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I know it’s old news (but lets face it the older the news the more I love it), but I just can’t seem to get away from pink pants.  It’s almost as if they stalk me.  For someone who doesn’t consider themselves particularly girlie, I go nuts over this shade..just nuts!

So when I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Tony of Fair Season and she had these hot pink vintage jeans in her store, I just knew I had to have them.  I’m not certain as to when this obsession with hot pink crept up in my wardrobe, but in recent days it seems to be everywhere.  I own just about every shade in pants and 5 different lipstick shades  which I interchange depending on which one happens to be in my bag that day (for a list of my favorites check the bottom of this post).

Surpassing my love for this color though, is my love for Fair Season.

I met Tony (the shop curator and owner) last year at a flea market while I was visiting LA for the weekend.  I perused the Silver Lake market on a Saturday afternoon with a friend hoping I wouldn’t find anything since my suitcase was already SUPER stuffed with new vintage goodies… but of course there was Tony and her amazing rack of vintage and she immediately not only caught my attention, but ended up having several must have pieces that I made her ship to me (since I legit had nowhere to put them).

All her pieces felt fresh and current, and very west coast (something that at the time felt quite exotic to my east coast eyes).  Funny story about Tony….even though her vibe is very laid back, she’s originally from the east coast and gave up her corporate job for her love of vintage.  How inspiring is that??

I encourage all vintage fans to add her Etsy shop to your repertoire when shopping for fresh new pieces as she will become your closet’s dearest friend, I promise :)

I am wearing:

Fair Season vintage high waisted denim.

H&M top.

Vintage beaded flats.

Bargain District vintage bag.

on my LIPS: Covergirl- spellbound.

Other good pink lips: MAC: Relentlessly Red; MAC: Bold Spring; Makeup Forever #36.



If I showed you the current state of my coat closet you would most likely faint.  I own more coats than there are cold days in a year.  Yet just like shoes, I am convinced that they make or break an outfit, and for that reason have little to no control when I come across a really good one.
So what’s my coat of choice this season?  Well, there is something really appealing about a nice classic boxy camel peacoat that I think I would get a lot of use out of.  Since my fall vibe already includes a ton of menswear: We’re talking turtle necks, slacks, oxfords and fedoras… I think the coat will be the icing on the cake.
Now let’s turn this fantasy into reality with a little collage action!

Where to find these goodies!
Handmade Clutch: Here.
Antique Tribal Bracelet: Here.
 Vintage Grey Menswear Fedora: Here.
Pierre Cardin Glasses: Here.
Coat: ZARA
70’s Platforms: Here.
Turtleneck and Slacks are Stella Mccartney: Pants can be found here.
Turtleneck can be found here.

Today’s post, when Saint Laurent AREN”T an option, is a lot more than your average splurge vs. steal post.  Not being able to afford the $800 shoe you’ve been pining for can have a few outcomes, and can also be a way for you to use skills and talents you may not even know you possess to make magical fashion things happen.

Let’s take a minute together to examine the options:

1) You want them so bad you max out your credit card and make up a lie to tell the landlord since rent will be at least a week late now.

2) You dream about the shoe day and night, knowing that it will never be yours, but admire it from afar on other girls who can afford it.

3) You wait until it is deeply discounted, hoping that your size is still around by then (mine never is).

4) You decide you can find better at a price point that doesn’t make you cringe… and you BUY THOSE INSTEAD.

Ok, so this is obviously meant to point to the option that I would always opt for which is number 4. It isn’t always achievable though, since some pieces I fall in love with are unique to the designer’s aesthetic and times, and similar items can’t be found in the vintage world.  But there are also plenty of occasions during which your ability to recognize that something similar can definitely be found on ebay or etsy really comes in handy.
Perfect example of this are the shoes below by Saint Laurent:

These guys are a pretty basic oxford in black and white, and anyone who’s ever shopped vintage knows that this look was very popular in the 80’s and even 90’s (older versions were also popular but made mostly for men) so that’s how the search begins!

I was lucky and determined enough to find a really close match that I perhaps love even more than the originals.  Can you believe how similar?
Kenneth Cole made some really great shoes in the 80’s and 90’s.  The quality is always excellent. I currently own several pairs of boots and shoes by them that I love a lot.  The styles are always classic and simple which makes them a timeless option.

