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Styled by Me

Photos by NY Is Killing Me

Model: Brittany Cavaco

Shot in Bushwick, NYC August 2014

Model wearing: Own ballerina Tutu and leotards + stylists’ own pieces.

Summer Breeze

New York Is Killing Me and myself teamed up to capture the essence of a New York summer day.  Using pieces from the latest Ayr collection and some of my own, Ashley Wisco embodied what we all strive to feel like in this urban jungle.. carefree.


For more beautiful images check out New York Is Killing Me.

To score some awesome summer AYR pieces check out their website.

And stay tuned for more styling by me.

What can I say: I love me a good romper (minus the having to basically get naked to use the bathroom).  Don’t even get me started on polka dots cause this could last a while.  What do we do with a polka dot romper then?  Style the shit out of it, that’s what!  Thanks to Naomi of Omnia Vintage, I got to play stylist (wait it’s not play, it’s hard work people)
But yes I got to play with her amazing vintage pieces and create a bunch of looks using our combined forces.  It takes two to play fashion tango don’t it.
I paired this adorable romper (NOW ON MAJOR SALE HERE) with my own Zara blazer, a crazy stack of vintage bangles and rings, some Corkease (also available on her etsy site) and DUH, this insane bag.

Love it? Tell me about it!

Model: Lana
Stylist: Stefany Mohebban
Photography by: Naomi
Location: Brooklyn

As the blaze of summer scorches our tooshies we must ask ourselves.. how to look good yet keep cool at the same time.
This is the hot topic and on everyone’s lips so let’s have a go at it with vintage as it’s vantage point, cause let’s face it, those tricky retro fabrics can be deceiving.  Are you feeling cotton or some rayon blend? A lot of times I have a hard time (despite my degree in textile design) since so much vintage I find has no tags, discerning if a dress or a top will be breathable in the summer.  I’ve definitely made it a priority as I’ve gotten older to make sure that purchases I make consist of a fabric that’s going to treat me well in the long run.  Beauty after all is NOT everything.  I rule for comfort.
Now shall we rewind to that lovely afternoon when I styled Lana in a gorgeous white wiggle dress and not much more?
 Bare back, clear skies, awe inspiring street art… what more could a stylist ask for?

Outfit details: Vintage white wiggle dress (shop it here.) Jewelry and shoes all courtesy of OmniaVintage —> shop her amazing new vintage jewelry on

Photo’s by: Naomi of Omnia Vintage 
Model: Lana
Stylist: Stefany Mohebban
Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn

As the temperatures rise into the 90’s this week, someone has dramatically increased her intake of iced coffee and frozen yogurt and that’s totally ok! Most importantly though is factoring in lighter fabrics that breathe because they are key during these crazy blasts of heat.  I’ve found that anything synthetic or heavier is just torture.  With buying vintage sometimes it’s hard to find that balance of great design without sacrificing finding the right kind of fabric.  I recently shed a lot of my polyester purchases because I was finding that I was feeling quite uncomfortable in them, and truth be told, no matter how cute you look, feeling uncomfortable takes over and becomes the center of attention.  So tip of the day is to never sacrifice feeling good, over looking good.  I know that goes against the fashion is suffering or whatever people like to say, but NO, it’s so obvious when someone feels like shit, that it takes away from any potential cuteness.

Onto some styling I recently did for OmniaVintage’s summer look book, with keeping easy breezy fabrics in mind. This was one of my favorites mostly because I just ADORED the print of this dress.  Take a look for yourself.

The lighting and the location were so gorgeous for this shoot it didn’t take much to get some awesome shots.  The model and I worked together in getting her vibe in line with her outfit.  I suggested she get into the character of a girl who was waiting for a boy to pick her up for their first date, and to feel all the emotions one feels when they are meeting someone for the first time.  Nervous, excited, scared, hungry?  Hah.  The sweetness of the strawberry dress was balanced out with the ethnic flair of her jewelry and bag and shoes.  I didn’t want this to be overly sweet and I think I was capable of turning what could have been sugar overkill into an outfit you and I would feel cool walking around in.

Dress, Jewelry and other accessories available for purchase at OmniaVintage.

Photo’s by: Naomi
Styling: Stefany Mohebban
Model: Lana
Location: Brooklyn

I LOVE styling other people.  There, now you know one more thing about me (besides my love for margaritas).  It’s such an amazing feeling to watch a look come together piece by piece and transform a person.  This is why I do what I do.  I’ve assisted many photo shoots in my day but now I’m finally starting to work on my own stuff and loving every second of it.  I recently had the privilege to walk into the infinite world of Omnia Vintage and use her amazing pieces to create a few looks for her upcoming spring/summer lookbook.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting these outfits and chatting about the way you can achieve the look too.  One key factor that ties all of my styling together is the way I often incorporate contemporary with vintage to give it a fresh and updated treatment.  Not enough bloggers/stylists are taking past and present and molding it into what it has potential to be when combined.
Most pieces will be available to shop on Omnia Vintage, unless I’ve stated that they are my own.

For this particular look I went for a 70’s meets modern day downtown cool vibe by pairing wide leg pants with a tucked in boxy tank and layering it with both a chambray shirt and a utility jacket.  The box bag adds a touch of structure and polish to the look and that hint of a warmer color to balance out all the green and blue.
On this particular afternoon, the sky was an intense blue and so clear, and we were feeling adventurous. We climbed on top of this abandoned flatbed and called it our home for the shoot.  The results were, if I dare say so myself…pretty awesome.

Lana is wearing:  Vintage wide leg plaid pants (Omnia Vintage); Vintage star blue and white tank (Omnia Vintage); Vintage chambray shirt; H&M utility jacket (stylist owned); Zimmermann leather woven sandals (stylist owned); Vintage jewelry (Omnia Vintage).

Stylist: Stefany Mohebban
Photographer: Naomi of Omnia Vintage
Model: Lana
Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn