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Palazzo is italian for building.  For a style of pants to be referred to as a building… that’s quite a bit to live up to, don’t you think?  The name does the silhouette much justice though.. as your legs sure look as tall as any new york city building in them.  The greatest thing about palazzo pants though is the instant chic they add to your look with a load of comfort built right in…  The breeziness of these pants makes them perfect for a day of frolicking around with friends or a night out on the town.   Let’s look at how a few street style queens wear this trend and consequently figure out how we can get our hands on some great pairs ourselves.

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The beauty of them is how you can really transform them into the quirkiest or the chicest of pieces.. pair with sneakers or a 70’s platform to really make them your own.

Now for a few great vintage pairs I found:


This incredible pair is vintage saks fifth avenue.. Hot damn! I would wear these with a sexy top to a black tie wedding… Done and done..Find them here.

Let’s get funky with a print shall we?


You’ve got to love the geometric print on this pair.. sooooo 70’s!Find them here.

Last but not least.. classic solid linen pairs are great.. cause linen seriously rocks my world..


Get your summer linen pant fix right this way.


If I showed you the current state of my coat closet you would most likely faint.  I own more coats than there are cold days in a year.  Yet just like shoes, I am convinced that they make or break an outfit, and for that reason have little to no control when I come across a really good one.
So what’s my coat of choice this season?  Well, there is something really appealing about a nice classic boxy camel peacoat that I think I would get a lot of use out of.  Since my fall vibe already includes a ton of menswear: We’re talking turtle necks, slacks, oxfords and fedoras… I think the coat will be the icing on the cake.
Now let’s turn this fantasy into reality with a little collage action!

Where to find these goodies!
Handmade Clutch: Here.
Antique Tribal Bracelet: Here.
 Vintage Grey Menswear Fedora: Here.
Pierre Cardin Glasses: Here.
Coat: ZARA
70’s Platforms: Here.
Turtleneck and Slacks are Stella Mccartney: Pants can be found here.
Turtleneck can be found here.

Today’s post, when Saint Laurent AREN”T an option, is a lot more than your average splurge vs. steal post.  Not being able to afford the $800 shoe you’ve been pining for can have a few outcomes, and can also be a way for you to use skills and talents you may not even know you possess to make magical fashion things happen.

Let’s take a minute together to examine the options:

1) You want them so bad you max out your credit card and make up a lie to tell the landlord since rent will be at least a week late now.

2) You dream about the shoe day and night, knowing that it will never be yours, but admire it from afar on other girls who can afford it.

3) You wait until it is deeply discounted, hoping that your size is still around by then (mine never is).

4) You decide you can find better at a price point that doesn’t make you cringe… and you BUY THOSE INSTEAD.

Ok, so this is obviously meant to point to the option that I would always opt for which is number 4. It isn’t always achievable though, since some pieces I fall in love with are unique to the designer’s aesthetic and times, and similar items can’t be found in the vintage world.  But there are also plenty of occasions during which your ability to recognize that something similar can definitely be found on ebay or etsy really comes in handy.
Perfect example of this are the shoes below by Saint Laurent:

These guys are a pretty basic oxford in black and white, and anyone who’s ever shopped vintage knows that this look was very popular in the 80’s and even 90’s (older versions were also popular but made mostly for men) so that’s how the search begins!

I was lucky and determined enough to find a really close match that I perhaps love even more than the originals.  Can you believe how similar?
Kenneth Cole made some really great shoes in the 80’s and 90’s.  The quality is always excellent. I currently own several pairs of boots and shoes by them that I love a lot.  The styles are always classic and simple which makes them a timeless option.

Now that you know my little secret there’s no reason to get all worked up about something seemingly out of reach, think outside the box and you may end up being pleasantly surprised :)

Fun fact about Stefany: She’s always cold (yes we’re talking in the third person now).
This explains to a large degree why I’ve become such a layering master.. it’s all for survival!  I also love layering because it allows me to control the amount of bulk on my body, rather than having to surrender to someone else’s idea of how bulky bulk is.  Following me so far? So in the spirit of fall and bulk, and because I’m starting to warm up to the idea of this whole oversized shaggy sweater business despite the fact that it makes you look like a stuffed animal, but somehow a bulky in an okay kind of way (if not even sexy?) stuffed animal, here are a few of my shaggy sweater picks.

