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Letting other cultures across the world inspire me and my style has never failed.  No matter how many times I look at a colorful photo of a ceremonial ritual in Africa or of a holy man in India, a flutter in my heart occurs.  It may be the lack of interest in their part to please us westerners with their fashion, that is so appealing to me, or the intimate connection that their clothing has to their spiritual lives.  This month’s mood board draws from striking images I’ve compiled while browsing through Pinterest and Tumbr, conducting basic searches like “men in India” or “people in Africa”.  I specifically kept the search vague and open in order to eliminate the fashion riff raff I may have otherwise encountered, and really focus on the essence of these people and their cultures. The images struck a cord in certain instances due to their colors, in others it may have been the expression on ones face, or simply the diligence in which their faces were painted with perfect little dots.



Inspiration Snob.

One of the manifestations of thinking of myself as someone with a strong sense of personal style is that I snuff a lot of sources of inspiration. I bring this up because I see it as a fault in some ways, but nonetheless part of what makes me who I am.
 Someone asked me the other day where I get my inspiration from and there was an awkward moment of silence during which my mind raced to find the most acceptable answer to this question without sounding like a complete asshole! 
If I had been honest with him, I would have confessed that I hardly look at magazines or trendy blogs as a guide.  I would have also told him that I heavily rely on street style… which I do and always have.  But not the kind of street style we know of today.  I speak of the way regular everyday men and women dress to do regular people things.  Not the crazy peackocking during fashion week or off duty models…. there’s something very uninspiring about the unattainable.  So, the list goes something like this: real people along with graffiti, architecture, nature and different cultures have always been an integral part of what truly inspires me and the way I dress.  I recognize how pretentious this may sound, yet I stand by it.
Blogs and magazines have a way about them, so contrived and hyper glamorized to a degree that’s often not inspiring.  I enjoy the realness of people on the street going on about their business and struggles of every day life.  The ways that people adjust to their environment and do things for practicality sake, or the way they interact and communicate with their environment via their clothes.
Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve never lived a very luxurious or glamorous life, at least not to the degree that I see happening all around me. This has made me appreciate beauty in resourcefulness, utility and creativity.  These qualities are my survival skills and I can spot someone who contains them in a heart beat because we have a way of visually communicating it that’s easilty recognizable.
I sound even more like an asshole now don’t I.  This one might be a lost cause, oh well.
This blog post partially came about because of the aforementioned conversation I had with a friend, but also because I was so thrilled the other day when I saw a photo on instagram that I truly felt inspired by.  And this WAS a street style photo… and she was probably a model, and she was probably wearing clothes that are out of my budget, but damn, I loved every minute of it.

Confession… this is appealing because A) I own that bag… B) I just scored a weird but cool vintage Ralph Lauren longer denim jacket from a thrift store C) I love wearing black D) I can pull this off easy!
I suppose this wasn’t a stretch, but there was just something that clicked when I saw this photo… perhaps it was it’s attanability, or maybe I’m warming up to the idea of being inspired?
Who knows..  either way, just look out for me in this outfit REAL SOON!

As I hiked up my leather skirt over the crisp white eyelet top my mom had just given me from her secret stash of amazing vintage pieces, I told Naomi I’ve decided that my fall vibe is going to be a little bit of Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks sprinkled with touches of rockabilly, teddy girl and tomboy vibes. Naomi cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow in confusion and said “of course it is, Stef”. I knew exactly what she meant by that comment, it’s weird, and completely random, but at the same time something I would totally say.
 It makes a ton of sense I told her… and that’s the beauty of being semi detached from reality as I’ve always found myself to be.  Walking to the beat of my own drum has meant I get to make up my own rules and then break them too. It also means I can be fully aware of trends and fads, nod to them when I see fit, but still end up buying a quirky 50’s dress I found at a thrift store for $8 because I love the pleats on the sleeve or the bizarre print and color.  That really is the essence of styling and wearing vintage.  Is that you are not privy to these silly trends that others (brands/magazines) try to impose on you for the sake of making a buck.
Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, please check out this very thoughtfully put together fall inspiration mood board and see where my brains are at and if you feel inclined to share your fall inspiration with me, cause I’d love to know what you’re thinking about!

I’m certain that by now you’ve heard me gushing about the 70’s enough to make you, either rush to your couch and watch reruns of that 70’s show, or hate me.  Whichever way you go, the truth is, I can’t stop loving this era.  The music, the spontaneous peace and love.. (sex),  the bell bottoms, the festivals, tie dye, what’s there not to adore?
As I’ve also mentioned, I’m working on a look book which will feature a lot of late 60’s and 70’s pieces.  In order to get excited and inspired for the project, I did a little bit of digging and pulled some images which embodied the essence I am aiming for…

Note: The perfect curls, and paisley print, and those rings!

 A popped collar never looked so chic, and the matching white boots? Killer!

 How NOT to fall in love with this.. head to toe, yes pigtails with flower hair ties included (I may regret saying that later)

Making a statement in oversized gorgeous floral print maxi’s. I’m so in.

 Did you say nautical? How about whimsical, colorful, cute and perfect too.

 Three time’s the charm.

Boho chic realness right this way…

A little bit rock and roll, but also demure and sweet? Unbeatable combo.

 White bermuda shorts? Striped blouse with bell sleeves?? Stop it! Just stop!

 Ooops! I’m being adorable again!

I couldn’t be more enthusiastically impatient about my birthday approaching this Thursday.
Usually I’m not one for celebrating myself, yet I thought this year could be an exception, and that I would not only have a party, but that it would be a costume party, and that all my guests would have to show up dressed like we were living in the 1920’s.  It was partially inspired by a purchase I made a couple of months ago at the Manhattan Vintage Show (a gorgeous I suspect to be 80’s flapper like beaded shift dress) along with the fact that I thought a nod to the 20’s would be appropriate as I enter my 30’s.

Below is more of a daytime look from the time period.  I adore the dropped waist and the loftly strings of pearls nonchalantly draped around their necks.  There is a simplicity to their ornateness, a comfortable yet very sophisticated feeling to their look that’s envy worthy. And the headgear? to die for. 

A couple of suggestions to achieve this daytime look:

Find this here.
Find this here.

And below is a scene from The Great Gatsby. Dreamy isn’t it?
And this is pretty much how I envision the birthday party to look like…and obviously I am the brunette with the fullest glass of wine with her back towards the camera.

A few suggestions to achieve this look:

and this gorgeous hat here
Find this dress here.