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Chelsea Art Walk

As an avid lover of art, I always try to take advantage of the fact that I live in a city so full and readily available inspiration on every corner.  When I heard about the art walk in Chelsea last week I knew I had to attend.  I had been meaning to check out several galleries in Chelsea for a while now, but kept procrastinating, this was finally my chance!

Overall impressed by the variety and concepts I took in that night, my general feeling is that there is definitely a preoccupation with the old while nostalgia reigns in concept, drawing a ton of inspiration from the way things were. Another major theme seemed to be re-purposing of old materials.  I find this interesting as someone who is in tune with the undercurrents of fashion, because it seems to parallel exactly what’s happening on the streets and runways.  Below is a slide of some of my favorite works, including the amazing index paper installation at Pace Gallery by Tara Donovan.

And for those interested in future art walks check out the Chelsea Art Walk site for updates.

I know it’s old news (but lets face it the older the news the more I love it), but I just can’t seem to get away from pink pants.  It’s almost as if they stalk me.  For someone who doesn’t consider themselves particularly girlie, I go nuts over this shade..just nuts!

So when I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Tony of Fair Season and she had these hot pink vintage jeans in her store, I just knew I had to have them.  I’m not certain as to when this obsession with hot pink crept up in my wardrobe, but in recent days it seems to be everywhere.  I own just about every shade in pants and 5 different lipstick shades  which I interchange depending on which one happens to be in my bag that day (for a list of my favorites check the bottom of this post).

Surpassing my love for this color though, is my love for Fair Season.

I met Tony (the shop curator and owner) last year at a flea market while I was visiting LA for the weekend.  I perused the Silver Lake market on a Saturday afternoon with a friend hoping I wouldn’t find anything since my suitcase was already SUPER stuffed with new vintage goodies… but of course there was Tony and her amazing rack of vintage and she immediately not only caught my attention, but ended up having several must have pieces that I made her ship to me (since I legit had nowhere to put them).

All her pieces felt fresh and current, and very west coast (something that at the time felt quite exotic to my east coast eyes).  Funny story about Tony….even though her vibe is very laid back, she’s originally from the east coast and gave up her corporate job for her love of vintage.  How inspiring is that??

I encourage all vintage fans to add her Etsy shop to your repertoire when shopping for fresh new pieces as she will become your closet’s dearest friend, I promise :)

I am wearing:

Fair Season vintage high waisted denim.

H&M top.

Vintage beaded flats.

Bargain District vintage bag.

on my LIPS: Covergirl- spellbound.

Other good pink lips: MAC: Relentlessly Red; MAC: Bold Spring; Makeup Forever #36.



Fun fact about Stefany: She’s always cold (yes we’re talking in the third person now).
This explains to a large degree why I’ve become such a layering master.. it’s all for survival!  I also love layering because it allows me to control the amount of bulk on my body, rather than having to surrender to someone else’s idea of how bulky bulk is.  Following me so far? So in the spirit of fall and bulk, and because I’m starting to warm up to the idea of this whole oversized shaggy sweater business despite the fact that it makes you look like a stuffed animal, but somehow a bulky in an okay kind of way (if not even sexy?) stuffed animal, here are a few of my shaggy sweater picks.

I will start you off with a little Stella McCartney teaser, which is basically what we are aspiring to find in the vintage realm for a reasonable amount of money.  Not that I wouldn’t spend a thousand dollars on this if I had a thousand dollars to spare!
In case you do.. you can purchase this stunner here.

Now onto the pieces us common folk can own:)
From one of my favorite vintage shops around Noir Ohio, this awesome ombre blue sweater. So sweet with your favorite pair of distressed jeans, don’tcha think?

In this case, the fact that its black and cropped takes the edge off the intensity of the texture and ends up making it a lot more versatile. Find this piece here.

Winter whites kill me as is, but when you combine the pom pom’s of this guy with the striking color, you have a winner.  Find this cutie here.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our best friend for this fall.. soft pink.  This 90’s shaggy cardigan has all the qualities we look for in the perfect layering statement piece this season. A major score.  Find it here.

Happy fall shopping!

