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This morning I read Kelly Cutron’s little rant about Kanye’s style and how irrelevant it is to fashion people (read it here).  The first thing that popped into my head was..well yeah I never think of him when I dress in the morning!

She specifically goes on to reference his Givenchy ridden closet and says that most people who listen to his music can’t afford it anyway, unless they go for the Canal street version, so in reality he can’t be that much of an influence.

Consequently that got the ball rolling in my mind about the correlation between fashion and music and more specifically the way 80’s and 90’s hip hop style has had a very heavy hand in the way we have been dressing the past few years.

Below you’ll find a compilation of some of my favorite hip hop artists and their iconic styles. You name it, it’s infiltrated our fashion psyche —->

Bold ethnic prints, varsity jackets, heavy chains, bombers, camouflage, denim on denim, sportswear, bucket hats. TALK ABOUT INFLUENCE! Sorry Kanye.. Bai bai!

Chelsea Art Walk

As an avid lover of art, I always try to take advantage of the fact that I live in a city so full and readily available inspiration on every corner.  When I heard about the art walk in Chelsea last week I knew I had to attend.  I had been meaning to check out several galleries in Chelsea for a while now, but kept procrastinating, this was finally my chance!

Overall impressed by the variety and concepts I took in that night, my general feeling is that there is definitely a preoccupation with the old while nostalgia reigns in concept, drawing a ton of inspiration from the way things were. Another major theme seemed to be re-purposing of old materials.  I find this interesting as someone who is in tune with the undercurrents of fashion, because it seems to parallel exactly what’s happening on the streets and runways.  Below is a slide of some of my favorite works, including the amazing index paper installation at Pace Gallery by Tara Donovan.

And for those interested in future art walks check out the Chelsea Art Walk site for updates.

I know it’s old news (but lets face it the older the news the more I love it), but I just can’t seem to get away from pink pants.  It’s almost as if they stalk me.  For someone who doesn’t consider themselves particularly girlie, I go nuts over this shade..just nuts!

So when I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Tony of Fair Season and she had these hot pink vintage jeans in her store, I just knew I had to have them.  I’m not certain as to when this obsession with hot pink crept up in my wardrobe, but in recent days it seems to be everywhere.  I own just about every shade in pants and 5 different lipstick shades  which I interchange depending on which one happens to be in my bag that day (for a list of my favorites check the bottom of this post).

Surpassing my love for this color though, is my love for Fair Season.

I met Tony (the shop curator and owner) last year at a flea market while I was visiting LA for the weekend.  I perused the Silver Lake market on a Saturday afternoon with a friend hoping I wouldn’t find anything since my suitcase was already SUPER stuffed with new vintage goodies… but of course there was Tony and her amazing rack of vintage and she immediately not only caught my attention, but ended up having several must have pieces that I made her ship to me (since I legit had nowhere to put them).

All her pieces felt fresh and current, and very west coast (something that at the time felt quite exotic to my east coast eyes).  Funny story about Tony….even though her vibe is very laid back, she’s originally from the east coast and gave up her corporate job for her love of vintage.  How inspiring is that??

I encourage all vintage fans to add her Etsy shop to your repertoire when shopping for fresh new pieces as she will become your closet’s dearest friend, I promise :)

I am wearing:

Fair Season vintage high waisted denim.

H&M top.

Vintage beaded flats.

Bargain District vintage bag.

on my LIPS: Covergirl- spellbound.

Other good pink lips: MAC: Relentlessly Red; MAC: Bold Spring; Makeup Forever #36.



We think of the holidays as a time to give gifts, stuff our faces and look festive.  All this being true I think there’s a misconception about what festive dressing should look like.  I love breaking those boundries by adding in unexpected elements, whether it be a texture, color or shape.  This year I took the classic lace and gave it a run for it’s money with a cozy knit.  See for yourself and happy rule breaking!
P.S. Here is the grey hair I’ve been incessantly yapping about :) 

 Vintage Sweater, dress and Jewelry can all be found on Omnia Vintage <3

Where do I begin?
As always NYFW is a complete shit show, during which everyone and their mom firmly believes they should be a part of it, myself included. 
After many presentations, late nights hanging out with handsome male models, and collecting swag, the week has finally ended and now’s the time for the roundups of best, worst… most entertaining and most disappointing.

