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This morning I read Kelly Cutron’s little rant about Kanye’s style and how irrelevant it is to fashion people (read it here).  The first thing that popped into my head was..well yeah I never think of him when I dress in the morning!

She specifically goes on to reference his Givenchy ridden closet and says that most people who listen to his music can’t afford it anyway, unless they go for the Canal street version, so in reality he can’t be that much of an influence.

Consequently that got the ball rolling in my mind about the correlation between fashion and music and more specifically the way 80’s and 90’s hip hop style has had a very heavy hand in the way we have been dressing the past few years.

Below you’ll find a compilation of some of my favorite hip hop artists and their iconic styles. You name it, it’s infiltrated our fashion psyche —->

Bold ethnic prints, varsity jackets, heavy chains, bombers, camouflage, denim on denim, sportswear, bucket hats. TALK ABOUT INFLUENCE! Sorry Kanye.. Bai bai!

Fun fact about Stefany: She’s always cold (yes we’re talking in the third person now).
This explains to a large degree why I’ve become such a layering master.. it’s all for survival!  I also love layering because it allows me to control the amount of bulk on my body, rather than having to surrender to someone else’s idea of how bulky bulk is.  Following me so far? So in the spirit of fall and bulk, and because I’m starting to warm up to the idea of this whole oversized shaggy sweater business despite the fact that it makes you look like a stuffed animal, but somehow a bulky in an okay kind of way (if not even sexy?) stuffed animal, here are a few of my shaggy sweater picks.

I will start you off with a little Stella McCartney teaser, which is basically what we are aspiring to find in the vintage realm for a reasonable amount of money.  Not that I wouldn’t spend a thousand dollars on this if I had a thousand dollars to spare!
In case you do.. you can purchase this stunner here.

Now onto the pieces us common folk can own:)
From one of my favorite vintage shops around Noir Ohio, this awesome ombre blue sweater. So sweet with your favorite pair of distressed jeans, don’tcha think?

In this case, the fact that its black and cropped takes the edge off the intensity of the texture and ends up making it a lot more versatile. Find this piece here.

Winter whites kill me as is, but when you combine the pom pom’s of this guy with the striking color, you have a winner.  Find this cutie here.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our best friend for this fall.. soft pink.  This 90’s shaggy cardigan has all the qualities we look for in the perfect layering statement piece this season. A major score.  Find it here.

Happy fall shopping!

If I had to pick an era of fashion that resonated with my sense of style the most, I’d say the 50’s and early 60’s probably do it for me.  The silhouettes compliment my body type, they feel classic, simple and sophisticated. 
There are times though when I get nostalgic about decades I’ve actually lived through *80’s and 90’s* and just need to get that out of my system.  The 80’s were by far the weirdest and wildest when it comes to fashion, and it’s lack of boundaries usually leaves me slightly baffled but humored nonetheless.  When I find a piece from the 80’s that I think manages to look crazy but in a good way, I can’t help but want it on my body. I do believe this is the unicorn effect working it’s magic (when you think something is rare and unique it makes it that much more appealing to your senses).
Below is a perfect example of such a time, not to mention the fact that my platinum pixie look is a perfect match for this funky 80’s look.

Outfit Notes: Vintage black tank; Dusty Rose Vintage harem pants; Zara gladiators; Anthropologie Sunglasses.

Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Photography: Maresa of Dusty Rose Vintage

It’s no news that I shop at thrift stores a lot. As a matter of fact I’ve begun in the last few years to really pride myself in my skills at finding super cool gems where others refuse to look (Ew someone wore that already?).
I’ve told many friends before when discussing second hand shopping, that I strongly believe it makes a person so much cooler, even distinguished, while building character and a strong sense of self.  I say this because it takes a unique kind of eye to make something out of nothing, finding treasures and seeing the potential in someone else’s discarded items.  You tell me it ain’t cake to find beautiful things if you’re shopping at Barney’s.
To give something a second chance is a pretty sweet feeling and it also forces you to be a lot more creative.  But if you are reading this now you probably already know all this and feel very similarly, right?. 
What I really think we ought to discuss though is the few pretty cool discoveries I made about myself my last visit to the thrift store.