I’ve found myself preoccupied lately with thoughts of how your hair color affects your style.
More specifically, my attention has been directed towards iconic blondes and the way their style often either reflects what we socially perceive a blonde should be, or alternatively how the bombshell factor that’s inherently associated with the look is played down.  Obviously Marylin has been one I’ve turned to and picked apart because she was (and sorry for stating the obvious, but at times it’s necessary to make a point) so strikingly beautiful but also overly sexualized, so it’s quite fascinating to catch glimpses where her sexuality was downplayed by the way she was dressed.
Style in my opinion should always have some sort of balance or contrast.  The moment it’s homogenized it looses all interest (or I loose interest..).
Let me explain myself a little better.  We always have a choice to conform to what’s been socially constructed and understood as standard.  Whether people realize it or not they love looking at things that are visually familiar and make sense to them because that’s what’s essentially safe and comfortable.  When someone deliberately chooses to push those boundaries and successfully messes with things in order to create interest and depth….. that to me is the true definition of style.  We need to know the rules before we can masterfully break them, right?  As far as I’m concerned someone like Marylin shined the most in her conservative looks because truth of the matter is, no matter how covered up she was, she oozed sex and her downplaying it was a nod to acknowledging it and deliberately choosing to playfully hide it.
Below you will find some of my favorite images of her, along with a shoot I styled that was inspired by the icon’s timeless looks.

I styled Lana in a vintage white wiggle dress, and added a gingham shirt over it for some depth.  The vintage tiger scarf really worked for me because it gave the look a playful feel and enhanced the vintage inspired aspect of the shoot.  All these items can be purchased on Omnia Vintage’s website.

Photo’s by: Naomi of OmniaVintage
Styled by: Stefany Mohebban
Model: Lana
Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn

Strolling through the isles of The Strand I often get lost in the wide spectrum of subjects the books cover.   In the cookbook section I find myself fully capable of preparing a gourmet feast for 12, while in the poetry section I get lured into the beautifully articulated works of Rumi.  Where I often get lost the most though is the design and art section.  I could spend hours perusing: Graphic design, photography, textiles, fashion illustration, street art, so much to see.. so little time.
The last time I was there I came across a compilation of photographs by Norman Parkinson.  I’m ashamed to admit I had not realized how much I loved his work (although I had seen his photo’s in the past) until they were blatantly staring me in the face in the form of this book.  Of course I picked  up a copy and fervently began doing extensive research on the man and his journey as a fashion photographer.  I was and still am completely astonished at the sheer amount of beauty he was able to capture and preserve.  I was inspired to the point where I found myself, on the next photo shoot for Pretty In Thrift, trying to emulate certain poses as well as capture the essence of some of my favorite editorials.
Ok, now comes the fun part.. the part where I try to pose like this beautiful lady.. and sort of fail miserably?  But honestly, you have to give me credit for trying.. because it took guts to think I could maybe pull it off..

Outfit Details:
White Vintage dress OmniaVTG; Black motorcycle jacket (Zara/old); Shoes are also Zara, Vintage woven bag OmniaVTG (find here.); Jewels are vintage and mostly thrift store found.

For more info on Norman Parkinson.. I suggest you do a google image search and get lost in the plethora of beautiful imagery!

A really great and easy way to change up your look for spring is by experimenting with different styles of sunglasses. I have a great friend who is quite consistent with her look, she mostly wears all black, sticks to the modern silhouette of skinny denim, sharp boots and an easy breezy casual top, but she always rocks the coolest sunglasses.  I envy folks that have the discipline to stick to one look and recognize the nuances that can add variety to their style.  I, on the other hand, have multiple personality disorder when it comes to my style, or at least it feels that way to me.  One day I can look grungy and tomboyish but the next I may be a bohemian wild child.
Where am I going with this you must be asking yourself.  Well, earlier I mentioned my friends simple and put together style partially because I’m beginning to strive for a simpler style myself, one that doesn’t require prescription medication from the local psychiatrist.  So amongst other changes (like shedding pieces that I only wear once every couple of years)  I’ve also been paying close attention to trends and looks that would enhance my style in subtle and unfussy ways. First order of business has been trying to find a new pair of sunglasses to invest in.  Something classic but with a little bit of a modern edge.  This way I can wear simple dresses and flats or a cute crop top and skinny jeans all spring, but add a touch of cool with sunglasses that look good on me and portray the image of someone who’s polished and knows they don’t need to go overboard to look the part.

