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Some design styles hold a dear place in my heart.  Egyptian revival happens to be one of them.  There is just something really magical about this reinterpretation of a time that was so rich and different aesthetically.  The graphic nature of most of its design components also strikes a cord, as it always manages to look fresh modern and classic.  This dress and it’s insane border is nothing short of amazing.

Find it and other incredible vintage pieces on Omnia Vintage’s website or check out her amazing pieces in person at the Brooklyn Flea all summer long!



Wearing: Omnia Vintage dress; Zara heels.


I’ve noticed that I like to pretend I can’t rock certain styles.  It’s this strange mental block that I enforce on myself for no good reason.  A recent example of this kind of unnecessary behavior was my belief that I could not rock a turban.  I probably decided at some point that I didn’t have the right face shape, or hairstyle, or confidence to pull of the look without looking silly. One day though, after a long and painful conversation I had with myself in my head I decided I’m gonna do this and it will look awesome.  So I pulled out a few of my favorite scarves, of different thicknesses and measures and shapes and started to play around with the idea.  A major disaster is what that started out as.  I couldn’t figure out the method of wrapping to get the scarf to stay on my head and  look good simultaneously.  I sat there in frustration until the realization that you can figure out how to do pretty much everything on Youtube came to me in a flash.  So off I went to my laptop, finding the best turban tutorial I could get my eyes on.  I came across a tutorial called Get Yo Turban Life!
By the looks of the girl (she screamed professional turban wrapper) and the name of it, I knew this was the one.  She had not one but 3 ways of styling scarves depending on the look you were going for.  I couldn’t have found a better source.  Click here to watch the clip yourself.

Moral of this story is, you can wear anything you set your mind to wear, with a little dedication, confidence, and playfulness, there is no style that’s not for you. (Ok maybe some things should be left to others, but as a general rule don’t dismiss it until you’ve given it an honest try).

Mixed messages:

 Dancing on a flatbed: Just cause.

 Lost and found: The hairy couch.

Outfit Details: Thrifted sweater; Forever 21 maxi; American Apparel leggings; Anna Xi boots; H&M Utility Jacket; Thrifted vintage wooden necklace; Vintage Oscar De La Renta scarf-turned into turban.

Location: Gowanus

Photograph’s by: Naomi of Omnia Vintage