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Letting other cultures across the world inspire me and my style has never failed.  No matter how many times I look at a colorful photo of a ceremonial ritual in Africa or of a holy man in India, a flutter in my heart occurs.  It may be the lack of interest in their part to please us westerners with their fashion, that is so appealing to me, or the intimate connection that their clothing has to their spiritual lives.  This month’s mood board draws from striking images I’ve compiled while browsing through Pinterest and Tumbr, conducting basic searches like “men in India” or “people in Africa”.  I specifically kept the search vague and open in order to eliminate the fashion riff raff I may have otherwise encountered, and really focus on the essence of these people and their cultures. The images struck a cord in certain instances due to their colors, in others it may have been the expression on ones face, or simply the diligence in which their faces were painted with perfect little dots.



Ah, the clutch.  She’s got a us in her clutch! Get it? Yes, I AM hilarious. Officially.  So yes about these beautiful accessories that hold your precious things..They are here to stay, so it’s just a matter of what shape and form they will take next.  I am of the realization that the ethnic variety is nothing new on the market, but truth be told, I still find it’s relevance worth mentioning, and even going as far as dedicating an entire post to it.  I am smitten with the concept of this ethnic clutch against graphic stripes, but also fascinated by the way it can be juxtaposed against another busy pattern and texture as shown above (image via google, and from NYFW).
Do I believe you need to wear tons of bracelets and rings when holding this clutch? I most certainly do! And that shouldn’t surprise you one bit.
 So have yourself one of these beauties, or dare I say? DIY IT!
How?  Perhaps find yourself in a thrift store, and pick up some ethnic fabric (most likely in the form of a dress… then cut that baby up into the size you want the clutch..personally I say the more oversized the sexier)
Next… sew it together (think of it as two rectangles, and then a triangle that would flap over one side like an envelope)  Then embellish the kid and you’re done!
If you don’t find you have the time or skills to do it on your own you can always try these ones I found below:

New and available at

Handmade and one of a kind! Find this pretty clutch here.

 Loving the bold colors and graphic design of this African inspired clutch.  Find it here.

 The warm and colorful flair of this clutch is just so adorable! Find this vintage beauty here.

I am constantly inspired by street style and love interacting with people to find out where their amazing pieces have come from.  This weekend I met a girl while at an outdoor dance party, who was rocking the most badass handbag i’ve seen in a long time. Of course I approached her and asked not only to photograph it, but also where she had scored it.  Turns out, she had received it as a gift from a friend who had traveled to Thailand.  Which means there’s no way for me to find one just like it! 

But I went digging and found some similar styles for reasonable prices

This gorgeous handbag is made in india, and sold at an etsy shop that operates from India.  Isn’t it stunning?  Here’s a link to that shop.
another stunning piece from the same shop
This shop can do no wrong! these colors are incredible.

All of these beautiful textiles really make me want to pack my bags and take a trip out to India, so I can shop the bazaars and markets for gorgeous goodies like the ones i’ve shown you.

Well, I’m off to day dream about my trip!

Till next time.

Today I am wearing a lovely dress I found at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks ago.  It’s from Tibi, the contemporary, feminine label with an edge.  I am always drawn to their prints and silhouettes for they really capture what a modern girl wants.

One of my favorite aspects of the dress is the lovely paisley panel going across the chest.. as seen above.
I’m super picky about my prints, since I design prints myself.. But recently we have been showered with silk scarf prints all over, which I am a huge fan of…so I figured I would share with the world some of my great vintage paisley finds.

Great shift dress in a lovely summery color palette, and of course PAISLEY! You may purchase this here.
For all you jet setters this awesome vintage suitcase.  Purchase here.
Just like mine, this pretty dress has a large scale paisley panel.. and red.. is just awesome.  Find it here.
This piece just has so much personality, and the details really rock.. Find her here.

Have a great weekend!