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Chelsea Art Walk

As an avid lover of art, I always try to take advantage of the fact that I live in a city so full and readily available inspiration on every corner.  When I heard about the art walk in Chelsea last week I knew I had to attend.  I had been meaning to check out several galleries in Chelsea for a while now, but kept procrastinating, this was finally my chance!

Overall impressed by the variety and concepts I took in that night, my general feeling is that there is definitely a preoccupation with the old while nostalgia reigns in concept, drawing a ton of inspiration from the way things were. Another major theme seemed to be re-purposing of old materials.  I find this interesting as someone who is in tune with the undercurrents of fashion, because it seems to parallel exactly what’s happening on the streets and runways.  Below is a slide of some of my favorite works, including the amazing index paper installation at Pace Gallery by Tara Donovan.

And for those interested in future art walks check out the Chelsea Art Walk site for updates.

Where do I begin?
As always NYFW is a complete shit show, during which everyone and their mom firmly believes they should be a part of it, myself included. 
After many presentations, late nights hanging out with handsome male models, and collecting swag, the week has finally ended and now’s the time for the roundups of best, worst… most entertaining and most disappointing.

This portion of my round up will focus on the presentations I attended:

Alice and Olivia: Femininity and decadence all wrapped into a neat little beautiful package.  We saw a ton of bead work, white and sage and dusty pinks.  Full skirts complemented cropped tops and jackets were boxy with intricate fabrics and trimmings.  Loved every bit of this collection.

Oswald Helgason:  I missed this show because I had to work, but stalked the shit out of photos afterwards since I knew it would be amazing, and amazing it was. The colors and kitchiness of it all were right on point and nothing short of what we’ve come to expect of the brand.

 Raoul:  Clean and simple silhouettes paying a homage to the 60’s.  The prints had a Mondrian feel to them which I absolutely loved.  The graphic nature of these pieces makes them extremely timeless and classy. I was especially fond of the grey two piece with rectangular cut outs.

Rosie Assoulin: I’ve personally met this designer and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her as a person and a talent!  The first time I met her was at my cousin’s engagement party.  From a distance I spotted a beauty in a cream pant suit.  Her bold style and confidence shook me from across the room, so it was no surprise only about a year and a half later, to see that she had begun her own collection.  A common theme from last season’s pieces is the sexy yet sophisticated dropped shoulder silhouette for her tops.  I can’t get enough of this timeless elegance.

Maki Oh:  This Nigerian designer blew my mind with her gorgeous hand dyed textiles and innovative combinations of shapes and textures (peek at those hats).  It felt young, fresh, rich and sophisticated with a heavy ethnic influence.  What’s not to love? (images courtesy of WWD)

Time flies and it’s no news, but when time flies and you’re no longer 22 and not married yet, and just got laid off your job and days are all blending in so that you no longer know which one of the week it is.. umm.. yeah we may have a situation in our hands.  I’ve been enjoying my freedom, this is no lie, yoga classes, wine and dessert with friends every night, wish it could never end.  But as a productive member of a society I set a limit for myself and that was after the New Year.  But before I let that spoil the 2 week long party I’ve been on, I should also mention the lack of planning that’s gone into my ringing in of the new year celebration.  What I’ve got so far is a meditation and restorative yoga session from 6-8 which leaves much to be desired the rest of the evening, but heck maybe I’ll just dress up with nowhere to go and see where the wind takes me. 
Now as far as dressing for new years is concerned, I am a huge proponent of putting together stuff that’s already in your closet.  Let’s be honest here, it’s one night which you will most likely be spending with people you already know and who already love you and don’t really care if that sparkly top is from this season or last season.  What I do encourage you to do though is to make your outfit purposeful.  Make a statement about the kind of person you want to be next year.  I did it last year and it felt amazing.  My resolution for 2012 was to simplify my life, and I took that literally with the way I dressed on new years eve, donning my most comfortable skinny jeans and my simplest but most favorite striped t shirt.  So this year’s resolution?  Live in the moment as much as possible, and appreciate what I already have around me because I do already have it all.

With that said I did play dress up recerntly and mixed and matched a few of my favorite dressy pieces that I’ve had for a while and simply by the way I styled the pieces I ended up looking tres New Years chic! Now go dig in deep and find that top that you’ve always wanted to wear but wasn’t sure how to and figure it out!

Outfit Notes: Feathery Coat: Club Monaco (last year); Beaded top (gift); Necklace (Vintage); Pants H&M (last year); Clutch (Vintage); Pumps (Joe Fresh and kind of new); Rings and bracelets (Vintage); Lip pencil (Nars).

The look of horror of someone who just realized they need to get their shit together.

Happy New Year to you.

Location: Crooklyn
Photo’s by: Naomi of OmniaVTG

We often forget the magical power possessed by hosiery and socks. They can be a powerful outfit maker or breaker depending on the way we are able to take advantage of their utility and style capability. I think of them as the final touch, the cherry on top. In all these cases the outfit would have still been cute of course.. but without that pop of pink, that crazy print, them polka dots…perhaps nowhere near as street style photo worthy.  So hit up sock man on st. marks and grab yourself some funky pairs and don’t be afraid to clash and be bold with your choices. We all deserve to have a little fun.

I’m posting some great detail shots today from a shoot I did a little while ago. All photos are film, and as you will see the talented Adrienne Darnell (check out her tumblr)  was able to capture some amazing details and  the mood of my look from the day beautifully.
 Vest: from Salvation Army, Skirt: my own from when i was 12, Sweater: from Salvation Army, Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff. Jewels: various vendors, no brands, mostly vintage finds. Film rules.

There isn’t much to say here, except that I truly enjoyed myself in this outfit.
The neon woven vest is a majestic piece I found at salvation army.  When I saw it, it felt as if the heavens had opened up above me and dropped off a little gift. The neon colors are spot on, and the A lined silhouette timeless.
Here I am in all my vintage and thrift glory, pairing the vest with a sweater I also found at a local thriftstore.. A skirt I wore as a 12 year old ( I was chubby).  White tights, and my Rebecca Minkoff animal print pumps.

 The location, well.. I’d rather not spoil the mystique, but I will anyways, its actually Gantry Plaza, LIC.  The photographer, my lovely friend Adrienne Darnell, introduced me to this part of Long Island City that’s quite beautiful and peaceful.. Check it out if you are in NY, if not, at least check out her photos!

Anyways, looking so fly was once again, an exhausting feat, so I decided to take a nap.

and Adrienne snuck up on me and shot these crazy photos!

At least it gives you a chance to see some of the amazing details of this vest.

Mixing prints and colors is by far one of my favorite things to do, as it almost feels like I am painting…and the possibilities are really endless.

Check back for some outtakes of this photo shoot, taken with film and polaroids!! and once again, check out my friend’s Tumblr for more amazing photography.