Now that you know my little secret there’s no reason to get all worked up about something seemingly out of reach, think outside the box and you may end up being pleasantly surprised :)

Fun fact about Stefany: She’s always cold (yes we’re talking in the third person now).
This explains to a large degree why I’ve become such a layering master.. it’s all for survival!  I also love layering because it allows me to control the amount of bulk on my body, rather than having to surrender to someone else’s idea of how bulky bulk is.  Following me so far? So in the spirit of fall and bulk, and because I’m starting to warm up to the idea of this whole oversized shaggy sweater business despite the fact that it makes you look like a stuffed animal, but somehow a bulky in an okay kind of way (if not even sexy?) stuffed animal, here are a few of my shaggy sweater picks.

I will start you off with a little Stella McCartney teaser, which is basically what we are aspiring to find in the vintage realm for a reasonable amount of money.  Not that I wouldn’t spend a thousand dollars on this if I had a thousand dollars to spare!
In case you do.. you can purchase this stunner here.

Now onto the pieces us common folk can own:)
From one of my favorite vintage shops around Noir Ohio, this awesome ombre blue sweater. So sweet with your favorite pair of distressed jeans, don’tcha think?

In this case, the fact that its black and cropped takes the edge off the intensity of the texture and ends up making it a lot more versatile. Find this piece here.

Winter whites kill me as is, but when you combine the pom pom’s of this guy with the striking color, you have a winner.  Find this cutie here.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our best friend for this fall.. soft pink.  This 90’s shaggy cardigan has all the qualities we look for in the perfect layering statement piece this season. A major score.  Find it here.

Happy fall shopping!

I’m a mean shopping machine.  Why is it that I have no problem buying shoes ALL THE TIME. I mean all the time.  I can always somehow manage to convince myself that I need them.  Whether the toe is slightly more almond shaped, or the shade of grey is different, it feels like I can’t believe that I’ve lived without each pair for so long. Now any excuse is a good excuse right? So when I decided that I wanted to embrace all facets of grunge this summer this included of course the weird canvas sneaker.  If you’ve lived through the 90’s you know exactly what I’m referring to.  It’s that super chunky gum sole sneaker that feels like the Palladium (not restricted to) style shoe with a canvas upper.  Sure this guy is big and loud and completely the opposite of cute and dainty but who’s to stop me from wearing it with my favorite summer dress.  It was only a matter of time before she made a comeback, and to be honest I don’t think most folks have even begun to see the beauty in it.. but I saw it.. I’m on it.. and you should be too.
My new purchase:  These amazing 90’s canvas sneakers with leaf print.  I just can’t get over their weird perfection, they make me so giddy. But since these are gone (mine) below you’ll find some other suggestions to get the weird summer shoe ball rolling.

Prada has done an excellent job at convincing me that the flatform is more than just okay.. it’s awesome.  What better way to get your fix than to go vintage.. and to go canvas and straw? Find these HERE.

These cuties are irresistible for several reasons.. the cutout detail, the awkward square toe and the whiteness of them. Find these babies HERE.

These bad boys rule cause well, THEY SAY NATURAL FEELING on them.  Come on what more could you possibly want in a shoe. Find these HERE.

Lastly, I love the cutout sneaker/shoe vibe anyday.. and these have it all in the perfect little package: Find them HERE.

If there’s one piece of information that’s crucial to knowing me is that I love a good margarita.  No, that doesn’t include anything frozen or slightly green tinged or flavored.  But it’s true.. I celebrate national margarita day like it’s my business.. and what’s the next best day to drink them after that? Cinco de Mayo of course.. We also all know that this is a ploy to get people drunk and stupid like St. Patty’s and all other made up national holidays, and has no relation to Mexico’s heritage or people in any significant way. Despite knowing this and feeling slightly ashamed, I do like to partake cause after all.. any excuse to drink tequila and be merry, I’ll take.  Well now that you know what to send me for the holidays, my birthday, or any other time you wish to send me a gift, let’s get to the fashion stuff.  Here are some great vintage Mexican or inspired pieces we should all have in our wardrobe and wear.. not only on this made up holiday.

50’s hand painted circle skirt – find here.

