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Styled by Me

Photos by NY Is Killing Me

Model: Brittany Cavaco

Shot in Bushwick, NYC August 2014

Model wearing: Own ballerina Tutu and leotards + stylists’ own pieces.

Summer Breeze

New York Is Killing Me and myself teamed up to capture the essence of a New York summer day.  Using pieces from the latest Ayr collection and some of my own, Ashley Wisco embodied what we all strive to feel like in this urban jungle.. carefree.


For more beautiful images check out New York Is Killing Me.

To score some awesome summer AYR pieces check out their website.

And stay tuned for more styling by me.

As the temperatures rise into the 90’s this week, someone has dramatically increased her intake of iced coffee and frozen yogurt and that’s totally ok! Most importantly though is factoring in lighter fabrics that breathe because they are key during these crazy blasts of heat.  I’ve found that anything synthetic or heavier is just torture.  With buying vintage sometimes it’s hard to find that balance of great design without sacrificing finding the right kind of fabric.  I recently shed a lot of my polyester purchases because I was finding that I was feeling quite uncomfortable in them, and truth be told, no matter how cute you look, feeling uncomfortable takes over and becomes the center of attention.  So tip of the day is to never sacrifice feeling good, over looking good.  I know that goes against the fashion is suffering or whatever people like to say, but NO, it’s so obvious when someone feels like shit, that it takes away from any potential cuteness.

Onto some styling I recently did for OmniaVintage’s summer look book, with keeping easy breezy fabrics in mind. This was one of my favorites mostly because I just ADORED the print of this dress.  Take a look for yourself.

The lighting and the location were so gorgeous for this shoot it didn’t take much to get some awesome shots.  The model and I worked together in getting her vibe in line with her outfit.  I suggested she get into the character of a girl who was waiting for a boy to pick her up for their first date, and to feel all the emotions one feels when they are meeting someone for the first time.  Nervous, excited, scared, hungry?  Hah.  The sweetness of the strawberry dress was balanced out with the ethnic flair of her jewelry and bag and shoes.  I didn’t want this to be overly sweet and I think I was capable of turning what could have been sugar overkill into an outfit you and I would feel cool walking around in.

Dress, Jewelry and other accessories available for purchase at OmniaVintage.

Photo’s by: Naomi
Styling: Stefany Mohebban
Model: Lana
Location: Brooklyn

There isn’t much to say here, except that I truly enjoyed myself in this outfit.
The neon woven vest is a majestic piece I found at salvation army.  When I saw it, it felt as if the heavens had opened up above me and dropped off a little gift. The neon colors are spot on, and the A lined silhouette timeless.
Here I am in all my vintage and thrift glory, pairing the vest with a sweater I also found at a local thriftstore.. A skirt I wore as a 12 year old ( I was chubby).  White tights, and my Rebecca Minkoff animal print pumps.

 The location, well.. I’d rather not spoil the mystique, but I will anyways, its actually Gantry Plaza, LIC.  The photographer, my lovely friend Adrienne Darnell, introduced me to this part of Long Island City that’s quite beautiful and peaceful.. Check it out if you are in NY, if not, at least check out her photos!

Anyways, looking so fly was once again, an exhausting feat, so I decided to take a nap.

and Adrienne snuck up on me and shot these crazy photos!

At least it gives you a chance to see some of the amazing details of this vest.

Mixing prints and colors is by far one of my favorite things to do, as it almost feels like I am painting…and the possibilities are really endless.

Check back for some outtakes of this photo shoot, taken with film and polaroids!! and once again, check out my friend’s Tumblr for more amazing photography.


I present to you, one of my personal favorite looks shot for this blog thus far..
If the photo’s don’t already say it, I will first… I love the androgynous look, not only because I have short hair and can pull it off pretty well… but also because I’ve always been more comfortable dressing a tad boyish.  I find that femininity overkill can be just that… Overkill… why not spice things up and borrow from the boys…it often ends up looking more interesting that way.

As you can see, I am clearly loving life in this outfit, it speaks to my inner fighter. Fighter against bad fashion.
So many things I am a fan of are happening here. Rolled up cuffs, Wedge sneakers (Ash) Vintage Utility Jumpsuit, and Alexander Mcqueen Trench.

I am also wearing some gangster chains, just to add a touch of intimidation, in case the rest wasn’t frightening enough.

If you absolutely love this awesome jumpsuit, you can find it at Dusty Rose Vintage

And if you also absolutely love the photographs, you can see more photos by the talented Will Star too.


So once again, i’ve found myself on the street in what by world standards may be considered lingerie.  This time though, I had the decency to at least wear a jacket.  Phew..
I’m hanging out on a super cool block in Greenpoint, where barely any cars tried to go through the street which made me looking so sharp and so naked really easy.