I will start you off with a little Stella McCartney teaser, which is basically what we are aspiring to find in the vintage realm for a reasonable amount of money.  Not that I wouldn’t spend a thousand dollars on this if I had a thousand dollars to spare!
In case you do.. you can purchase this stunner here.

Now onto the pieces us common folk can own:)
From one of my favorite vintage shops around Noir Ohio, this awesome ombre blue sweater. So sweet with your favorite pair of distressed jeans, don’tcha think?

In this case, the fact that its black and cropped takes the edge off the intensity of the texture and ends up making it a lot more versatile. Find this piece here.

Winter whites kill me as is, but when you combine the pom pom’s of this guy with the striking color, you have a winner.  Find this cutie here.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our best friend for this fall.. soft pink.  This 90’s shaggy cardigan has all the qualities we look for in the perfect layering statement piece this season. A major score.  Find it here.

Happy fall shopping!

I’m a mean shopping machine.  Why is it that I have no problem buying shoes ALL THE TIME. I mean all the time.  I can always somehow manage to convince myself that I need them.  Whether the toe is slightly more almond shaped, or the shade of grey is different, it feels like I can’t believe that I’ve lived without each pair for so long. Now any excuse is a good excuse right? So when I decided that I wanted to embrace all facets of grunge this summer this included of course the weird canvas sneaker.  If you’ve lived through the 90’s you know exactly what I’m referring to.  It’s that super chunky gum sole sneaker that feels like the Palladium (not restricted to) style shoe with a canvas upper.  Sure this guy is big and loud and completely the opposite of cute and dainty but who’s to stop me from wearing it with my favorite summer dress.  It was only a matter of time before she made a comeback, and to be honest I don’t think most folks have even begun to see the beauty in it.. but I saw it.. I’m on it.. and you should be too.
My new purchase:  These amazing 90’s canvas sneakers with leaf print.  I just can’t get over their weird perfection, they make me so giddy. But since these are gone (mine) below you’ll find some other suggestions to get the weird summer shoe ball rolling.

Prada has done an excellent job at convincing me that the flatform is more than just okay.. it’s awesome.  What better way to get your fix than to go vintage.. and to go canvas and straw? Find these HERE.

These cuties are irresistible for several reasons.. the cutout detail, the awkward square toe and the whiteness of them. Find these babies HERE.

These bad boys rule cause well, THEY SAY NATURAL FEELING on them.  Come on what more could you possibly want in a shoe. Find these HERE.

Lastly, I love the cutout sneaker/shoe vibe anyday.. and these have it all in the perfect little package: Find them HERE.

No joke, I feel like the tropical print is here to haunt me this summer.  There’s no corner turned without me seeing a variation of this majestic 80’s and 90’s statement.  Bold and beautiful the tropical print works because… well cause it’s awesome.  I can’t speak highly enough of it’s well rounded way of making us cute hipster girls look totally cool and California ready without loosing our edge.  Include some neon or a grandpa visits Disney World feel to it and you’re really onto something.  My most recent purchase in the tropical variety was a sweet wallet I found at Urban Outfitters.

So my advice if you’re shy to do a really bold head to toe tropical look, pick up something itty bitty like this sweet cap (spotted at buffalo exchange a few weeks ago).

Other ways I’d love to see this trend manifest itself this summer?  Try a head to toe look (image courtesy of Elle Canada snapped during Milan Fashion Week)

Or mix the print with a completely different style of print:

Ports 1961 Resort 2014 has some amazing botanical/tropical prints that I am living for, and equally living for those sandals… Actually… give me the whole outfit.


Ok, now onto how to recreate some of these looks.  Don’t be surprised when I tell you this, but part of the reason why I love this trend so much is that it’s SO easy to find at the… yes you guessed it.. THRIFT STORE.  But other options include:

This GORGEOUS silk blouse from one of my favorite etsy shops We Are Tribe.

Birds.. yes PARROTS even better.  Find this skirt here.

I dig this dress so much, the shape the kitschiness of the print.. it’s just plain old GREAT.  Find it here.
This.. is everything.  Find it here.