Spring/Summer 2013 was not short of eye-wear trends which spanned several decades. Everything from an exaggerated cat eye, eluding to the 40’s and 50’s in a humorous borderline fantastical manner, to really architectural and ornate frames were all over the runway.  Another dominating look was the mirrored reflective lens (which I’m still trying to decide whether I love or hate).
The look I could see myself wearing the most (for it’s practicality in real life) was the 1920’s inspired round wire frame variety.
Perhaps the most exciting and unexpected way this trend was shown on the runway was by Holly Fulton.  She made them feel fun and flirty, accessible to girls who wouldn’t typically pick up a pair.  

 What you may have discovered about me by now is that I often find inspiration in couture and high end design, and then find a clever way to make it my own in a budget friendly manner.  I don’t believe in sacrificing quality for cost, and I know that there are ways to find great things at reasonable prices (vintage being one of them of course).  I bring this up because I have (once again) found a resourceful way to explore this trend without breaking the bank.  Warby Parker eyewear has been a staple in my wardrobe for a few years now and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to discover that they have just launched a new collection of glasses and sunglasses appropriately named the 1922 Collection.  This limited edition group of eyewear is right on the nose with the trends (in particular the one I’ve been pining for) and is beyond affordable.


I must say I am loving the Porter style the most.. particularly in Whiskey Tortoise.  I might just have to pick up a pair of those bad boys, don’t you think?
For more Warby Parker Sunglasses click right over this way.  And for folks who can’t see just like me… here you’ll find a great selection of prescription glasses (I’m a proud owner of 3 pairs myself).  In addition to all this greatness you know what’s really awesome?  For every pair you purchase a pair is given to someone who can’t afford their own.  Now that ought to balance out your karma points for days. It’s a win for all.

Without fail, every time I post a photo of a thrift store find I get asked, which thrift store??
Although I sincerely empathize with the excitement over a great piece, I also always think to myself, does it really matter? I found the only one there!

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized maybe it does matter.  Perhaps all thrift store’s are not created equal, and some just get better stock of things, but then I thought about it some more, and I went back to thinking that wait no, it’s only partially about the store, but mostly about your ability to pluck out the gems.  Besides having an eye for colors and textures though, the truth of the matter is that what I may be going in there searching for, is very likely quite different than the stuff you would be looking for, since we all have a unique idea and capability to see the potential in these discarded items, that’s what makes us love thrift shopping in the first place, isn’t it?
So the other factor I’ve become more aware of the last couple of years, is that each person’s vision and ideas about the potential of a piece and how it can be incorporated into their wardrobe plays a large role in what they might find.  With all of that being said, I have compiled a list of my most frequented vintage and thrift stores along the tri-state area.  I’ve also made sure to mention what they are particularly good for, and whether they are great for men as well.  Hope this is helpful, and maybe I’ll see you there! :)


Goodwill:  Ok this is an obvious one, yet there are ones that I frequent more often than others. I have had particular luck at the one in Chelsea on 25th street between 6th and 7th avenue.  The other location is on 135th street and 5th avenue, yep Harlem.

Housing Works:  Good prices and a good cause? There’s no way to go wrong with a visit to the multiple locations around the city.  Everything from apparel for men and women, jewelry, home goods.  Check out this LINK for all the locations around the city.

The Cure Thrift Shop:  A newbie to the vintage and thrift store scene, this little gem in the east village is a cute and well curated place for all things from adorable vintage dresses, sweaters and accessories, to amazing records and home decor.  Men’s clothes are also available.  Check out the website for location and other details.

Village Style & No Relations:  Both part of the L Train vintage crew, these two shops along 1st avenue provide a great selection of affordable vintage for men and women.  I’ve found amazing leather jackets (my bomber from THIS recent post) dresses and handbags for great prices.  The men’s sweaters are also worth a peek, for you can score some great oversized pieces.

Beacon’s Closet: Along with a few locations in Brooklyn, this buy-trade spot is great for guys and girls like myself who love to constantly refresh their wardrobe without spending a billion dollars.  Bring a bag of stuff you no longer need (make sure they are in good condition and seasonally relevant) and swap em out for new stuff!  Best deal in town.  The Manhattan location, a more recent addition is not as large as the Williamsburg one, but still carries plenty of goodies (as a matter of fact, I recently scored an amazing pair of Alexander Wang sandals here for $50!) 13st Street, between 5th and 6th ave.


Buffalo Exchange:  There are a few locations strewn both in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  I love the one on Driggs in Williamsburg. They always have a ton of shoes and bags, and great dresses too.  Trade in your old clothes here as well, but expect to wait a bit longer because you have to be present while they look through your stuff (unlike Beacon’s Closet, where you can just drop it off and shop in the meantime). Click HERE for exact locations.

