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It’s thrilling to find a really cool vintage piece, but what’s even more thrilling is when its Kenzo.  Why would anyone ever give these away??? I suppose it’s so I could find them.   Well here I am rocking my thick canvas Kenzo equestrian pants with a whimsical face print button down from Omnia Vintage.  WoopWoop! (shoes are Steward Weizman and bag and necklace are vintage)

IMG_4519 copy IMG_4536 copy IMG_4542 copy IMG_4528 copy IMG_4546 copy

Summer Breeze

New York Is Killing Me and myself teamed up to capture the essence of a New York summer day.  Using pieces from the latest Ayr collection and some of my own, Ashley Wisco embodied what we all strive to feel like in this urban jungle.. carefree.


For more beautiful images check out New York Is Killing Me.

To score some awesome summer AYR pieces check out their website.

And stay tuned for more styling by me.

In my constant perusing for ways to fine tune my style, whether it’s through art, street style, or music, at times I have break through moments of revelation about the parallels between who I am and what I love.  Lately, I’ve been gathering a lot of great inspiration by paying close attention to the style evolution of some of my favorite musicians, and noticing the ways they have affected my personal style.
I have compiled a series of images, from both album covers and other editorials to bring some of my muses and their impeccable style all on one page.  

Androgyny: Patti Smith

Taking Heads: the art of mixing prints at it’s finest.

Beck: bohemian meets southwest edge.

The dreamiest and most creative of all muses.

The goddess of the perfect red lip, and L.A.M.B designer Gwen, rocking this impeccable zebra top, resembling a dress I recently wore in my post Graphic And Graffiti

Fun fact, poppy’s are sometimes used for symbolic reasons such as remembrance of soldiers whom have died during wartime.  Way to bring you down.  Sorry about that. 
But on a brighter note:  They also make for a lovely print on a skirt. 
This particular  one is by Marimekko and is nothing short of spectacular with everything going for it, from the vibrant colors and beautiful print, the maxi length, the quilted fabric and the button detail.
Take a look for yourself
Vintage Marimekko skirt, Zara orange suede bag, thrift store silk shell tank, DIY necklace, Sigerson Morrison Cut out booties.

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn
Photo’s by: Naomi

Inspired partially by the silhouettes of the 20’s, which I happen to be quite fond of, the drop waist dress is making a big splash this fall.  Not particularly flattering on all figures, it’s kind of a hard look to sell, but it does pack a punch and can make a very interesting statement, applied correctly.  The following shots capture the feeling and look of the drop waist dress, but I am in reality wearing a skirt (you can find here) and top.  For fall this look would look great with a boxy jacket added as a layering element (denim?), and with opaque tights.  But for now, let’s remember its still August, and this particular day was pushing 90 degrees.

Standing in front of this motorcycle made me feel like a rock star?
Checking around the bend for the bike’s owner.
He/she wasn’t around so I decided it would be ok to keep standing there.
Drop waist, see? see?

Details.  Love the almost Egyptian/art deco design. Banana Republic Thrifted wrap crop top. Vintage drop waist skirt. Vintage mini doctor bag, Sigerson Morrison Booties (Buffalo Exchange).

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn
Photo’s: Naomi

As the title not so subtly suggests this post is about the control burgundy has over all my fall fashion decisions.  I was beyond thrilled to see that despite the fact I’ve always loved the color, it is once again a staple for fall, and I can relentlessly wear my now overly worn Zara waxed burgundy denim jeans.  I styled the pants two ways. Both with vintage tops, but one is a bit more casual, you can play favorites, I always do.

look one:

Pants Zara (old) Pumps Rebecca Minkoff, Blouse Vintage, Handbag (note also burgundy, no such thing as too much of it I tell you) Vintage, Cuff Gifted.
Sunglasses Vintage Liz Clairborne

look two:

Shell Tank Thrifted, Handbag Vintage, Top Vintage

Flats Pixie Market you can shop here.
If you love this kimono inspired short sleeve cardigan you can find it here.

Location: Red Hook
Photo’s by: Naomi

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn happens to be Red Hook.  If I told you it was magical would you believe me?  Perhaps after these photos you will.  I put on this vintage inspired Anna Sui dress for the shoot and couldn’t figure out where I wanted to be photographed. But low and behold, just around the bend from where we had parked the car, we found this amazing “rustic” vehicle, (which to be honest had tons of  garbage bags in it’s trunk which took the mystique away just a bit) but we can let that slide can’t we? It wouldn’t be Brooklyn without a touch of grit now, would it.

Old car and girl! my titles never lie.
Wind blown Anna Sui Dress, Zara orange suede bag.

Cheetah print pumps, Rebecca Minkoff. 

One thing to know about me, is my love/obsession with art. 
I’ve always connected with other artists on a different level, perhaps due to a shared sensibility and appreciation for all things visual.
So it was naturally an instant connection when I recently met a boy by the name of Bryan Bruner.
He’s funny, smart, and he draws amazing pictures.
Speaking of funny and smart, he has a thing for robots, as he loves to turn people, into robotic figures.  Intrigued yet?
Check out this drawing he did of me recently, based on a photograph taken for Pretty In Thrift. And tell me she’s not a smoking bot-babe in all her fashionable glory.  Fashion Bot all the way.

Metal is like totally trending for next season, haven’t you heard?
Wearing: Ash wedge sneakers. Zara blazer. Urban Outfitters Skirt. American Apparel Tank. Vintage Fendi satchel. Aldo Necklace.

Please do yourself a favor, and check out his amazing artwork on his Tumblr Page 
And if you’re lucky someday, he may robotify you too.

Unfortunately people are already talking about trends for the fall.  Even though I understand the concept of fast fashion, it still depresses me to think about sweater’s and jackets in august.  So instead I will focus on denim trends for fall. Printed denim for one thing is not going away.  Also the Moto look will still be big, along with the boyfriend jean and different finishes such as the waxed look.
I opted for the “printed variety” in this post, but I had to take it to the next level, as otherwise, I’d bore myself to death.  So here you have a technicolor vintage pair in a tye dye finish.  BOOM!

Sandals: Zara Tank: Vintage
Basketball playing skills: Non existent.
These vintage bad boys can be purchased Here.

 I’m not usually one for really form fitting dresses. Shift’s have been my preferred silhouette especially since my pixie cut, feeling like I should channel a 60’s kind of gal.
But this dress simply rocks my world and I felt right at home in it.
I paired it with my Zara strappy heels and a couple of vintage silver bracelets, for let’s not kid ourselves, the dress holds her own.

The dress exceeds a BodyCon dress’s expectations with it’s unexpected bold zebra print in a really spunky black and white color scheme.  And the length, perfection. Leaving just enough to the imagination. 
Also worth noting that the oversized oval sunglasses give the look a “retro” feeling, almost reminding me of Miami in the 70’s. 

Also worth mentioning is the conservative neck line, which bears no chest at all, but instead shows off some shoulder, which If I may say so myself, is one sexy body part.  If you’ve fallen for this dress you can find it HERE

Photos: Naomi
Location: Brooklyn