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Letting other cultures across the world inspire me and my style has never failed.  No matter how many times I look at a colorful photo of a ceremonial ritual in Africa or of a holy man in India, a flutter in my heart occurs.  It may be the lack of interest in their part to please us westerners with their fashion, that is so appealing to me, or the intimate connection that their clothing has to their spiritual lives.  This month’s mood board draws from striking images I’ve compiled while browsing through Pinterest and Tumbr, conducting basic searches like “men in India” or “people in Africa”.  I specifically kept the search vague and open in order to eliminate the fashion riff raff I may have otherwise encountered, and really focus on the essence of these people and their cultures. The images struck a cord in certain instances due to their colors, in others it may have been the expression on ones face, or simply the diligence in which their faces were painted with perfect little dots.



As the temperatures rise into the 90’s this week, someone has dramatically increased her intake of iced coffee and frozen yogurt and that’s totally ok! Most importantly though is factoring in lighter fabrics that breathe because they are key during these crazy blasts of heat.  I’ve found that anything synthetic or heavier is just torture.  With buying vintage sometimes it’s hard to find that balance of great design without sacrificing finding the right kind of fabric.  I recently shed a lot of my polyester purchases because I was finding that I was feeling quite uncomfortable in them, and truth be told, no matter how cute you look, feeling uncomfortable takes over and becomes the center of attention.  So tip of the day is to never sacrifice feeling good, over looking good.  I know that goes against the fashion is suffering or whatever people like to say, but NO, it’s so obvious when someone feels like shit, that it takes away from any potential cuteness.

Onto some styling I recently did for OmniaVintage’s summer look book, with keeping easy breezy fabrics in mind. This was one of my favorites mostly because I just ADORED the print of this dress.  Take a look for yourself.

The lighting and the location were so gorgeous for this shoot it didn’t take much to get some awesome shots.  The model and I worked together in getting her vibe in line with her outfit.  I suggested she get into the character of a girl who was waiting for a boy to pick her up for their first date, and to feel all the emotions one feels when they are meeting someone for the first time.  Nervous, excited, scared, hungry?  Hah.  The sweetness of the strawberry dress was balanced out with the ethnic flair of her jewelry and bag and shoes.  I didn’t want this to be overly sweet and I think I was capable of turning what could have been sugar overkill into an outfit you and I would feel cool walking around in.

Dress, Jewelry and other accessories available for purchase at OmniaVintage.

Photo’s by: Naomi
Styling: Stefany Mohebban
Model: Lana
Location: Brooklyn

If there’s one piece of information that’s crucial to knowing me is that I love a good margarita.  No, that doesn’t include anything frozen or slightly green tinged or flavored.  But it’s true.. I celebrate national margarita day like it’s my business.. and what’s the next best day to drink them after that? Cinco de Mayo of course.. We also all know that this is a ploy to get people drunk and stupid like St. Patty’s and all other made up national holidays, and has no relation to Mexico’s heritage or people in any significant way. Despite knowing this and feeling slightly ashamed, I do like to partake cause after all.. any excuse to drink tequila and be merry, I’ll take.  Well now that you know what to send me for the holidays, my birthday, or any other time you wish to send me a gift, let’s get to the fashion stuff.  Here are some great vintage Mexican or inspired pieces we should all have in our wardrobe and wear.. not only on this made up holiday.

50’s hand painted circle skirt – find here.

 We all love a little irony – especially those of the hipster variety.  Find this souvenir tank here.

 Mexican silver, can’t beat it.. find this cuff here.

 Embroidered vintage dress – find here.

Minimalist cuff – find here.

 Upcycled from a mexican embroidered dress, awesome spring bag – find it here.

Unique vintage silver cuff – find here.

Embroidered vintage top – find here.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a jewelry post.  Or maybe it hasn’t, but it just feels that way so below are just some of the trends that are gonna be essential in my spring looks.

– Delicate and architectural brass pieces: A great addition to the often used gold and silver looks, brass has an aged and antique feel that’s irreplaceable.  Pair it with sleek simple shapes or angular looks and it’s a winning combo. From top: Snake ring (it’s actually a gold piece but it looks brassy so it works!) find here; Vintage cut out cuff (find here.); Stackable minimal brass rings (find here.); Quirky handmade earrings (find here.)