Realization #1:  I met up with a coworker the other day and she had on these fantastic cluster earrings and of course I noticed them and asked where they were from (cocky one I am, I already knew she was gonna say vintage and a flea market.. but I still asked.. and yes they were vintage clip ons from the flea market) and then it occurred to me that I’ve been neglecting clip ons for a really long time because I was under the impression that they are uncomfortable.. and also why use clip ons when I have perfectly pierced ears.  Well it turns out I’ve developed a pretty bad reaction to costume earrings.. they always end up leaving me some weird rash.. so clip ons all of a sudden became a very appealing option to me.  Guess what! I found the COOLEST pair of them today.  They look very 80’s but at the same time very ethnic and very now in some weird way.  RIGHT?
On top of all that, the guy running the thrift store saw me trying them on and said they “opened up my face” which I’m not really sure what that actually means, but it has to be a good thing or he wouldn’t have said it.
In addition to that he said they made me look taller. How? I have no clue but I’ll take it.

Realization #2: I’m pretty darn skilled at spotting designer stuff without seeing the tag.  Ok this is kind of a no brainer if you shop vintage a ton, because you become very familiar with designers and their aesthetic but still… I saw below sweater vest (yes I said sweater vest and yes I will be wearing one this fall) and KNEW instantly that it was a Missoni.  I proceeded to scan the inside for the tag and the previous (clever but not clever enough) owner had cut it out.  For a second I doubted my magical talent, but then…… I realized they had forgotten to cut off the size tag and voila.. any doubt I had was instantly diminished, cause well, I even know what the size tag looks like. Now a Missoni sweater vest mine for less than your Starbucks latte.

No joke, I feel like the tropical print is here to haunt me this summer.  There’s no corner turned without me seeing a variation of this majestic 80’s and 90’s statement.  Bold and beautiful the tropical print works because… well cause it’s awesome.  I can’t speak highly enough of it’s well rounded way of making us cute hipster girls look totally cool and California ready without loosing our edge.  Include some neon or a grandpa visits Disney World feel to it and you’re really onto something.  My most recent purchase in the tropical variety was a sweet wallet I found at Urban Outfitters.

So my advice if you’re shy to do a really bold head to toe tropical look, pick up something itty bitty like this sweet cap (spotted at buffalo exchange a few weeks ago).

Other ways I’d love to see this trend manifest itself this summer?  Try a head to toe look (image courtesy of Elle Canada snapped during Milan Fashion Week)

Or mix the print with a completely different style of print:

Ports 1961 Resort 2014 has some amazing botanical/tropical prints that I am living for, and equally living for those sandals… Actually… give me the whole outfit.


Ok, now onto how to recreate some of these looks.  Don’t be surprised when I tell you this, but part of the reason why I love this trend so much is that it’s SO easy to find at the… yes you guessed it.. THRIFT STORE.  But other options include:

This GORGEOUS silk blouse from one of my favorite etsy shops We Are Tribe.

Birds.. yes PARROTS even better.  Find this skirt here.

I dig this dress so much, the shape the kitschiness of the print.. it’s just plain old GREAT.  Find it here.
This.. is everything.  Find it here.

Road Trippin: Part One.

As some of you may know, I spontaneously decided to hop on a cross country trip my high-school friend was taking to L.A.  I bought my plane ticket on Friday afternoon and off we went bright and early Saturday morning.  I have ALWAYS wanted to do this trip. Having done both coasts to a degree, I can’t deny that the middle has been neglected for the past 20 years. 
Besides missing on the nature and beauty of this country, the appeal of being able to find local antiques and vintage has always been a dream of mine, each state offering it’s unique share of goodies to be discovered.  Because we only have a week on the road, it’s been hard to stop for more than a few hours each day to take in the local shops and food, but we have certainly done our best to use the time wisely and beyond that ridiculously boring stretch of going south via West Virginia, there has been some really cool eats and finds.  Equipped with my Pentax K1000 I have focused on finding quirky signage, street art, architecture and culture to capture, and will share some of the best upon my return to the Big Apple. 
The road can get quite monotonous, so while being cooped up in the car for up to 8 hours at a time can suck in major ways (holding pee in for extended periods of time really builds your bladder muscles) I’ve found clever ways to entertain myself.  The atlas for one thing has become my best friend… a great tool not only for navigation but trivia knowledge as well.. I may be an expert at State nicknames at this point…. Did you know that Utah is the beehive state? or that Wyoming was the cowboy state?  Fascinating!

Here are some of the high’s and low’s starting at the Big Apple all the way to the Land of Enchantment.