 We all love a little irony – especially those of the hipster variety.  Find this souvenir tank here.

 Mexican silver, can’t beat it.. find this cuff here.

 Embroidered vintage dress – find here.

Minimalist cuff – find here.

 Upcycled from a mexican embroidered dress, awesome spring bag – find it here.

Unique vintage silver cuff – find here.

Embroidered vintage top – find here.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a jewelry post.  Or maybe it hasn’t, but it just feels that way so below are just some of the trends that are gonna be essential in my spring looks.

– Delicate and architectural brass pieces: A great addition to the often used gold and silver looks, brass has an aged and antique feel that’s irreplaceable.  Pair it with sleek simple shapes or angular looks and it’s a winning combo. From top: Snake ring (it’s actually a gold piece but it looks brassy so it works!) find here; Vintage cut out cuff (find here.); Stackable minimal brass rings (find here.); Quirky handmade earrings (find here.)

– Silver stackable simple rings: I just can’t get enough of adorning my fingers with a ton of silver rings.  Mixing different textures and widths for an eclectic bohemian vibe. Of course you can’t forget to keep the silver going up your arm for a full armor look with a ton of textured bracelets.

– Ethnic Chest Plates (I just love the idea of a chest plate, don’t you?) Wear them over the most basic of t’s or any simple knit to take any outfit up several notches (tried and true on a date I went on the other day, but he probably won’t be calling back hah!): Amazing carved wooden buddha pendant (find here); Tribal bib necklace (find here); Animal chest plate (mine).

Someone made a comment recently about the nature of spring and fall, especially those weird months like September and March when your closet is the fullest. Thing is, we aren’t ready to shed the summer stuff, but those nights sure tend to get a tad chilly so layering is a must.  Same can be said for March and April.  Sure, flowers are in bloom, but so is your closet.  You’re not quite ready to put away that puffy coat or your fur ones, cause truth be told, it could be 36 degrees and snowing any moment. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t long ago that NYC had a snow shower in the middle of April.
My anxiety levels do tend to correspond to the state of my closet, and this anxiety is usually at it’s peak when I have difficulty finding things, or can’t figure out how many layers I actually need or don’t need on a particular day. These thoughts tend to leave less time for me to worry about the important things in life (like what I’m going to have for dinner).  Being the practical person that I am then, having pieces in my wardrobe that transition seamlessly from one season to the next is a must for the reduction of aforementioned anxiety.
Below is a mood board of such pieces.  Great for hinting that you’re more than ready for spring to finally rear its bountiful head out, but also still prepared for mother natures wacky April fools jokes.

Moodboard Items from top left:

The Vintage Denim Vest: Any variations will work so the wash and details are up to what works best with your wardrobe (I tend to prefer a utilitarian look with oversized pockets and snap buttons). Generally speaking though the vest is a great layering piece without adding bulk, but a jacket version is also a great basic (find this vest here).

The Spring Leather Piece:  I picked this particular cut out vintage dress in lavender because I loved the springy color and the modern edge.  Find this beauty here.

The Quirky Flats:  These awesome cork and splatter painted pair really scream “Look at me! I ooze spontaneity!”  Which you obviously would if you wore them.  Find these cuties here.

Woven Ethnic Handbag:  The choice is yours, small or large, bright or pastel, point is: it’s a great way to brighten and liven your wardrobe and add an ethnic flair to any look.  Find this pretty little thing here.

The Jumper:  So yes all the rage is overall’s this season, but you know what has way more lasting power?  The jumpsuit!  So get your hands on a safari inspired, or classic tailored piece and make the most of its layering capabilities.  Find this linen beauty here.

The Frilly Colorful Floral Dress:  Truth be told, floral prints will never go out of style, some may try to convince you that they do, and of course there will always be variations on the trend, but find yourself the perfect floral dress that speaks to you and you can make magic.  Find this pretty frock here.

The Structured Leather Handbag:  So many ways to interpret this, but I happen to particularly love the woven variety because yes.. I’m a sucker for all things texture.  Find this gem here.

The Bodysuit:  Ok this may be slightly tougher to sell, but picture this.  A floral body suit worn with slouchy boyfriend jeans and casual sneakers, or for evening with a pair of killer pumps.  So 80’s but soooooo darn right!  Find this beauty here.

