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This morning I read Kelly Cutron’s little rant about Kanye’s style and how irrelevant it is to fashion people (read it here).  The first thing that popped into my head was..well yeah I never think of him when I dress in the morning!

She specifically goes on to reference his Givenchy ridden closet and says that most people who listen to his music can’t afford it anyway, unless they go for the Canal street version, so in reality he can’t be that much of an influence.

Consequently that got the ball rolling in my mind about the correlation between fashion and music and more specifically the way 80’s and 90’s hip hop style has had a very heavy hand in the way we have been dressing the past few years.

Below you’ll find a compilation of some of my favorite hip hop artists and their iconic styles. You name it, it’s infiltrated our fashion psyche —->

Bold ethnic prints, varsity jackets, heavy chains, bombers, camouflage, denim on denim, sportswear, bucket hats. TALK ABOUT INFLUENCE! Sorry Kanye.. Bai bai!

Fun fact about Stefany: She’s always cold (yes we’re talking in the third person now).
This explains to a large degree why I’ve become such a layering master.. it’s all for survival!  I also love layering because it allows me to control the amount of bulk on my body, rather than having to surrender to someone else’s idea of how bulky bulk is.  Following me so far? So in the spirit of fall and bulk, and because I’m starting to warm up to the idea of this whole oversized shaggy sweater business despite the fact that it makes you look like a stuffed animal, but somehow a bulky in an okay kind of way (if not even sexy?) stuffed animal, here are a few of my shaggy sweater picks.

I will start you off with a little Stella McCartney teaser, which is basically what we are aspiring to find in the vintage realm for a reasonable amount of money.  Not that I wouldn’t spend a thousand dollars on this if I had a thousand dollars to spare!
In case you do.. you can purchase this stunner here.

Now onto the pieces us common folk can own:)
From one of my favorite vintage shops around Noir Ohio, this awesome ombre blue sweater. So sweet with your favorite pair of distressed jeans, don’tcha think?

In this case, the fact that its black and cropped takes the edge off the intensity of the texture and ends up making it a lot more versatile. Find this piece here.

Winter whites kill me as is, but when you combine the pom pom’s of this guy with the striking color, you have a winner.  Find this cutie here.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our best friend for this fall.. soft pink.  This 90’s shaggy cardigan has all the qualities we look for in the perfect layering statement piece this season. A major score.  Find it here.

Happy fall shopping!

As the blaze of summer scorches our tooshies we must ask ourselves.. how to look good yet keep cool at the same time.
This is the hot topic and on everyone’s lips so let’s have a go at it with vintage as it’s vantage point, cause let’s face it, those tricky retro fabrics can be deceiving.  Are you feeling cotton or some rayon blend? A lot of times I have a hard time (despite my degree in textile design) since so much vintage I find has no tags, discerning if a dress or a top will be breathable in the summer.  I’ve definitely made it a priority as I’ve gotten older to make sure that purchases I make consist of a fabric that’s going to treat me well in the long run.  Beauty after all is NOT everything.  I rule for comfort.
Now shall we rewind to that lovely afternoon when I styled Lana in a gorgeous white wiggle dress and not much more?
 Bare back, clear skies, awe inspiring street art… what more could a stylist ask for?

Outfit details: Vintage white wiggle dress (shop it here.) Jewelry and shoes all courtesy of OmniaVintage —> shop her amazing new vintage jewelry on

Photo’s by: Naomi of Omnia Vintage 
Model: Lana
Stylist: Stefany Mohebban
Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn

I’m a mean shopping machine.  Why is it that I have no problem buying shoes ALL THE TIME. I mean all the time.  I can always somehow manage to convince myself that I need them.  Whether the toe is slightly more almond shaped, or the shade of grey is different, it feels like I can’t believe that I’ve lived without each pair for so long. Now any excuse is a good excuse right? So when I decided that I wanted to embrace all facets of grunge this summer this included of course the weird canvas sneaker.  If you’ve lived through the 90’s you know exactly what I’m referring to.  It’s that super chunky gum sole sneaker that feels like the Palladium (not restricted to) style shoe with a canvas upper.  Sure this guy is big and loud and completely the opposite of cute and dainty but who’s to stop me from wearing it with my favorite summer dress.  It was only a matter of time before she made a comeback, and to be honest I don’t think most folks have even begun to see the beauty in it.. but I saw it.. I’m on it.. and you should be too.
My new purchase:  These amazing 90’s canvas sneakers with leaf print.  I just can’t get over their weird perfection, they make me so giddy. But since these are gone (mine) below you’ll find some other suggestions to get the weird summer shoe ball rolling.

Prada has done an excellent job at convincing me that the flatform is more than just okay.. it’s awesome.  What better way to get your fix than to go vintage.. and to go canvas and straw? Find these HERE.

These cuties are irresistible for several reasons.. the cutout detail, the awkward square toe and the whiteness of them. Find these babies HERE.

These bad boys rule cause well, THEY SAY NATURAL FEELING on them.  Come on what more could you possibly want in a shoe. Find these HERE.

Lastly, I love the cutout sneaker/shoe vibe anyday.. and these have it all in the perfect little package: Find them HERE.

CHOKERS: The new sensation.

Look no further when it comes to the perfect necklace. Collars? So 2012.  Pendant? What’s that??
The new generation of IT necklace’s are certainly going to be of the choker variety (if I’m wrong you can come find me and punch me in the face).  With the 90’s making a comeback this year, and opulence and extravagance wiggling themselves into our psyche, this trend was pretty much inevitable.  Think cleopatra meets Iman (although we can’t all have giraffe necks like they did) so even though when we think of the 90’s choker we may picture a more goth form (black – lace – velvet), I believe this time around it’s headed in a tribal and ethnic direction.  If you still don’t believe me take a look at this Mara Hoffman x Pamela Love collaboration. As you can see tribal influences are clear, with an updated colorful take that really put’s this look on my map.

As already mentioned, an extra long neck is a great asset for this look, but not mandatory. And while model Grace Bol, makes it all look so natural and easy, we can find comfort in the fact that I did my research, as per usual; and found a series of chokers, mostly of the brass or silver variety, that will make the look so easy to incorporate.

I posted the photo below on Instagram yesterday, showing off a new Trifari choker I found at the local thrift store.  Although obviously unplanned, along with pretty much everything else in my life, it was a happy accident, which really got me thinking about the trend and the way I want to partake in the fun.  I plan on stacking this organic gold beauty with another similar choker I found a while ago at a beacon’s closet.

With a simple white crew neck t-shirt or pullover, this look can be toned down quite a bit. It doesn’t have to scream DRAMA and be all up in your face.  Same can be said with the following chokers I found on Etsy, which are both affordable and on trend.  Brass, gold, silver; Take your pick. There is no wrong answer.  Mix with daintier necklaces and layer as much or as little as you please.  The world is your oyster.

Vintage brass horseshoe choker (find here):

Vintage silver choker (find here):

Vintage gold and black stone choker (find here):

Vintage tassel gold choker (find here):