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Chelsea Art Walk

As an avid lover of art, I always try to take advantage of the fact that I live in a city so full and readily available inspiration on every corner.  When I heard about the art walk in Chelsea last week I knew I had to attend.  I had been meaning to check out several galleries in Chelsea for a while now, but kept procrastinating, this was finally my chance!

Overall impressed by the variety and concepts I took in that night, my general feeling is that there is definitely a preoccupation with the old while nostalgia reigns in concept, drawing a ton of inspiration from the way things were. Another major theme seemed to be re-purposing of old materials.  I find this interesting as someone who is in tune with the undercurrents of fashion, because it seems to parallel exactly what’s happening on the streets and runways.  Below is a slide of some of my favorite works, including the amazing index paper installation at Pace Gallery by Tara Donovan.

And for those interested in future art walks check out the Chelsea Art Walk site for updates.

 This weekend was all about exploring my lovely city.  I found myself at various tourist attractions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I went specifically for the Prada and Schiaparelli Exhibit, (which is amazing) but found myself wandering other areas as well.  Looking around, I noticed that I could have been easily mistaken for a tourist, and exploited that observation by posing just like one.  Here are a few good shots.
Here you find me in a typical “I’m gonna do what the statue is doing!” pose.
I am wearing: Uniqlo striped dress, H&M trench vest, Zara boots, vintage Trifary necklace, and thrifted nameplate necklace.
Also wearing, vintage thrifted satchel (salvation army), paper fedora, Movado gifted watch.

Did I capture the spirit of a tourist in these shots? you can be the judge of that.