The Woven Top:  I’m obsessing with the idea of a structured woven top for spring.  Think vintage inspired prints such as this Jacobean design, or go all ethnic on it. Pair it with your favorite colored denim and you are on track.  Find this sweater here.

The 70’s Espadrille Platform Sandal:  My 70’s rant isn’t over yet, not even close! Great thing about these? You can wear fun socks with them and keep the toes warm.  So go get yourself a pair of killer platforms and live like you’re a disco star.  Find these awesome sandals here.

 There are morning’s when I feel very content throwing on a t-shirt and jeans that have been sitting on my floor from the day before.  But some days I wake up and I’m a perfectionist.  Every item is scrutinized, examined for it’s perfectness with the rest of the outfit.  Yesterday was such morning.  I blame it on PMS (isn’t it easy sometimes to blame everything on it?), because it’s always around the same time that I get VERY particular about the way everything is arranged, not only on myself but at home and at work, so I’m guessing hormones have something to do with it.
Normally I am a stickler for time, so if I make plans with you to meet at 12 somewhere, you bet your ass I will be there by noon if not a few minutes early.  The only factor I can’t account for is this persona that comes out of me once in a blue moon (or should we say once a month) and the constant failures of the MTA to get me where I need to be.
Yesterday I had plans for brunch with a friend (and amazing “vintage clan” member and owner of Dusty Rose Vintage) and eager to show off my new (old) crochet sweater found at Beacon’s closet just this past Friday. I had a vision for this top.  The sweater screams “I made this while drinking hot cocoa in a cabin in 1972”.  So naturally, I wanted to rest of the outfit to feel 70’s too.  I paired the top with my Urban Outfitters jeggings (so comfy), a shrunken school boy blazer (goodwill), my suede coat (thrift store) and my kiltie monk strap shoes (etsy) and let’s not forget the vintage Louis Vuitton satchel (No Relations).  After a heavy red lip application (NARS) and some texturizing cream in my new hairdo (do you like the new cut?) I finally felt really good, albeit ALMOST late to brunch.

Can we talk about the amazing bead details on this top? Cause I just can’t deal.

And while we are on the subject of subjects, what is with my obsession with graffiti and street art? I’m like a moth drawn to light. I swear my Iphone is so overcrowded with photos of streetart I had to delete a bunch of apps to make room for more. #addicted

There is very little in this entire world that I love more than the resurrection of vintage trends. Season after season we see styles from the past re-emerge.  Whether it’s passion for vintage or lack of creativity and innovation on the designer’s part, well, that’s a can of worms I dare not open at the moment, but regardless of the catalyst, I can safely say I love any reinterpretation, literal or not of era’s long gone. 
Recently we’ve seen first the 50’s then the 60’s make a splash, so it was inevitable and just about time that the 70’s disco vibe would make a comeback, both on the runways and on the streets. 
As a firm proponent of blatant celebration of the past (call me a romantic), whether manifested in colors, silhouettes or prints, I am excited to get behind this look.  Some may say the 70’s were very aesthetically intense and from a contemporary perspective, we may be better off not to take certain 70’s styles so literally, but I find that the more literal the looks are, juxtaposed with modern surroundings, the more attracted I am to them. Take the ultra wide legged pants we are seeing everywhere, sometimes with over the top floral prints.  How can you not fall head over heels over the look, when paired with a sleek and modern coat or shoe?
Below is a compilation of some amazing 70’s pieces I can’t live without. Over the top? Some.  So very awesome for that exact reason? Yep.

1. Wooden Platform Sandals (find here); 2. 70’s Deadstock Italian Sunglasses (find here); 3. Wooden and Woven Sandals (find here); 4. Vintage Bell Bottoms (find here); 5. Disco Multi Colored Platforms (find here); 6. 70’s Hippie Blanket Coat (find here); 7. Roller Sandals (find here); 8. Silver Glitter Sandals (find here); 9. Vintage Colorful Bangles (find here); 10. Blue Leather Motorcycle Jacket (find here); 11. Wooden Platform Sandals (find here); 12. 70’s Yellow Fur Coat (find here); 13. Roller Skates! (find here); 14. Vintage Suede Coat with Fur Collar (find here).