I’m sure it comes as a huge surprise to you that I wanna talk about the cutest, funkiest must have shoes of the season with you.. (again and again.. and again).  Truth of the matter is, I can wear lot’s of my vintage spring dresses from last season.. Oh, and also this AMAZING one I saw a girl walking around in (whom I had to stop in the middle of the street to ask about her dress). It’s a beauty from ASOS that is now on it’s way into my arms! Cause truth is… summer dresses are summer dresses, and if you are anything like me and buy vintage ones.. they are timeless. It’s A FACT.   But shoes, that’s where the magic happens..because you can transform an outfit you’ve worn 100 times before into something completely new depending on choice of footwear.  So let’s see what I picked out as my top ladies.

1. Retro Gola kicks:  I love the old skool and worn-in look to these, the low sole and the great selection of colors.  Paired with distressed denim and an easy tee, it’s the perfect addition to your spring casual vibes.  Find a wide range of them at Free People.

2. Senso cut out boots:  I’m the kind of chick that wears boots all year long.. Basically I think they look amazing juxtaposed against summery fabrics and colors.  I adore the idea of white ones, and even better if they have a cut out detail.  Find these awesome ones on ASOS.

3. Espadrilles: Well there is nothing new about this concept, except that I love the idea of an interesting/unique pattern on the fabric as opposed to your typical solid or striped variety.  These reminded me of the Dolce & Gabbana spring collection in their colorful and Renaissance eluding pattern.  Find these vintage beauties here.

4. Ohhhh Metallics!  Yes.. this purchase has been made.  Everything from the silver, to the chunky 90’s heel, to the caged gladiator look screams something I will be able to pair with everything from floral summer dresses to casual denim rompers and jeans.  The white sole is nothing but a bonus.  Find these on ASOS.

5. Who doesn’t love a pop of color in their spring wardrobe?.  Be it hot pink, yellow, cobalt blue, I think nothing say’s I’m ready for some sunshine and a picnic at the park more than a colorful sandal.  So here is my pick in this easy breezy yellow number.  Find them here.

6. Oh Zara, you could do no wrong.  Sure these aren’t the Gucci version by any means, but lord they are pretty.  A sleek white heel will get you very far this season.  Worn with everything from your short pant suit, to a Helmut Lang knit dress, to overly distressed boyfriend jeans.  These are the sex kitten shoe of choice.  Find these beauties here.

7. Zebra patterned sandals:  Where do I begin?  These are just perfect for your every day running around.  You’ll look stylish, put together but be as comfortable as you would be barefoot.  I really can’t imagine a more amazing combo.  Find these at  ZARA.

8.  Nike’s never left and are not going anywhere.  Question is, which style and color and texture is the next big thing.  I happen to like these perforated blazers in this amazing turquoise because they scream not only “I’m too cool for school” but also “I’m a really easy going chick who prefers a relaxing weekend antique shopping and exploring a new neighborhood, as opposed to going to clubz”…..  Find these here.

Happy shoe shoppin!

If there’s one piece of information that’s crucial to knowing me is that I love a good margarita.  No, that doesn’t include anything frozen or slightly green tinged or flavored.  But it’s true.. I celebrate national margarita day like it’s my business.. and what’s the next best day to drink them after that? Cinco de Mayo of course.. We also all know that this is a ploy to get people drunk and stupid like St. Patty’s and all other made up national holidays, and has no relation to Mexico’s heritage or people in any significant way. Despite knowing this and feeling slightly ashamed, I do like to partake cause after all.. any excuse to drink tequila and be merry, I’ll take.  Well now that you know what to send me for the holidays, my birthday, or any other time you wish to send me a gift, let’s get to the fashion stuff.  Here are some great vintage Mexican or inspired pieces we should all have in our wardrobe and wear.. not only on this made up holiday.

50’s hand painted circle skirt – find here.

 We all love a little irony – especially those of the hipster variety.  Find this souvenir tank here.

 Mexican silver, can’t beat it.. find this cuff here.

 Embroidered vintage dress – find here.

Minimalist cuff – find here.

 Upcycled from a mexican embroidered dress, awesome spring bag – find it here.

