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Some design styles hold a dear place in my heart.  Egyptian revival happens to be one of them.  There is just something really magical about this reinterpretation of a time that was so rich and different aesthetically.  The graphic nature of most of its design components also strikes a cord, as it always manages to look fresh modern and classic.  This dress and it’s insane border is nothing short of amazing.

Find it and other incredible vintage pieces on Omnia Vintage’s website or check out her amazing pieces in person at the Brooklyn Flea all summer long!



Wearing: Omnia Vintage dress; Zara heels.


If I had to pick an era of fashion that resonated with my sense of style the most, I’d say the 50’s and early 60’s probably do it for me.  The silhouettes compliment my body type, they feel classic, simple and sophisticated. 
There are times though when I get nostalgic about decades I’ve actually lived through *80’s and 90’s* and just need to get that out of my system.  The 80’s were by far the weirdest and wildest when it comes to fashion, and it’s lack of boundaries usually leaves me slightly baffled but humored nonetheless.  When I find a piece from the 80’s that I think manages to look crazy but in a good way, I can’t help but want it on my body. I do believe this is the unicorn effect working it’s magic (when you think something is rare and unique it makes it that much more appealing to your senses).
Below is a perfect example of such a time, not to mention the fact that my platinum pixie look is a perfect match for this funky 80’s look.

Outfit Notes: Vintage black tank; Dusty Rose Vintage harem pants; Zara gladiators; Anthropologie Sunglasses.

Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Photography: Maresa of Dusty Rose Vintage

I’m a mean shopping machine.  Why is it that I have no problem buying shoes ALL THE TIME. I mean all the time.  I can always somehow manage to convince myself that I need them.  Whether the toe is slightly more almond shaped, or the shade of grey is different, it feels like I can’t believe that I’ve lived without each pair for so long. Now any excuse is a good excuse right? So when I decided that I wanted to embrace all facets of grunge this summer this included of course the weird canvas sneaker.  If you’ve lived through the 90’s you know exactly what I’m referring to.  It’s that super chunky gum sole sneaker that feels like the Palladium (not restricted to) style shoe with a canvas upper.  Sure this guy is big and loud and completely the opposite of cute and dainty but who’s to stop me from wearing it with my favorite summer dress.  It was only a matter of time before she made a comeback, and to be honest I don’t think most folks have even begun to see the beauty in it.. but I saw it.. I’m on it.. and you should be too.
My new purchase:  These amazing 90’s canvas sneakers with leaf print.  I just can’t get over their weird perfection, they make me so giddy. But since these are gone (mine) below you’ll find some other suggestions to get the weird summer shoe ball rolling.

Prada has done an excellent job at convincing me that the flatform is more than just okay.. it’s awesome.  What better way to get your fix than to go vintage.. and to go canvas and straw? Find these HERE.

These cuties are irresistible for several reasons.. the cutout detail, the awkward square toe and the whiteness of them. Find these babies HERE.

These bad boys rule cause well, THEY SAY NATURAL FEELING on them.  Come on what more could you possibly want in a shoe. Find these HERE.

Lastly, I love the cutout sneaker/shoe vibe anyday.. and these have it all in the perfect little package: Find them HERE.

Today I’d like to discuss that very fine line between ugly and ugly beautiful because it exists.  It’s as real as day and night and to have the intuition to know when something is just ugly ugly rather than making that leap to beautiful is crucial to being stylish.  I’ve given this plenty of thought in the past but a purchase I made today at the local thrift store really took things to the next level, even for a veteran such as myself.

The image above is of a silk Saks Fifth Avenue vintage blouse I picked up for a wholesome $15.  And yes what you see is piles of puppies, birds, flowers, butterflies and even a ladybug on the collar.  WHY but WHY I ask myself is this the most amazing blouse I’ve ever laid eyes on, as opposed to the most awful.  Let’s dissect by starting off with the fabric.  This gem is 100% silk, and a really nice quality silk at that.  Next up the details.  The buttons are pretty gold ornate ones that were definitely used on more expensive items when this garment was made (wild guess is late 80’s).  CHECK.  Next up is the print itself.  Ok, so we can all appreciate the irony of a kitschy print, right?  Truth be told though it can quickly transition to being plain ugly if not done properly.  What I think makes this print INCREDIBLE is the placement of the print and how the center where the buttons fall happens to be a clean white.  The added bonus are the placed bugs outside of the main motif such as the butterfly and ladybug at the bottom along with those along the collar.  
Colors are also crucial here.  The fact that its primarily black and white with splashes of colors found in nature, takes it from cheesy to sophisticated, in other words it’s the natural quality of the colors that works to its benefit.  Lastly fit is also quite important, if not the most important.  The shirt was clearly made really well and drapes and curves in all the right places.  
Now that’s a lesson in spotting the goodies at your local thrift store. GOT ALL THAT?
 Happy shopping and good luck finding all the ugly beautiful items out there just waiting to be discovered.