– Silver stackable simple rings: I just can’t get enough of adorning my fingers with a ton of silver rings.  Mixing different textures and widths for an eclectic bohemian vibe. Of course you can’t forget to keep the silver going up your arm for a full armor look with a ton of textured bracelets.

– Ethnic Chest Plates (I just love the idea of a chest plate, don’t you?) Wear them over the most basic of t’s or any simple knit to take any outfit up several notches (tried and true on a date I went on the other day, but he probably won’t be calling back hah!): Amazing carved wooden buddha pendant (find here); Tribal bib necklace (find here); Animal chest plate (mine).

Ah, the clutch.  She’s got a us in her clutch! Get it? Yes, I AM hilarious. Officially.  So yes about these beautiful accessories that hold your precious things..They are here to stay, so it’s just a matter of what shape and form they will take next.  I am of the realization that the ethnic variety is nothing new on the market, but truth be told, I still find it’s relevance worth mentioning, and even going as far as dedicating an entire post to it.  I am smitten with the concept of this ethnic clutch against graphic stripes, but also fascinated by the way it can be juxtaposed against another busy pattern and texture as shown above (image via google, and from NYFW).
Do I believe you need to wear tons of bracelets and rings when holding this clutch? I most certainly do! And that shouldn’t surprise you one bit.
 So have yourself one of these beauties, or dare I say? DIY IT!
How?  Perhaps find yourself in a thrift store, and pick up some ethnic fabric (most likely in the form of a dress… then cut that baby up into the size you want the clutch..personally I say the more oversized the sexier)
Next… sew it together (think of it as two rectangles, and then a triangle that would flap over one side like an envelope)  Then embellish the kid and you’re done!
If you don’t find you have the time or skills to do it on your own you can always try these ones I found below:

New and available at

Handmade and one of a kind! Find this pretty clutch here.

 Loving the bold colors and graphic design of this African inspired clutch.  Find it here.

 The warm and colorful flair of this clutch is just so adorable! Find this vintage beauty here.

International Affairs

Due to a series of circumstances I haven’t gotten a chance to travel internationally much the last several years.  This both makes me anxious and melancholy, since I find that one of the most successful ways to grow as a person sometimes is to put yourself in unique and foreign (no put intended) situations.  Despite my lack of travel I have tried to constantly expose myself to other cultures by reading about them much as possible and investing in books with great photographs.  Being a textile designer also requires extensive research for inspiration from around the globe.  One day I hope to get the opportunity to travel to places like Morocco, Turkey, India and Africa to explore the way the natives produce their textiles.  Until then, I will continue on my venture to find vintage garments that tell a story about these unexplored places of the world.  Albeit nowhere near as awesome and exciting as actually traveling to these countries, I get a chance to visually explore what they are about in preparation for my future visits.
Below is a gorgeous vintage dress from the 60’s (you can find here.).  The stunning burnt orange color reminds me of a spice market in India, and the intricate bead work around the collar and sleeves also has a rich ethnic flare to it.  I paired the dress with an ethnic inspired handbag and vintage bracelets I have bought at flea markets and thrift stores.

Photo’s: Naomi of OmniaVTG.

This is what you get when you combine two of my favorite things, jumpsuits and funky vintage prints. 
The way I see it, life is too short not to have fun with your clothes. It can yield to good conversation with a stranger, a smile, sometimes even a puzzled glare (cause not everyone is going to get it) 
Either way, wear whatever tickles your fancy cause at the end of the day it has to make you feel good.
So here you have it!

I was kidding about the garden of Eden, its just a concrete wall somewhere in the depths of Brooklyn.

This tribal jumpsuit is worn with nothing underneath or over for this look but would also look awesome layered with an army jacket, for a print on print look  or an open knit sweater for a casual feel.

The jumpsuit can be found Here. If you’d like to own it.

Shoes: Zara

Can we please have an intervention for the love of a sweet sweet lord?
I can’t…. just won’t stop with the prints.
Colors? lot’s of em please.
Worldly? Preferred.
Anywhoos,  an oh so sweet vintage Southwest wrap dress it is, what today’s post is all about. It may as well be a pajama it’s so damn comfy.
How to wear it? however you’d like.
Personally I went with high, high heels (Zara)… but below the images I give a few additional pairing suggestions.

Hi. My name is Stef. I like to hang nonchalantly in front of graffiti walls.
Even try to look all chic and stuff.

