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It’s thrilling to find a really cool vintage piece, but what’s even more thrilling is when its Kenzo.  Why would anyone ever give these away??? I suppose it’s so I could find them.   Well here I am rocking my thick canvas Kenzo equestrian pants with a whimsical face print button down from Omnia Vintage.  WoopWoop! (shoes are Steward Weizman and bag and necklace are vintage)

IMG_4519 copy IMG_4536 copy IMG_4542 copy IMG_4528 copy IMG_4546 copy

Styled by Me

Photos by NY Is Killing Me

Model: Brittany Cavaco

Shot in Bushwick, NYC August 2014

Model wearing: Own ballerina Tutu and leotards + stylists’ own pieces.

I know it’s old news (but lets face it the older the news the more I love it), but I just can’t seem to get away from pink pants.  It’s almost as if they stalk me.  For someone who doesn’t consider themselves particularly girlie, I go nuts over this shade..just nuts!

So when I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Tony of Fair Season and she had these hot pink vintage jeans in her store, I just knew I had to have them.  I’m not certain as to when this obsession with hot pink crept up in my wardrobe, but in recent days it seems to be everywhere.  I own just about every shade in pants and 5 different lipstick shades  which I interchange depending on which one happens to be in my bag that day (for a list of my favorites check the bottom of this post).

Surpassing my love for this color though, is my love for Fair Season.

I met Tony (the shop curator and owner) last year at a flea market while I was visiting LA for the weekend.  I perused the Silver Lake market on a Saturday afternoon with a friend hoping I wouldn’t find anything since my suitcase was already SUPER stuffed with new vintage goodies… but of course there was Tony and her amazing rack of vintage and she immediately not only caught my attention, but ended up having several must have pieces that I made her ship to me (since I legit had nowhere to put them).

All her pieces felt fresh and current, and very west coast (something that at the time felt quite exotic to my east coast eyes).  Funny story about Tony….even though her vibe is very laid back, she’s originally from the east coast and gave up her corporate job for her love of vintage.  How inspiring is that??

I encourage all vintage fans to add her Etsy shop to your repertoire when shopping for fresh new pieces as she will become your closet’s dearest friend, I promise :)

I am wearing:

Fair Season vintage high waisted denim.

H&M top.

Vintage beaded flats.

Bargain District vintage bag.

on my LIPS: Covergirl- spellbound.

Other good pink lips: MAC: Relentlessly Red; MAC: Bold Spring; Makeup Forever #36.



Summer Breeze

New York Is Killing Me and myself teamed up to capture the essence of a New York summer day.  Using pieces from the latest Ayr collection and some of my own, Ashley Wisco embodied what we all strive to feel like in this urban jungle.. carefree.


For more beautiful images check out New York Is Killing Me.

To score some awesome summer AYR pieces check out their website.

And stay tuned for more styling by me.


HEY!!!! Whats up?!  Day 3 has arrived.. yes I know time flies when you’re having fun reading my blog.  So here we are, Chermelle and I making our rounds in New York, and today brings us to one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn,  Greenpoint.  Besides Lena Dunham saying so, I’ve loved hanging out there for ages.. It’s quaint but gritty, there are fun bars and hot men.. what else could we want?  Oh yes.. how about good coffee shops and vintage stores to shop at?

Here is a recap of our day:

Coffee Shop: Café Grumpy Greenpoint

Coffee:  Deri, Kochoha, [Sidama Region] Ethiopia.
Thrift Store: Fox and Fawn 
Coffee Notes: You handle me with strength and gentility. Your floral flavors in my face so beautifully, I welcome how you demured my spirit – as if I were dried flowers contained and beautiful just the same. 
Thrift Notes: balanced beauty, feminine, complex
Thrifting Finds:
Gasp! Exaggerations escaped me because the Victorian goodness of this lady number went viral in my heart. Its detail, its fit was perfect. It was a message in a bottle from a faraway place and it said, “meet me in sidama.’
Coffee Notes:Your wild and I like it! I’m humming to the tune of guava and tobacco in a field of grass. Is this true, it must be, you give me the memory.

Thrift Notes: punch of something, high

Thrifting Find: I almost didn’t find you. You were subtly tucked somewhere with perfect imperfections, giving you the kind of character that begets the story of a history before I came. A petite hole here, a missing sleeve there. I spin in you and flowers from Sidama seem to appear in my hair.
What did we think? Are we in love with the idea of shopping at Fox and Fawn  and of course having a cup of joe at Cafe Grumpy? Do it, do it!
Here are a few of my favorite outtakes from the day:
During our cupping!
Can you believe we both found dreamy white dresses?

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this journey with you guys.  Chermelle of Smdlr and I met via Instagram and it was friendship from the start, based on mutual appreciation and love for culture and fashion.  Soon after, we decided to meet in person and that’s how this Coffee and Thrift project began.

We decided we were going to explore various neighborhoods of NYC and within each go to a roaster/coffee shop and then follow it by going thrifting.  We were convinced that the experience during our coffee outing would affect our moods and in that manner also affect what we would pick out while shopping. In the process we both learned a lot about coffee, fashion, culture and each other.  It was a beautiful marriage of creative minds.

Our first stop was Williamsburg, Brooklyn where we had a formal cupping (tasting) at Toby’s Estate followed by some shopping at Stella Dallas Vintage.

Here are both Chermelle and my notes from the day, along with our vintage finds.