Unique vintage silver cuff – find here.

Embroidered vintage top – find here.

A really great and easy way to change up your look for spring is by experimenting with different styles of sunglasses. I have a great friend who is quite consistent with her look, she mostly wears all black, sticks to the modern silhouette of skinny denim, sharp boots and an easy breezy casual top, but she always rocks the coolest sunglasses.  I envy folks that have the discipline to stick to one look and recognize the nuances that can add variety to their style.  I, on the other hand, have multiple personality disorder when it comes to my style, or at least it feels that way to me.  One day I can look grungy and tomboyish but the next I may be a bohemian wild child.
Where am I going with this you must be asking yourself.  Well, earlier I mentioned my friends simple and put together style partially because I’m beginning to strive for a simpler style myself, one that doesn’t require prescription medication from the local psychiatrist.  So amongst other changes (like shedding pieces that I only wear once every couple of years)  I’ve also been paying close attention to trends and looks that would enhance my style in subtle and unfussy ways. First order of business has been trying to find a new pair of sunglasses to invest in.  Something classic but with a little bit of a modern edge.  This way I can wear simple dresses and flats or a cute crop top and skinny jeans all spring, but add a touch of cool with sunglasses that look good on me and portray the image of someone who’s polished and knows they don’t need to go overboard to look the part.

Spring/Summer 2013 was not short of eye-wear trends which spanned several decades. Everything from an exaggerated cat eye, eluding to the 40’s and 50’s in a humorous borderline fantastical manner, to really architectural and ornate frames were all over the runway.  Another dominating look was the mirrored reflective lens (which I’m still trying to decide whether I love or hate).
The look I could see myself wearing the most (for it’s practicality in real life) was the 1920’s inspired round wire frame variety.
Perhaps the most exciting and unexpected way this trend was shown on the runway was by Holly Fulton.  She made them feel fun and flirty, accessible to girls who wouldn’t typically pick up a pair.  

 What you may have discovered about me by now is that I often find inspiration in couture and high end design, and then find a clever way to make it my own in a budget friendly manner.  I don’t believe in sacrificing quality for cost, and I know that there are ways to find great things at reasonable prices (vintage being one of them of course).  I bring this up because I have (once again) found a resourceful way to explore this trend without breaking the bank.  Warby Parker eyewear has been a staple in my wardrobe for a few years now and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to discover that they have just launched a new collection of glasses and sunglasses appropriately named the 1922 Collection.  This limited edition group of eyewear is right on the nose with the trends (in particular the one I’ve been pining for) and is beyond affordable.


I must say I am loving the Porter style the most.. particularly in Whiskey Tortoise.  I might just have to pick up a pair of those bad boys, don’t you think?
For more Warby Parker Sunglasses click right over this way.  And for folks who can’t see just like me… here you’ll find a great selection of prescription glasses (I’m a proud owner of 3 pairs myself).  In addition to all this greatness you know what’s really awesome?  For every pair you purchase a pair is given to someone who can’t afford their own.  Now that ought to balance out your karma points for days. It’s a win for all.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a jewelry post.  Or maybe it hasn’t, but it just feels that way so below are just some of the trends that are gonna be essential in my spring looks.

– Delicate and architectural brass pieces: A great addition to the often used gold and silver looks, brass has an aged and antique feel that’s irreplaceable.  Pair it with sleek simple shapes or angular looks and it’s a winning combo. From top: Snake ring (it’s actually a gold piece but it looks brassy so it works!) find here; Vintage cut out cuff (find here.); Stackable minimal brass rings (find here.); Quirky handmade earrings (find here.)

– Silver stackable simple rings: I just can’t get enough of adorning my fingers with a ton of silver rings.  Mixing different textures and widths for an eclectic bohemian vibe. Of course you can’t forget to keep the silver going up your arm for a full armor look with a ton of textured bracelets.

– Ethnic Chest Plates (I just love the idea of a chest plate, don’t you?) Wear them over the most basic of t’s or any simple knit to take any outfit up several notches (tried and true on a date I went on the other day, but he probably won’t be calling back hah!): Amazing carved wooden buddha pendant (find here); Tribal bib necklace (find here); Animal chest plate (mine).