Doin things the old skool way with maps and highlighters

 Snow and more snow: All along West Virginia…

Pit stop in Meridian, Mississippi was bitter sweet.
Unfortunately the downtown had endured a tragic fire that they were never able to recover from, but in attempts to bring back some life you can find these beautiful carousels all around the town.  For more info: Around Town Carousels Abound.

New Orleans: SWOON! Must. Go. Back. For. Jazz Fest. 
I fell madly in love with the charm of this town.  So much life, beauty, culture.. Great food and people are so nice!  I also found the cutest vintage shop which I will do a feature on soon. :)

 Next stop:  Austin, Texas.  I had a great brunch and using the thrift buddy app, found a great thrift shop across the street from where we stopped to eat.  Let’s just say I made out really nice.. Stay tuned for post about my thrift finds!

Texas has been great to us, the views are incredible. We took a scenic route and caught the most amazing sunset.  


 Right before getting to New Mexico we stopped for some tex-mex at a local restaurant.  The decor was nothing short of “authentic”.

Next up for us: some desert and more desert… Arizona and finally….California… HERE WE COME!!!

Sometimes less really is more, especially when referring to strategically cut out parts of apparel and accessories.  The trend has been widely embraced by designers alike, as we’ve seen it saturate retail shops of all kinds.  The key is to always keep the rest of the look moderately classic and understated, otherwise you run the risk of looking like you ran into Edward Scissorhands on your way to the party (and although meeting Johnny Depp is my long time dream, I’d rather it not be under awkward circumstances that will render me far less than cute post meeting).
Here are a few of my Cut-Out picks ranging from apparel to accessories.

Reminiscent of some F-troupe styles I’ve seen, these awesome electric blue flats are a great every day shoe.  A lucky 8.5 can score them here.
Also loving the seriousness of the front of this shoe, and the playfulness of the open back.  Find them here.

Love this 80’s cocktail dress paired with a pair of converse! Find it here.

Peplum for days, and what a gorgeous silver color.  Find this dress here.
I am really enjoying these hand cut earrings, perfection in their imperfection.  Find these right here.

Who said swirls are only what you order at the Mr. Softee truck?  As I find myself having a moment in front of this galactic wall.. I wonder, will I ever not enjoy a very quirky and off beat vintage pattern? The answer, undoubtedly is always no. There will always be a sweet spot for them in my heart.

Zara heel’s made this leap not so easy.
As I contemplate the depths of the cosmos, you may be wondering, where can I score that dress?? the answer is simple. Click HERE <-----------
Oversized sunglasses (St. Marks street vendor) Necklace (A gift from Thailand)
Handbag: Amazing vintage cutie.

R.I.P Sally Ride  Click HERE for the New York Times piece on this awesome woman.

As I people watched this warm and sunny weekend, one thing was for sure. Folks were not afraid to rock their wild sunglasses.
 Even the most sophisticated, had on some nutty pairs.  Here is a compilation of some great affordable vintage finds so you can get on board. But before that, my scary gaze through some bright orange ones I picked up from H&M last year for under 10 buckaroos.

Meow Meow!  (find these kool kat’s here.)

Mmmmm… what a babe… you can snatch these here.
Too cool for school.  Also from the same amazing Etsy Store.
Love these roundies with the tortoise combo. Excellente! (snatch here.)
wild cats are in, let’s be honest (find this rad pair here.)

And for those of you who don’t mind spending a few extra buckaroo’s (considering all the above are under 50)  Here is an amazing vintage Christian Dior pair. Swoon.

I can’t get over the bow… too cute.  (find these here.)

I present to you, one of my personal favorite looks shot for this blog thus far..
If the photo’s don’t already say it, I will first… I love the androgynous look, not only because I have short hair and can pull it off pretty well… but also because I’ve always been more comfortable dressing a tad boyish.  I find that femininity overkill can be just that… Overkill… why not spice things up and borrow from the boys…it often ends up looking more interesting that way.

As you can see, I am clearly loving life in this outfit, it speaks to my inner fighter. Fighter against bad fashion.
So many things I am a fan of are happening here. Rolled up cuffs, Wedge sneakers (Ash) Vintage Utility Jumpsuit, and Alexander Mcqueen Trench.

I am also wearing some gangster chains, just to add a touch of intimidation, in case the rest wasn’t frightening enough.

If you absolutely love this awesome jumpsuit, you can find it at Dusty Rose Vintage

And if you also absolutely love the photographs, you can see more photos by the talented Will Star too.