No joke, I feel like the tropical print is here to haunt me this summer.  There’s no corner turned without me seeing a variation of this majestic 80’s and 90’s statement.  Bold and beautiful the tropical print works because… well cause it’s awesome.  I can’t speak highly enough of it’s well rounded way of making us cute hipster girls look totally cool and California ready without loosing our edge.  Include some neon or a grandpa visits Disney World feel to it and you’re really onto something.  My most recent purchase in the tropical variety was a sweet wallet I found at Urban Outfitters.

So my advice if you’re shy to do a really bold head to toe tropical look, pick up something itty bitty like this sweet cap (spotted at buffalo exchange a few weeks ago).

Other ways I’d love to see this trend manifest itself this summer?  Try a head to toe look (image courtesy of Elle Canada snapped during Milan Fashion Week)

Or mix the print with a completely different style of print:

Ports 1961 Resort 2014 has some amazing botanical/tropical prints that I am living for, and equally living for those sandals… Actually… give me the whole outfit.


Ok, now onto how to recreate some of these looks.  Don’t be surprised when I tell you this, but part of the reason why I love this trend so much is that it’s SO easy to find at the… yes you guessed it.. THRIFT STORE.  But other options include:

This GORGEOUS silk blouse from one of my favorite etsy shops We Are Tribe.

Birds.. yes PARROTS even better.  Find this skirt here.

I dig this dress so much, the shape the kitschiness of the print.. it’s just plain old GREAT.  Find it here.
This.. is everything.  Find it here.

As the temperatures rise into the 90’s this week, someone has dramatically increased her intake of iced coffee and frozen yogurt and that’s totally ok! Most importantly though is factoring in lighter fabrics that breathe because they are key during these crazy blasts of heat.  I’ve found that anything synthetic or heavier is just torture.  With buying vintage sometimes it’s hard to find that balance of great design without sacrificing finding the right kind of fabric.  I recently shed a lot of my polyester purchases because I was finding that I was feeling quite uncomfortable in them, and truth be told, no matter how cute you look, feeling uncomfortable takes over and becomes the center of attention.  So tip of the day is to never sacrifice feeling good, over looking good.  I know that goes against the fashion is suffering or whatever people like to say, but NO, it’s so obvious when someone feels like shit, that it takes away from any potential cuteness.

Onto some styling I recently did for OmniaVintage’s summer look book, with keeping easy breezy fabrics in mind. This was one of my favorites mostly because I just ADORED the print of this dress.  Take a look for yourself.

The lighting and the location were so gorgeous for this shoot it didn’t take much to get some awesome shots.  The model and I worked together in getting her vibe in line with her outfit.  I suggested she get into the character of a girl who was waiting for a boy to pick her up for their first date, and to feel all the emotions one feels when they are meeting someone for the first time.  Nervous, excited, scared, hungry?  Hah.  The sweetness of the strawberry dress was balanced out with the ethnic flair of her jewelry and bag and shoes.  I didn’t want this to be overly sweet and I think I was capable of turning what could have been sugar overkill into an outfit you and I would feel cool walking around in.

Dress, Jewelry and other accessories available for purchase at OmniaVintage.

Photo’s by: Naomi
Styling: Stefany Mohebban
Model: Lana
Location: Brooklyn

Ah, the clutch.  She’s got a us in her clutch! Get it? Yes, I AM hilarious. Officially.  So yes about these beautiful accessories that hold your precious things..They are here to stay, so it’s just a matter of what shape and form they will take next.  I am of the realization that the ethnic variety is nothing new on the market, but truth be told, I still find it’s relevance worth mentioning, and even going as far as dedicating an entire post to it.  I am smitten with the concept of this ethnic clutch against graphic stripes, but also fascinated by the way it can be juxtaposed against another busy pattern and texture as shown above (image via google, and from NYFW).
Do I believe you need to wear tons of bracelets and rings when holding this clutch? I most certainly do! And that shouldn’t surprise you one bit.
 So have yourself one of these beauties, or dare I say? DIY IT!
How?  Perhaps find yourself in a thrift store, and pick up some ethnic fabric (most likely in the form of a dress… then cut that baby up into the size you want the clutch..personally I say the more oversized the sexier)
Next… sew it together (think of it as two rectangles, and then a triangle that would flap over one side like an envelope)  Then embellish the kid and you’re done!
If you don’t find you have the time or skills to do it on your own you can always try these ones I found below:

New and available at

Handmade and one of a kind! Find this pretty clutch here.