Vice Versa: Located in the heart of Williamsburg right off the Bedford L train station, this amazing store offers a huge selection of vintage dresses, tops, coats, jackets, vests and leather and fur goods for amazing prices.  You have to dig, but it’s worth it.  Located at 241 Bedford Avenue between N 3 and 4.

Amarcord: This distinguished and well curated vintage shop sells European vintage gems and plenty of them.  With two locations, one in lower Manhattan and one in Williamsburg, you’re sure to find a stand out piece.  Be ready to dish out a little bit more but it’s well worth it.


Salvation Army:  Yes there are SA’s everywhere, but certain areas are more picked through than others, so I tend to stick to the remote ones in Queens.  For locations check out the website.

Goodness Gracious Thrift Shoppe:  You really have to dig around here, but it’s hidden enough and not picked through enough that cool finds are bound to happen.  3013 30th Avenue, Astoria.

Goodwill: Located on Steinway St. near Broadway, this is the home of some great finds of mine, for example, a pair of Derek Lamb shoes for $15. 

Pin Up Queens:  The awesome ladies who opened up this shop in Queens, knew we were missing this kind of place and did they nail it.  Giana and Jessica constantly freshen up their stock of amazing vintage picks and the prices are killer.  Definitely worth the trip!

Loveday 31: One of the first vintage shops located in the heart of Astoria, Queens, this staple consistently provides vintage fashion at affordable prices.  It’s also where I bought my first vintage Coach bag about 5 years ago!

Flea Markets:

The Brooklyn Flea: Held every weekend in two different Brooklyn locations, it’s a great place for shopping and eats.

The Manhattan Vintage Show: Held twice a year, this amazing vintage show explodes with vendors from all over the country, with the best picks.

Artists and Fleas: This great little market provides a place to shop for local designer goods and cool little vintage finds.

The Antiques Garage:  Great spot for vintage finds located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Last but not least, if you have a smart phone, get the Thrift Buddy App, it’s a great way to find thrift stores around you.

The Revival Outpost’s Christina, in an adorable 90’s jumper.
So you asked me, how was your trip? Did you do a lot of vintage shopping? How good was it!
Here’s what you need to know.  Driving from New York all the way south through West Virginia and Alabama and Georgia SUCKED (shopping wise).  We had to drive through a blizzard with a car that was not exactly equipped for it, and the highlight was our motel check in guy, a nice fella named Doug, who was kind enough to put us in a business suite for the same price as a regular suite.  But, all of this was worthwhile, because there was a really amazing light at the end of the tunnel called NEW ORLEANS. I had never been I am ashamed to admit.  I can’t believe it now, having been on this earth a full 30 years and never having experienced the amazingness of this city.  Full of culture, life, nice people, amazing food, gorgeous architecture, I really felt I belonged.  It was a lovely thing.  Besides all that, as if it’s not enough, it was the first place where I actually got to stop into a really cool vintage shop and do a little bit of browsing and yes I bought something too (see the amazing woven bag below).  
Christina, the owner of The Revival Outpost has just opened up a new store (the first one being on Magazine St.) in the French Quarter.  I had been told I need to check out the shop, once again by my devoted Instagram followers, and of course with smartphone in hand I made it a point to look up the store’s location.  Magazine street was nowhere near where I was hanging out that afternoon and after trying to finagle my way to it (despite the lack of interest from fellow travelers) I ended up walking right by the brand new second location!  It was meant to be I guess.  So yes, if you’re in the NOLA area, this shop is a must!  Great mix of vintage (I saw everything from 70-90s) and local designers for great prices, cute decor, and overall great vibe.  Check out the website here.