 Yellow mustard blazers have a special place in my heart and also happen to be really trendy right now, its almost like I know what I’m doing!   This one happens to be Christian Dior and it features some gorgeous detailing such as peplum and a fishtail! I’m so cool I know. Well she can be purchased Right here..
And what’s spring folks without a little bit of tropical, a little bit of pzazz! so of course I’m wearing an 80’s floral bustier with some ruffle detail. Come on, I do this all the time.  And if you really like wearing bustiers and stuff, you can find this sexy little lady At Dusty Rose Vintage (clicky click right here)

So you see, I somehow managed to unsexify this outfit, and not cause any accidents by wearing a modestly fit pair of jeans and some snakeskin loafers. I got’s talents.

Photo’s by Will Star

Happy Saturday

Generally speaking, I am not one for sweet or pastel colors. They hardly reflect my personality, and I just feel sort of strange in them, but I must admit, that I am just ever so slightly on board with the trend this season, as long as its on my terms.
So with the holiday weekend just around the bend, and pretty pastel colors in mind, I bring you this vintage Diane Fres top from the 80’s.
The intricate beadwork and amazing fabric make this top sooo killer, I hardly knew what to do while standing in it for this photo.

So I ended up just standing there pretending to be as cute as the top, and then sitting down, because pretending to be cute is exhausting.
But yeah, I styled this pretty thing with A.P.C dark denim and vintage white creepers.  But you can do whatever your heart desires in it, because you can buy this top Right over here..

So go on with your bad selves this weekend, and wear the hell out of pastels, because for once.. its cool. 

All Photographs by Will Star

Happy Holidays

White shoes with a cause.

I met with some friends last night, and someone in the group was wearing a pair of white leather booties from Zara that I have been going back and forth about purchasing myself..

I try to be semi practical with my purchases and all I kept wondering was, is this a fad I will dislike in a few months?
Also, New York City is so damn filthy…. how long before my white shoe is a muddy grey shoe instead?

Shoe in question. (Zara)

But then I decided to ask her how she was feeling about her purchase, and the answer I received was eye opening.
She said “I’ve always loved white shoes, I grew up wearing white keds, and white boots ,I just think white shoes are great”.
That got me thinkin….
The world is divided into two groups, people who have always rocked the white shoe a la punk, hipster, rebel, and people who are wearing white shoes because they are trendy.  The white shoe is essentially the symbol of a lifestyle, it’s a persona.
It takes a confident human being to wear white shoes and own em.
and with that in mind, I decided last night, I want to be that person, that rocks a white shoe, whether or not the world is telling you they are cool.
In case you are thinking about wearing white shoes, here are some delicious vintage, well priced finds.

Find these cuties Here.

Booties in size 6, right this way…
Like these? you can get them right Here

Happy white shoe shopping.

It’s the little things, they say. And I agree. You could have the perfect shoe and the perfect pants on, but if you don’t style them properly you may end up looking like a doofus, and no one wants that.

I’ve been seeing pumps everywhere lately, and been loving the different ways women have been styling them.  Whether its with a torn pair of jeans, sleek leather pants, or a prim skirt, it looks oh so hot.

The key is deciding what look you’re going for, and then executing that to the fullest. Here are a few examples that have caught my eye:

I love whats happening here because the  jean is quite tapered till the end, and she lets the length bunch up just enough at the ankle not to overwhelm the shoe, but give it a more casual feeling, also worth noting how amazing her velvet blue pumps are. Image via Jak & Jil.

In this next look, I enjoyed the slightly baggy jean rolled just once covering the ankle, and even though she is wearing a chunkier heeled shoe, the feminine print is a great juxtaposition to the masculinity of the jean. Image via

Sometimes less is more, and that’s exactly why this works, the details on her Valentino pumps are just so beautiful, that wearing a dark wash cigarette jean was certainly the right move. Although a a white denim could have been great here too. Image via the theclotheswhisperer.
By far one of my favorite looks here.  The pink metallic Wang loafer pumps are incredible all on their own, but when paired with these beat up slightly flared lightwash jean they really transform into something that’s intergalactic.  Swoon.via
Last but not least, my legs. These mellow yellow pumps (Zara) are so dainty and sweet that it felt right to pair them with a bulkier large cuff and a dark denim.  And there’s nothing wrong with showing off a little ankle once in a while. image via

You say, what’s all this got to do with thrifting.. well, jeans don’t have to be expensive or designer to cuff. As a matter of fact a thrift store is a great place to buy a pair and tear up…try it. its quite liberating and a fun DIY project, and if you’re feeling brave, play with bleach too.