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This morning I read Kelly Cutron’s little rant about Kanye’s style and how irrelevant it is to fashion people (read it here).  The first thing that popped into my head was..well yeah I never think of him when I dress in the morning!

She specifically goes on to reference his Givenchy ridden closet and says that most people who listen to his music can’t afford it anyway, unless they go for the Canal street version, so in reality he can’t be that much of an influence.

Consequently that got the ball rolling in my mind about the correlation between fashion and music and more specifically the way 80’s and 90’s hip hop style has had a very heavy hand in the way we have been dressing the past few years.

Below you’ll find a compilation of some of my favorite hip hop artists and their iconic styles. You name it, it’s infiltrated our fashion psyche —->

Bold ethnic prints, varsity jackets, heavy chains, bombers, camouflage, denim on denim, sportswear, bucket hats. TALK ABOUT INFLUENCE! Sorry Kanye.. Bai bai!

Shopping Sabbatical

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While on a thrifting trip upstate in mid July I found myself exhausted.  Not physically exhausted but mentally, in a way only unhappy people feel.  I remember sitting in the car and saying “shopping doesn’t make me feel happy the way it used to.”

Naomi looked at me puzzled, as we had planned a two day trip which strictly involved shopping and asked what had changed.  The answer was simple, yet more complex in ways I could have ever imagined.  In that moment it occurred to me that it had lost its mystique and appeal partially because at this point in my life, I have acquired more items than one needs to get through an entire life span.  Sure, the items are amazing.  Most are unique vintage pieces I cherish and appreciate the artistic, stylistic and historic value of.  Despite their beauty and value, and at the end of the day,  they have stopped serving the purpose of making me happy and have strictly turned into dead weight.

I took a deep breath and began to tell her about missing that feeling I had as a teen, when I would babysit for weeks at a time and save up just enough money for that special piece I had been pining for.  Trouble always was, that by the time I had saved enough money to buy it, the item was already out of style (which may perhaps explain my disdain for trends).  I no longer feel satisfied after shopping.  I feel guilty, for adding yet another item to my already overstuffed closet, for spending money I could be saving for something far more useful (a conversation about what useful means these days will surely come up in a post this year).  So what’s the point of shopping? She asked..If it doesn’t make you happy and you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it!  Instead, you should take a year off and see how you feel.  BOOM!  My eyes lit up and I knew that was my answer.  Take a full year off of shopping (some restrictions apply such as undergarments and socks….)  and not only watch that savings pile grow, but also figure out new ways to wear the pieces I already own. In the conversation we also discussed what I would do with the money that I estimate I spend a year on shopping, and I suggested putting $500 a month away in a savings account and then doing something either for my own business with it (vintage truck anyone??) or putting it towards an experience (travel).  This final chapter of the adventure is to still be determined as I’m sure the answer will become clearer as the days go by.

This challenge was embraced fully as it struck me that besides the obvious upsides, I will now be able to devote my time and energy towards things that are far more important for my life.  I will take that time and visit more museums, take classes, start and FINISH cool projects that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and who knows! Maybe discover new things I love and bring new people and experiences in my life that I may have otherwise missed out on cause I was too busy bidding on Ebay.

I encourage everyone who reads this to absorb how life changing this sort of experience can be, and maybe just for a second.. consider joining me on this endeavor.

Mostly I look forward to sharing my thoughts as the months go by, as I’m sure all this spare time can only lead to some soul searching.

Wish me luck!



Like many other folks out there, I happen to live more in the past than in the present or future. Always wandering through time, always dreaming.  What better way to celebrate that horrible habit than by looking through some fun vintage new years eve photos! I can’t think of any to be honest.  Let the past roll, and let’s all party like its 1955!!!









As I hiked up my leather skirt over the crisp white eyelet top my mom had just given me from her secret stash of amazing vintage pieces, I told Naomi I’ve decided that my fall vibe is going to be a little bit of Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks sprinkled with touches of rockabilly, teddy girl and tomboy vibes. Naomi cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow in confusion and said “of course it is, Stef”. I knew exactly what she meant by that comment, it’s weird, and completely random, but at the same time something I would totally say.
 It makes a ton of sense I told her… and that’s the beauty of being semi detached from reality as I’ve always found myself to be.  Walking to the beat of my own drum has meant I get to make up my own rules and then break them too. It also means I can be fully aware of trends and fads, nod to them when I see fit, but still end up buying a quirky 50’s dress I found at a thrift store for $8 because I love the pleats on the sleeve or the bizarre print and color.  That really is the essence of styling and wearing vintage.  Is that you are not privy to these silly trends that others (brands/magazines) try to impose on you for the sake of making a buck.
Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, please check out this very thoughtfully put together fall inspiration mood board and see where my brains are at and if you feel inclined to share your fall inspiration with me, cause I’d love to know what you’re thinking about!

