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Today’s post, when Saint Laurent AREN”T an option, is a lot more than your average splurge vs. steal post.  Not being able to afford the $800 shoe you’ve been pining for can have a few outcomes, and can also be a way for you to use skills and talents you may not even know you possess to make magical fashion things happen.

Let’s take a minute together to examine the options:

1) You want them so bad you max out your credit card and make up a lie to tell the landlord since rent will be at least a week late now.

2) You dream about the shoe day and night, knowing that it will never be yours, but admire it from afar on other girls who can afford it.

3) You wait until it is deeply discounted, hoping that your size is still around by then (mine never is).

4) You decide you can find better at a price point that doesn’t make you cringe… and you BUY THOSE INSTEAD.

Ok, so this is obviously meant to point to the option that I would always opt for which is number 4. It isn’t always achievable though, since some pieces I fall in love with are unique to the designer’s aesthetic and times, and similar items can’t be found in the vintage world.  But there are also plenty of occasions during which your ability to recognize that something similar can definitely be found on ebay or etsy really comes in handy.
Perfect example of this are the shoes below by Saint Laurent:

These guys are a pretty basic oxford in black and white, and anyone who’s ever shopped vintage knows that this look was very popular in the 80’s and even 90’s (older versions were also popular but made mostly for men) so that’s how the search begins!

I was lucky and determined enough to find a really close match that I perhaps love even more than the originals.  Can you believe how similar?
Kenneth Cole made some really great shoes in the 80’s and 90’s.  The quality is always excellent. I currently own several pairs of boots and shoes by them that I love a lot.  The styles are always classic and simple which makes them a timeless option.

Now that you know my little secret there’s no reason to get all worked up about something seemingly out of reach, think outside the box and you may end up being pleasantly surprised :)