This portion of my round up will focus on the presentations I attended:

Alice and Olivia: Femininity and decadence all wrapped into a neat little beautiful package.  We saw a ton of bead work, white and sage and dusty pinks.  Full skirts complemented cropped tops and jackets were boxy with intricate fabrics and trimmings.  Loved every bit of this collection.

Oswald Helgason:  I missed this show because I had to work, but stalked the shit out of photos afterwards since I knew it would be amazing, and amazing it was. The colors and kitchiness of it all were right on point and nothing short of what we’ve come to expect of the brand.

 Raoul:  Clean and simple silhouettes paying a homage to the 60’s.  The prints had a Mondrian feel to them which I absolutely loved.  The graphic nature of these pieces makes them extremely timeless and classy. I was especially fond of the grey two piece with rectangular cut outs.

Rosie Assoulin: I’ve personally met this designer and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her as a person and a talent!  The first time I met her was at my cousin’s engagement party.  From a distance I spotted a beauty in a cream pant suit.  Her bold style and confidence shook me from across the room, so it was no surprise only about a year and a half later, to see that she had begun her own collection.  A common theme from last season’s pieces is the sexy yet sophisticated dropped shoulder silhouette for her tops.  I can’t get enough of this timeless elegance.

Maki Oh:  This Nigerian designer blew my mind with her gorgeous hand dyed textiles and innovative combinations of shapes and textures (peek at those hats).  It felt young, fresh, rich and sophisticated with a heavy ethnic influence.  What’s not to love? (images courtesy of WWD)

It’s no news that I shop at thrift stores a lot. As a matter of fact I’ve begun in the last few years to really pride myself in my skills at finding super cool gems where others refuse to look (Ew someone wore that already?).
I’ve told many friends before when discussing second hand shopping, that I strongly believe it makes a person so much cooler, even distinguished, while building character and a strong sense of self.  I say this because it takes a unique kind of eye to make something out of nothing, finding treasures and seeing the potential in someone else’s discarded items.  You tell me it ain’t cake to find beautiful things if you’re shopping at Barney’s.
To give something a second chance is a pretty sweet feeling and it also forces you to be a lot more creative.  But if you are reading this now you probably already know all this and feel very similarly, right?. 
What I really think we ought to discuss though is the few pretty cool discoveries I made about myself my last visit to the thrift store.

Realization #1:  I met up with a coworker the other day and she had on these fantastic cluster earrings and of course I noticed them and asked where they were from (cocky one I am, I already knew she was gonna say vintage and a flea market.. but I still asked.. and yes they were vintage clip ons from the flea market) and then it occurred to me that I’ve been neglecting clip ons for a really long time because I was under the impression that they are uncomfortable.. and also why use clip ons when I have perfectly pierced ears.  Well it turns out I’ve developed a pretty bad reaction to costume earrings.. they always end up leaving me some weird rash.. so clip ons all of a sudden became a very appealing option to me.  Guess what! I found the COOLEST pair of them today.  They look very 80’s but at the same time very ethnic and very now in some weird way.  RIGHT?
On top of all that, the guy running the thrift store saw me trying them on and said they “opened up my face” which I’m not really sure what that actually means, but it has to be a good thing or he wouldn’t have said it.
In addition to that he said they made me look taller. How? I have no clue but I’ll take it.

Realization #2: I’m pretty darn skilled at spotting designer stuff without seeing the tag.  Ok this is kind of a no brainer if you shop vintage a ton, because you become very familiar with designers and their aesthetic but still… I saw below sweater vest (yes I said sweater vest and yes I will be wearing one this fall) and KNEW instantly that it was a Missoni.  I proceeded to scan the inside for the tag and the previous (clever but not clever enough) owner had cut it out.  For a second I doubted my magical talent, but then…… I realized they had forgotten to cut off the size tag and voila.. any doubt I had was instantly diminished, cause well, I even know what the size tag looks like. Now a Missoni sweater vest mine for less than your Starbucks latte.