But truth be told, this dress so cute it makes me wanna dance. 
You can now purchase this really awesome dress at OmniaVTG. It’s necessary. Oh and my necklace? A gift from Thailand.


These awesome Loeffler Randall lace up booties have a little extra something with the ankle strap.  The perfect bohemian chic vibe.  Find them here.

For that high-low downtown cool vibe, wear with these hot Maison Martin Margiela booties you can score at Barneys

Another option would be to go thematic and matchy matchy. These sandals would certainly do that for you. Find em here.

 Or just step out into the world barefoot..who cares, you’ll still look pretty sweet.

Photos: Naomi
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Being a city girl at heart, I have a thirst for all things utilitarian.
At times, practical isn’t necessarily fashionable, but this summer I have developed a major crush on a specific accessory, that’s not only adorable to look at, but super duper girl on the go friendly.
The summer straw tote is an essential for all us busy bees.
I especially found how useful it was this weekend, when I spent part of my time in the city, and the rest on the beach.
It was a beautiful thing, as I was able to pack my bag with all necessities and in one clean sweep, go from urban jungle to the ocean.
To document my weekend adventures are some rather telling snaps

As you can see, I was all business on friday and couldn’t be bothered, but my bag kept me in check .
At last it was time for me to take a chill pill and let loose a little.
Tank(Urban Outfitters) Skirt:(H&M) Flats(DKNY) Tote(Vintage)
Then, it was time to plop my ass down on Tom Otterness’s foot sculpture. (You should check this gem out, in battery park, its quite neat-o.)

As the day progressed, I made some friends.  It helped that they weren’t of the human variety.
 Necklace (Urban Outfitters)  Ring (Vintage)
Thing’s went uphill after my day at the park, as I got to chill at long beach Sunday afternoon. The only constant was my amazing tote bag, which I had apparently stuffed with candy.
Last but not least, a close up of what’s been my companion and savior.  She works hard for the money.

I’ve been fortunate enough to team up with lovely Naomi of OmniaVTG, and she has gracefully offered a 10% discount to any purchase on her Etsy page with code BEACHDAY at checkout.
For more of these awesome textile bags click HERE.

Thanks so much for looking, and don’t forget to check out the rest of her amazing selection of vintage goodies!

I talk lot’s about prints, mostly the ones I like.  But not every print is gonna speak to every girl, so this is a little post about your spirit print.  It’s actually quite easy to identify.
First you will have to answer a series of questions. and once you add up all the points, we can figure out the rest.. Just kidding.. there will be no questionnaire.. but it’s a good idea anyways.
All jokesies aside. Prints can say a lot about a person.. just as we have discovered shoes can say a lot about people.
Are they loud, bold, colorful, demure, feminine, sweet… these are all reflections of what someone is putting out there in the world, and for the most part, they can accurately summarize at least certain aspects of a personality.
Prime example is a photo a friend recently posted on her Instagram.

Oh… and please feel free to add some if you can think of more.. this is just a startoff point :)

Jessica who is a super awesome stylist, and also has a really sweet blog (check it out here. ) Posted this photo of her shirt the other day and said “this is a reflection of my personality #allovertheplace.

Need more be said? I mean come on. That’s next level. And my kind of gal.

And I truly agree. Certain patterns can really speak to someones personality.  Let’s peek at some other types right this way.

She’s an adventure loving wild child, with an ethnic flare, and an appreciation for life..and the unknown. She’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd and make a statement  (find the dress here.)
Take a wild guess at this sort of gal… she’s a free spirit, easy going, smart and whimsical.  She also loves hugging a good tree… Juuuuuuust kidding.. for this pretty boho chic dress clicky here.
Clean, crisp, sharp, graphic… all excellent adjectives. How do they relate to a personality? There are some of us who like cleanliness, streamlined, simple things.. well this dress is for those people. It’s bold, yet somewhat calming.  The magic of stripes.  Find this dress here.

For this next vibe, I could have gone many routes, a pretty soft floral, a small scale demure print.. but the point is, there are ladies who like to look and feel like ladies, and have a flirty and feminine side they enjoy playing up by virtue of the clothes they wear.  This plaid dress is a great example of that. It has a delicate, sweet quality to it and a soft color palette thats very harmonious.  Find it here.