Coffee Toby’s Estate

Coffee: Ethiopia – Nyeri Kenya, Gatombaya

Thrift Store: Stella Dallas

Coffee Notes: You demanded my attention. And, once you had me, you gave me warmth like a blanket – balanced, cozy and sweet but not overpowering.

Thrift Notes: masculine, warm, comforting.

Thrift Find:  Boy’s vintage plaid shirt that settled me right into my element.  I put it on and I’m far from Brooklyn. I’m camping in the woods, sitting by a fire, roasting marshmallows. The shirt’s masculine and utilitarian qualities are so easy and feel so right, they settle me right into the dead of winter, equipped to take on whatever it may bring.

Coffee Notes: There’s a deep husk in your scent that cuddles my thoughts. Pleasantly disoriented, I am yours and you are mine. Now, stillness comes.

Thrift Notes: rugged, aged, close.
Thrift Find: An oversized leather vest by Open Road – Made in Korea – with tassles that swing and shimmy. With you on, I’m again in grandpa’s backyard. We rock slow, we rock steady in a wooden chair. Memories of him, of us, float in the air. My arms in, are his around me, around thee Gatombaya.

To set the mood for our adventures listen to our mixtape from the day.
Playlist: ‘my girl’ temptations, ‘the boss’, james brown ‘knife’ grizzly bear

Check availability of coffee on Toby’s Estate website and don’t forget to follow your outing with a visit to one of my favorite vintage stores in NYC,  Stella Dallas!!!

Fashionista’s can sometimes take for granted the power of their staples. Correct me if I’m only speaking for myself, but there seems to be a trend of more is more sometimes just to feel like you are making a statement with your outfit choices.  With that being said, I think as I mature I have also gotten a little better at the editing portion of getting dressed, and that understated cool is sometimes the best kind of cool! :)

Today’s post focuses on the simplicity which let’s the elements speak for themselves.  Also, I look really good in all black with my platinum do! 
The little black dress is something that for a long time I didn’t feel the need to own.  Whatever interpretation you make of it, its a great staple for every girls wardrobe.  If you find the right shape and texture you’ll find yourself going back to it time and time again.

Vintage lace dress, Ethnic bib necklace and oversized clutch can all be purchased on the Omnia Vintage Website, shoes are vintage Via Spiga.

I’m a huge fan of wearing season inappropriate pieces and making them feel different and fresh again by mixing them into a wardrobe they have never been introduced to before.  Case in point: Sandals in the fall.  Afraid for your pretty toes to go numb?  Not to worry! As a fellow my extremities are always cold and my nails turn blue whenever it’s below 50 degrees type of gal, trust me when I say that if you’re covered up enough everywhere else, you make up for it. 
I love having this fashion trick up my sleeve for a couple of reasons.  It’s a good exercise to pair unconventional items together since it forces you to think outside the box and challenge the fashion norms, remember how we’ve discussed originality and creativity being the key components of true style?  Well, this is certainly a time to put that concept into solid practice.  It may not always work out (we all have don’t moments after all) but don’t be discouraged even if you feel like you look like a hot mess at first, since the point is that the combos you can come up with are really endless and it’s always fun investigating new ways of achieving this type of fashion statement for reinvention’s sake. I could go on endlessly about the different ways you can pair summer and winter gear, but lets focus today on the sandal paired with fall pants and top thing shall we?  Enough chat more photos?? You got it.

I’m wearing a vintage top  and bag from Omnia Vintage, Anthropologie wide leg trousers, Zara flatform sandals, Anthropologie sunglasses.

Ok, BYE!

You know what’s even better than thrifting (I can’t believe I’m catching myself say ANYTHING is better than thrifting).  Shopping in your mom’s vintage closet is what.
Her closet is amongst the top shopping destinations for this vintage crazed girl.  An archival collection of amazing fashion spanning from the 60’s to the 90’s. 
Whenever I spot something on the runway that looks similar to a piece I’ve seen and worn out of her closet, she gets a call from me to pleaaaaseeee let me borrow it for just a little while (again).  This rotating relationship I have with her wardrobe is a bonding experience for us as well, a way that generations cross and build upon decades of great style choices, the glue that makes them a continuous story about who she was and whom she evolved into as decades went by.
This latest post is an homage to my mom’s incredible style, her humble and sweet persona.  Her soft exterior and warrior interior. I strive to be as strong and sweet as her every day.

I paired her top with a really edgy black leather midi skirt and to me nothing says style like mixing the unexpected.

Outfit Notes: Top – Dina’s closet; Skirt – Omnia Vintage; Clutch – Omnia Vintage; Thrifted oxfords; Bracelet – Omnia Vintage.
You can shop all the Omnia Vintage pieces by clicking HERE!

 Oh and look who decided to steal my look.  NBD girl i’ll let it slide this one time..

What can I say: I love me a good romper (minus the having to basically get naked to use the bathroom).  Don’t even get me started on polka dots cause this could last a while.  What do we do with a polka dot romper then?  Style the shit out of it, that’s what!  Thanks to Naomi of Omnia Vintage, I got to play stylist (wait it’s not play, it’s hard work people)
But yes I got to play with her amazing vintage pieces and create a bunch of looks using our combined forces.  It takes two to play fashion tango don’t it.
I paired this adorable romper (NOW ON MAJOR SALE HERE) with my own Zara blazer, a crazy stack of vintage bangles and rings, some Corkease (also available on her etsy site) and DUH, this insane bag.

Love it? Tell me about it!

Model: Lana
Stylist: Stefany Mohebban
Photography by: Naomi
Location: Brooklyn