I learned something about myself while in Chicago last week for the Pitchfork festival. I love R. Kelly.  Go ahead, laugh away.  Most people that I’ve made this declaration to have.
Truth is, he is an incredible performer who blew my mind and I’ve seen a lot of live music.  I didn’t realize how much of his music I knew until it was almost the end of the show and I found myself singing along to every single one.  During “I believe I can fly”, as if the song isn’t epic enough on it’s own.. and as if we had not been in the sun for the last 8 hours and completely delirious but also overly joyous, a burst of white dove balloons came up into the air and transformed what was a muggy and cloudy Chicago sky into a dream, the only thing missing.. a sea of lighters. 
If I had any advice for anyone who likes music and appreciates the pleasure of being in a crowd of people who are enjoying themselves and truly in the moment….. GO SEE R. KELLY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

Ok, now for the fashion portion of this post here is a compilation of some of the best images I captured in my delirious sun struck state.. and of course some of my outfitzzzz (I guess people could tell I wasn’t from around there.. and took a LOT of pictures of me #NYC)

Day One:
I didn’t realize how perfectly my little tropical dress matched the pitchfork poster till this happened. #coincidence

I also didn’t realize I’d run into Bjork’s biggest fan.. but I had to get a snap with her.

I obviously had to go to Wicker Park and see what it was all about.  I found they had a ton of vintage stores and a ton of street art.. Won me over.

Coffee is coffee right?  Not in Chicago it’s not.  This sweet little spot was adorned with quirkly cartoon themed stuffed animals.

Day Two:  The ladies of Free People snatched this little one of me in my polka dot maxi and gladiator sandals.  Thanks ladiez!!

And then there was day three: The hair at this point was out of control and I said fuck it.. it’s a music festival.

I’m a mean shopping machine.  Why is it that I have no problem buying shoes ALL THE TIME. I mean all the time.  I can always somehow manage to convince myself that I need them.  Whether the toe is slightly more almond shaped, or the shade of grey is different, it feels like I can’t believe that I’ve lived without each pair for so long. Now any excuse is a good excuse right? So when I decided that I wanted to embrace all facets of grunge this summer this included of course the weird canvas sneaker.  If you’ve lived through the 90’s you know exactly what I’m referring to.  It’s that super chunky gum sole sneaker that feels like the Palladium (not restricted to) style shoe with a canvas upper.  Sure this guy is big and loud and completely the opposite of cute and dainty but who’s to stop me from wearing it with my favorite summer dress.  It was only a matter of time before she made a comeback, and to be honest I don’t think most folks have even begun to see the beauty in it.. but I saw it.. I’m on it.. and you should be too.
My new purchase:  These amazing 90’s canvas sneakers with leaf print.  I just can’t get over their weird perfection, they make me so giddy. But since these are gone (mine) below you’ll find some other suggestions to get the weird summer shoe ball rolling.

Prada has done an excellent job at convincing me that the flatform is more than just okay.. it’s awesome.  What better way to get your fix than to go vintage.. and to go canvas and straw? Find these HERE.

These cuties are irresistible for several reasons.. the cutout detail, the awkward square toe and the whiteness of them. Find these babies HERE.

These bad boys rule cause well, THEY SAY NATURAL FEELING on them.  Come on what more could you possibly want in a shoe. Find these HERE.

Lastly, I love the cutout sneaker/shoe vibe anyday.. and these have it all in the perfect little package: Find them HERE.

Today I’d like to discuss that very fine line between ugly and ugly beautiful because it exists.  It’s as real as day and night and to have the intuition to know when something is just ugly ugly rather than making that leap to beautiful is crucial to being stylish.  I’ve given this plenty of thought in the past but a purchase I made today at the local thrift store really took things to the next level, even for a veteran such as myself.