We can sit around and talk about all the con’s of the way social media has affected the fashion world, and I’d be the first with a list of complaints, but let me also tell you that I couldn’t have done my cross country trip without my Instagram pals guiding and suggesting awesome places for me to check out along the way.  Now that is the magic of the day and age we live in.  I stopped in 15 states (about half of them not having much to offer to a fashionable chick from NY) but whenever I mentioned a stop that one of my followers was familiar with, there was a burst of awesome suggestions not only for places to shop but to eat and see! I truly couldn’t have done it without them.. so first off a big thanks to all of you who followed me on my travels and assisted each step of the way :)
And now onto the reason why I’m blabbing about that in the first place.  The Rose Bowl Flea Market! Yes that’s right.  I landed in L.A just in time for the once a month flea market that takes place in Pasadena.  How lucky was that?  So Sunday morning several people who had seen one of my L.A posts started commenting on the image and reprimanded me for not being there already.  Since I trust their opinion, and knew it was something worth checking out, I convinced my friend to drive us out there and see it for ourselves.  Best decision ever!  Not only was the place jam packed with vendors, but the vintage was so unique and out of this world.  I had never been to a flea market the size of this one, and let me tell you a little something I discovered about the west coast.  When it comes to vintage, they are NOT messing around.  The stock is great, the prices are super competitive and the people are just so nice.  I had the most wonderful experience, and really consider making a trip back to that area just for some vintage stalking.
And now for the visual part of the story.  I took as many shots as I could to give the best representation of what I saw out there.  Obviously it’s just a fraction, but hopefully for those who have never been it may serve as inspiration and perhaps motivation to check it out in the future. Enjoy!

Who want’s to go back with?!

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from the boys.  I say this because when a man dresses well, he dresses better than most women could ever dream of.
It takes a certain type of person to carry all: finesse, confidence and attention to detail and for many reasons (which I dwell on a lot in my head and may eventually dedicate an entire post on), in this day and age, this type of man is harder to come by than ever before. It’s up for debate why back in the early 20th century it was absolutely unacceptable for a man to go out in anything but his finest suit, dapper being pretty much the norm, yet nowadays, we’re lucky if a guy wear’s anything other than sneakers and jeans.  It may be a product of what seems to be an exhausted love affair this country has with the casual, dressing up being a chore rather than pleasure. I’ve overheard men give each other shit for being “metrosexual” or what I’d rather call simply taking care of themselves, as if that makes you less of a man. What nonsense.
Unfortunately, with the exception of tiny concentrated cosmopolitan pockets, our society looks down on men who pay too much attention to fashion (unless they are gay of course, and then it’s totally cool).
It’s a sad state of affairs for the fashion conscious guys of the straight variety, always taking heat for something that should be praised, and for us ladies who need to deal with the consequences (I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to turn down a guy because he was wearing hideous shoes) Which of course may very well make me judgmental and superficial, but that’s neither here nor there.. or maybe it’s everywhere.
In turn, when I am occasionally struck by a vision of a proper fella, I go into a state of shock at first, and directly into awe, for the sight is so far and few in between.  Lucky for me though, if I were to catch a stylish boy walking down a street somewhere, chances would be highest in a town like New York. 
To strike a balance of put together, sophisticated, yet effortless is difficult to achieve, and I commend the few men I know and those I spot on the streets who are able to do it, since I must admit that us ladies have it much easier, not only cause it’s demanded of us, but with so many more places to shop, and with brands constantly marketing themselves down our throats, we often have the opposite problem, over saturation.
That being said then, men do have to work and look harder not only to find the right things, but also to be inspired.
When guys ask me for fashion advice (which I wish would happen more often, since I love styling guys a LOT), I often refer them to the same handful of stores including: Topman, Brooklyn Circus, Steven Alan, Opening Ceremony, Ben Sherman, Rag & Bone, and I never forget about thrift stores or spots like Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange. 
During Fashion Week the doses of well dressed men were higher than usual, and naturally I took advantage and did a little men’s fashion stalking.  We can all learn a little something from these guys…so please.. take note fellas, I sure as hell am….

What is there not to love about this man? He had me at top hat.  And best of all, he was sweet as pie.

 This lovely man was workin’ and actually snapped a photo of me first, but I just couldn’t resist taking his photo as well. The guy knows his layering like a pro.  Look at that floral vintage button down and the leather jacket… tres cool.

 Alright, you may find this questionable.. but let me explain. I took this photo knowing that he was up to something good.  Double camo and a dash of red? Totally something I would do!  But little did I know, he was aligned with some cosmic fashion situation, cause later on I found someone else who knew to do it too.

Image via Harpers Bazaar.

Oh and finally, this guy.  True, he did NOT seem very excited to be out in the cold snapping pictures all day, but I bugged him nonetheless for this shot.  Why?  I love that coat and his cool camera and his “I’m too cool for school” attitude, cause there’s a shortage of that in New York City (insert sarcastic tone here).
And if you love the coat as much as I do, look what I’ve done! I found one for you.. just like it. Thank me later.

You can buy this puppy here.

Ok, BYE!