 Loving the bold colors and graphic design of this African inspired clutch.  Find it here.

 The warm and colorful flair of this clutch is just so adorable! Find this vintage beauty here.

I like the idea of one article of clothing having the potential to be both casual and dressy.  It usually gives me a lot more incentive to make the purchase.  I specifically think about it when I’m buying a skirt, since I don’t work a formal office job where I have to dress in a particular way, and I tend to dress up my denim more often than anything else.  When I spotted this skirt at H&M several months ago though, I couldn’t resist the purchase.  The fabric was so unique and the fit was also quite exceptional I just had to have it.  The challenge, as per usual was, can I wear it casually despite it’s more formal vibe?  Here is the skirt worn in two different ways.  I think it passes the test, how about you?

Dressy look:  I’m wearing a Helmut Lang Tshirt, Zara velvet blazer, Norma Kamali vintage pumps, thrifted chokers, Omnia VTG Ferragamo clutch and bracelets (you can find here).

Casual look: Vintage button down safari top (find here), Converse, OmniaVintage Coach bag, vintage thrifted jewelry.

Photo’s: Naomi of Omnia Vintage
Location: Brooklyn

You know when you’ve found something truly magical.  Your gut feels it, there’s no question about it.  I often find myself looking through a store and picking things up throughout and thinking to myself “That’s cute, I guess”.  NEVER buy something if you feel that passive towards it! I’ve done it way too many times in the past and guess what happens to this article of clothing? You guessed right, it sits there in my closet with the tag still attached. Forever.  So best advice I’ve ever given myself is, only buy it if there is no question as to whether you love it.  What you’re going to wear with it or all the other bits of info can be an afterthought. 
I bring this up because the skirt in this post is one of those pieces.  I picked it up off a rack of about a million vintage skirts at a thrift store called No Relations down in the lower east side.  I knew the moment I laid eyes on it that it was amazing and one of a kind, no second guessing there.  And it’s true.. it is amazing (and only $10).  It had a yellowed spot on the lower right corner that was easily washed away.  The piece was handmade I am guessing in the 70’s. The fabric is definitely meant to be upholstery fabric (another one of  my life’s pleasures!) So how did I do pairing this dope skirt with some modern pieces? Oh and don’t let me get started on how much I will always love socks and sandals/pumps. 

Outfit Details: Vintage hand made skirt; H&M Chambray Top; H&M socks (best!); Nine west platform sandals (old); Vintage Coach Bag and Vintage Jewelry find on —>  Omnia Vintage

It seems like just about everyone’s got fashion week on their mind these last few days.  As that joyous time approaches us quicker than we can blink an eye, many questions arise, such as…will it be too cold to wear that dress without tights, is wearing my Carhartt beanie cool or will I look like a tool (it’s so cozy!)  etc..etc.. As the invites start to roll in I can’t help but feel pretty excited and Fall being my favorite season to dress for, I am particularly looking forward to seeing what some of my favorite designers have up their sleeve.
Before I get ahead of myself with outfit planning and Fall 2013 wishlists, there are two things I wanted to mention..
First.. it’s never too late to post pictures of fashionable people, even if they are (oops) from last fashion week.  Hah! Thing is I had this roll developed in September, and I had a shot of Bill Cunningham that I was so overwhelmingly thrilled about that I didn’t even bother to post the rest!  All about Bill (is that a movie yet? cause it should be)
Also in delayed picture news, a coworker was at fashion week last season and shot a picture of me without realizing it was me (we had not met yet) and we later discovered that she had photographed my bag (bum), and she just sent that to me today!  So you know what? I don’t feel bad about posting these so late (ok I do and I’m just looking for justifications).
Now, I’m certain you just want me to shut up so you can look at the photos.  Here you go.  Can you spot Stefany??

First up: Leaf Greener.  She came out of nowhere and bombed us with amazing prints and tons of quirky accessories! I couldn’t get enough of her (hence one too many pictures of the girl)  She also happens to be senior fashion editor at ELLE China.  Duh.

Next: A lovely girl I didn’t know then and still don’t recognize now..but you know what? she pulls off that Canadian tuxedo look like it’s her business.  Gots to love that. Hard.

Third:  A lovely student from Eastern Europe.  We got to chatting and she was also shooting film and she was so adorable and I just had to capture her cuteness.  

Here we have a necklace layered over a tie?  Shut the front door.

 Lynn Yaeger:

 Advanced Style:

 ME! Hi! (photo courtesy of Morgan Jordan of Style For Hire)

All photo’s shot by me with my Pentax K1000.  Woot Woot.