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Listen up everyone, do not try this at home.  Standing in the middle of traffic on an extremely busy Brooklyn intersection makes for a GREAT photo but.. it has it’s dangers.  For example: I was at least violently honked at 5 times.  Also, when the train moved below me, my skirt flew up (a la Marylin) and almost caused a four way collision.  Luckily though, no one was harmed during the shooting of this outfit.
Now onto the main attraction, the clothes! 
This vintage Armani skirt is such a special piece I almost didn’t think I could pull it off (what I mean by pulling it off is doing it justice as a piece I could wear during the day, considering it is COVERED in sequins!).  Initially I dismissed it convincing myself the length would be a little grandma on me also.  But I was VERY wrong and I can admit that when I need to.  Paired with this graphic and colorful tank (Forever 21) and a motorcycle jacket (Zara), the skirt was taken from grandma land to bad ass in no time.  You say, what about the shoes? Yes! But of course!  They are Zara too, and perfect with this look because they are playful, not too fussy but elevate the outfit with their multicolor striped detail. Loving my black sleek vintage clutch? Find a similar one here here.
And as far as the sunglasses go, they are H&M.. I know I know, I’m so good at making them not look H&M.. thanks! :)

Photo’s by: Naomi of Omnia Vintage

I’m super excited about my post today, as it comes from a serendipitous series of events. This week I decided to browse the local thrift store to find a pair of light wash oversized jeans I could tatter as a DIY project and wear with some pumps (my spring vibe). And although I had no such luck with the jean part, I did pluck out this gem out of a pile of not quite as attractive scarves.

Your eyes are not fooling you.  It’s Emilio Pucci, and I paid exactly 5 buckaroos for it.  Bestest part? the colors are SPOT ON
We are talking about the most amazing combination of everything I am into at the moment, seafoam green, magenta, burgundy, mustard, MY GAWD is she real?

So anyways, I thought to myself, I kinda forgot about my printed scarves lately, as I have been wearing lots of necklaces, so why not bring back the scarf for spring.. and why not make it new and different.
So here are a few things I would pair this lady with:

From top left: Vintage Armani Cut off Shorts, loving that torn up beat up look. Equipment Sheer Blouse, perfect for wearing a scarf since it doesn’t have any collar interference. ASOS navy creeper, cute fashion shoe, with tassel details.. as I am loving the creeper vibe for spring paired with feminine pieces. Lastly this precious vintage Kilim Handbag, from a great Etsy shop.
So who’s with me??
Viva thrift!