Oh summer.. you bring me so much joy, the sun the sand, the ocean.. not sure what I would do without these elements in my life.  Wait I do know what I would miserable. 
Today marks the official beginning of MY summer since it was the first time this year that I finally got to dip my toes into the ocean and feel the gentle grinding of sand between my fingers.  Nothing beats the soothing feeling of sand between your toes and the sound of waves crashing in a rhythmic pattern.  Every season I say to myself that I don’t need a new bathing suit because the ones I wore last year are perfectly fine.  Yet every year I want to treat myself to a new one cause I obviously have a shopping problem/addiction, whatever I decide to call it on this particular day.  What inspired this post was my trip to Brighton beach and Coney Island.  Brighton beach is a predominantly Russian neighborhood in the depths of Brooklyn.  As soon as you exit the subway platform you feel as though you’ve entered an alternate universe that’s not quite past or present.  The colors are intense and so is the culturally rich presence of the elderly.  Snarls are common towards people who are not fluent in Russian, so you best sharpen up on the native tongue if you want to get service in any restaurant or shop.  Just a few blocks away from the main road is the boardwalk and lovely beach. 
This lively neighborhood isn’t short of entertainment whether you love to people watch, play some volley ball or just splash around in the ocean.  I was really inspired by the old New York feeling that permeated the neighborhood and while the idea of buying a retro or retro inspired bathing suit this season was something I had already been contemplating, today’s trip really reinforced this yearning.  I decided to compile some of my favorite vintage beach photographs and also some of my retro bathing suit favorites.
Shall we get started?

To recreate this amazing vintage beach babe vibe:

When it comes to swim suits ZIMMERMANN knows a LOT. Find this gorgeous one piece here.

Another great place to find retro inspired bathing suits is Anthropologie.  Find this gorgeous two piece along with the polka dot and printed one pieces here.

For those not afraid of the cooties, here are a few vintage suits that are just out of this world. 

Find this beautiful 50’s pin up one piece here.

I loved the color of this suit and the fact that it’s terry cloth!  Unreal… Find it here.

What’s not to love here? Nah.. for serious!  Find this beauty here.

You had me at Hawaiian print. Find her here. #tropicalfantasy  

I’m inspired by tonight’s new season premiere of Madmen not because I watch the show (I know I’m crazy especially when considering my love of all things vintage) but mostly because I get to chat a little about the fashion from those times.  I’m fully aware of how played out the 50’s have become stylistically mostly thanks to the popularity of the show.  As a matter of fact, talking about it is so 2010.  Yet, I find there are a lot of aspects of the decade that have not had the spotlight on them due to the limited facets represented on the show.  Below is an image that perfectly embodies what I’m referring to.  This amazing, yet very masculine side to 50’s fashion is something that I have been greatly inspired by for years! Way before Madmen brought the decade back.  Can we talk about the ill fitting high water pants paired with loafers and socks please? You don’t need to be Elvis to do this, I promise. It can be as bold or subtle as you’d like.  High waters can be worn with a tucked in distressed t-shirt, or a button down and cardigan.  Key is the awkward proportion and the shoe.  Brogues, penny loafers or even ballet flats will do. Make it your own, wear a bandana around your neck if you feel bold enough.  My take? I will most likely wear my vintage denim jumpsuit with a turban and distressed boots. Or some pedal pushers and a button down chambray tied at the waist. Marylin Monroe did this very well, It’s a great style for girls with all body types too, which I love.  It’s sexy but not overstated.

What about Bermuda shorts and sporty stripes? Hello spring 2013! 

Pajamas as outerwear?  Turbans?  Am I crazy here or are we basically reliving the 50’s right now and not talking about it.. Thanks Suzy Parker!

  Going to a Madmen party tonight?  Or even better, hosting one yourself?  Why not blow your guests’ minds with a few simple and classic 50’s cocktails?

For you gin fans: Try the Gin and Sin –

1.5 Measures      

Hendrick’s Gin

1 Measure Lemon Juice
0.5 Measure Sugar Syrup
0.5 Measure

Frobishers Orange Juice

0.12 Measure

De Kuyper Grenadine

For Vodka lovers out there: The Seabreeze –

2 Measures       

Green Mark Vodka

4 Measures

Frobishers Cranberry Juice

2 Measures Grapefruit Juice

Know your groceries!

