I never would have thought I was the fringe kind of person, especially combined with leather.
 But when I caught a glimpse at this Zara skirt, I fell madly in love. The length, shape, easiness, all spoke to me, and made me feel I could pull off this western vibe in the big city without feeling like a tool.
Did I pull it off? take a peak for yourself.

Thrifted Blouse, Zara Skirt, Jean Michal Cazabat suede platform boots, Vintage cuffs
 My shirt is a thrift find from Beacon’s closet in Park Slope.  The colors and print speak to my inner 70’s child.  Even though I was born in the 80’s.

People got hungry, so I came to the rescue and hopped on the grill.
Just kidding.  Don’t put me anywhere near fire or food. It will not end well.

All photo’s by Lizabeth Nieves, click on her name to check out her awesome site, and check out her Tumblr too!

Here are some of my wishlist picks for spring: all vintage, all (sort of) affordable.  If only my apartment had a secret doorway to a giant walk in closet.  Pipe dreams.

1. Sick Necklace… I don’t know, doesn’t there appear to be a mustache hidden somewhere?

Find this YSL Vintage bad boy at This place.

2. Hawt Ted Lapidus sunnies… yeah to cover those dark under eye circles.. duh.

You can steal these from me right this way.

3. Awee no I didn’t….yes I did… want me this amazing denim romper.  MADNESS!

And want to be her friend badly.. Also I’m not giving you the link to this cause I’m totally buying it right after I’m done writing this! HAH!

4.  I did it again! check these fools out! 

Vintage Escada nautical flats… ALL MINE!

 5.  Check this cutie out, she’s got the right color, texture and shape.. done and done..

I’m also keeping this bad girl to myself.. yeah call me selfish!

And yeah I would totally wear all of these items at the same time… Boom!