I’m certain that by now you’ve heard me gushing about the 70’s enough to make you, either rush to your couch and watch reruns of that 70’s show, or hate me.  Whichever way you go, the truth is, I can’t stop loving this era.  The music, the spontaneous peace and love.. (sex),  the bell bottoms, the festivals, tie dye, what’s there not to adore?
As I’ve also mentioned, I’m working on a look book which will feature a lot of late 60’s and 70’s pieces.  In order to get excited and inspired for the project, I did a little bit of digging and pulled some images which embodied the essence I am aiming for…

Note: The perfect curls, and paisley print, and those rings!

 A popped collar never looked so chic, and the matching white boots? Killer!

 How NOT to fall in love with this.. head to toe, yes pigtails with flower hair ties included (I may regret saying that later)

Making a statement in oversized gorgeous floral print maxi’s. I’m so in.

 Did you say nautical? How about whimsical, colorful, cute and perfect too.

 Three time’s the charm.

Boho chic realness right this way…

A little bit rock and roll, but also demure and sweet? Unbeatable combo.

 White bermuda shorts? Striped blouse with bell sleeves?? Stop it! Just stop!

 Ooops! I’m being adorable again!

I couldn’t be more enthusiastically impatient about my birthday approaching this Thursday.
Usually I’m not one for celebrating myself, yet I thought this year could be an exception, and that I would not only have a party, but that it would be a costume party, and that all my guests would have to show up dressed like we were living in the 1920’s.  It was partially inspired by a purchase I made a couple of months ago at the Manhattan Vintage Show (a gorgeous I suspect to be 80’s flapper like beaded shift dress) along with the fact that I thought a nod to the 20’s would be appropriate as I enter my 30’s.

Below is more of a daytime look from the time period.  I adore the dropped waist and the loftly strings of pearls nonchalantly draped around their necks.  There is a simplicity to their ornateness, a comfortable yet very sophisticated feeling to their look that’s envy worthy. And the headgear? to die for. 

A couple of suggestions to achieve this daytime look:

Find this here.
Find this here.

And below is a scene from The Great Gatsby. Dreamy isn’t it?
And this is pretty much how I envision the birthday party to look like…and obviously I am the brunette with the fullest glass of wine with her back towards the camera.

A few suggestions to achieve this look:

and this gorgeous hat here
Find this dress here.

Style is so much more than the clothes you wear.  It’s a story of the way your clothes interact with your hairstyle, makeup, body language, and attitude.
When I look for style inspiration, I consider all of these factors. Nearly 3 years ago I chopped my hair off  and immediately realized that a closet make over was necessary to complement my new do.  Obviously I began looking at other pixie hair ladies I had known to be stylish for guidance.  Twiggy, Jean Seberg, Winona Ryder, Halle Berry, Edie Sedwick all came to mind and quickly I gathered cues as to what made their haircuts successful.  The common thread amongst all the women was their chic simplicity.  Understanding that this masculine haircut needed to be balanced with feminine touches greatly influenced purchases I’ve made in the last few years, always keeping in mind that nothing beats a cohesive look.  Many fashions made popular in the 60’s also began to creep into my wardrobe, cropped black pants, wingtips, striped shirts, shift dresses just to name a few…. throw in some red lipstick when I’m feeling particularly bold, a fur coat, leather and a few variations of military jackets and that essentially captures my style today.

I recently had the opportunity to work with a great photographer (Lizabeth Nieves) on a portrait series.  She mentioned her love for Edie, so we agreed that the shoot would be influenced by her iconic style.  Below are the results. To check out more of Liz’s photography click here.

My face still hurts from smiling for so many hours.  Today was my first time at this incredible  Jazz Age Festival and I can’t help but be angry with myself for not attending in the past.
Equipped with my Pentax I was determined to shoot some portraits as I knew the ladies and gentlemen would be dressed to impress, and was I right.
But before I post those photo’s in the next week or so (you know, I have to finish the roll, develop the film, scan… that whole deal) I wanted to share some digital ones I snapped throughout the day.  Most are candid so unfortunately I didn’t get to chat with the folks (get their names etc.) , but you will get a pretty good feeling for the day’s festivities.  Hope you have as much fun looking at these photos as I did taking them.

One of the most entertaining parts was watching the pro’s get their dancing on.


These next two couples really impressed me not only with their moves but with their time period authenticity.  Especially the lady on the right! she really looked as though she had stepped out of a time machine just in time for the party.


 A close second were the actual performers at the show. There was an entire dance routine and solo jazz singer with a whip.  And a 1920’s bathing suit fashion show.



And because this is a fashion blog at the end of the day, here are a couple of beautiful style detail pictures.
 But you should check back for the full portrait series for some serious styling babes and lads.
makes me want to start using a parasol.
Bernard William booties, complements of Aimee, a sweet girl that wasn’t creeped out when I asked her if I can take a picture of her legs err shoes.