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Where do I begin?
As always NYFW is a complete shit show, during which everyone and their mom firmly believes they should be a part of it, myself included. 
After many presentations, late nights hanging out with handsome male models, and collecting swag, the week has finally ended and now’s the time for the roundups of best, worst… most entertaining and most disappointing.

This portion of my round up will focus on the presentations I attended:

Alice and Olivia: Femininity and decadence all wrapped into a neat little beautiful package.  We saw a ton of bead work, white and sage and dusty pinks.  Full skirts complemented cropped tops and jackets were boxy with intricate fabrics and trimmings.  Loved every bit of this collection.

Oswald Helgason:  I missed this show because I had to work, but stalked the shit out of photos afterwards since I knew it would be amazing, and amazing it was. The colors and kitchiness of it all were right on point and nothing short of what we’ve come to expect of the brand.

 Raoul:  Clean and simple silhouettes paying a homage to the 60’s.  The prints had a Mondrian feel to them which I absolutely loved.  The graphic nature of these pieces makes them extremely timeless and classy. I was especially fond of the grey two piece with rectangular cut outs.

Rosie Assoulin: I’ve personally met this designer and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her as a person and a talent!  The first time I met her was at my cousin’s engagement party.  From a distance I spotted a beauty in a cream pant suit.  Her bold style and confidence shook me from across the room, so it was no surprise only about a year and a half later, to see that she had begun her own collection.  A common theme from last season’s pieces is the sexy yet sophisticated dropped shoulder silhouette for her tops.  I can’t get enough of this timeless elegance.

Maki Oh:  This Nigerian designer blew my mind with her gorgeous hand dyed textiles and innovative combinations of shapes and textures (peek at those hats).  It felt young, fresh, rich and sophisticated with a heavy ethnic influence.  What’s not to love? (images courtesy of WWD)

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from the boys.  I say this because when a man dresses well, he dresses better than most women could ever dream of.
It takes a certain type of person to carry all: finesse, confidence and attention to detail and for many reasons (which I dwell on a lot in my head and may eventually dedicate an entire post on), in this day and age, this type of man is harder to come by than ever before. It’s up for debate why back in the early 20th century it was absolutely unacceptable for a man to go out in anything but his finest suit, dapper being pretty much the norm, yet nowadays, we’re lucky if a guy wear’s anything other than sneakers and jeans.  It may be a product of what seems to be an exhausted love affair this country has with the casual, dressing up being a chore rather than pleasure. I’ve overheard men give each other shit for being “metrosexual” or what I’d rather call simply taking care of themselves, as if that makes you less of a man. What nonsense.
Unfortunately, with the exception of tiny concentrated cosmopolitan pockets, our society looks down on men who pay too much attention to fashion (unless they are gay of course, and then it’s totally cool).
It’s a sad state of affairs for the fashion conscious guys of the straight variety, always taking heat for something that should be praised, and for us ladies who need to deal with the consequences (I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to turn down a guy because he was wearing hideous shoes) Which of course may very well make me judgmental and superficial, but that’s neither here nor there.. or maybe it’s everywhere.
In turn, when I am occasionally struck by a vision of a proper fella, I go into a state of shock at first, and directly into awe, for the sight is so far and few in between.  Lucky for me though, if I were to catch a stylish boy walking down a street somewhere, chances would be highest in a town like New York. 
To strike a balance of put together, sophisticated, yet effortless is difficult to achieve, and I commend the few men I know and those I spot on the streets who are able to do it, since I must admit that us ladies have it much easier, not only cause it’s demanded of us, but with so many more places to shop, and with brands constantly marketing themselves down our throats, we often have the opposite problem, over saturation.
That being said then, men do have to work and look harder not only to find the right things, but also to be inspired.
When guys ask me for fashion advice (which I wish would happen more often, since I love styling guys a LOT), I often refer them to the same handful of stores including: Topman, Brooklyn Circus, Steven Alan, Opening Ceremony, Ben Sherman, Rag & Bone, and I never forget about thrift stores or spots like Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange. 
During Fashion Week the doses of well dressed men were higher than usual, and naturally I took advantage and did a little men’s fashion stalking.  We can all learn a little something from these guys…so please.. take note fellas, I sure as hell am….

What is there not to love about this man? He had me at top hat.  And best of all, he was sweet as pie.

 This lovely man was workin’ and actually snapped a photo of me first, but I just couldn’t resist taking his photo as well. The guy knows his layering like a pro.  Look at that floral vintage button down and the leather jacket… tres cool.

 Alright, you may find this questionable.. but let me explain. I took this photo knowing that he was up to something good.  Double camo and a dash of red? Totally something I would do!  But little did I know, he was aligned with some cosmic fashion situation, cause later on I found someone else who knew to do it too.

Image via Harpers Bazaar.

Oh and finally, this guy.  True, he did NOT seem very excited to be out in the cold snapping pictures all day, but I bugged him nonetheless for this shot.  Why?  I love that coat and his cool camera and his “I’m too cool for school” attitude, cause there’s a shortage of that in New York City (insert sarcastic tone here).
And if you love the coat as much as I do, look what I’ve done! I found one for you.. just like it. Thank me later.

You can buy this puppy here.

Ok, BYE!

Only catching the last couple of days of fashion week left me with not enough time to capture as much as I liked from the tents and beyond.. but despite the limited amount of time spent out there I was able to fill up an entire roll of film.  Here are some of the best..
As you will see, my focus was on the vintage, vintage inspired, unique, colorful and unexpected…. since I always feel they are the minority represented and photographed.  Oh and don’t ask me who’s wearing what because these were all hit and runs…. :)

Lady in pink.

Tres chic!

Loving the vintage look and pop of neon.

Casual cool and obviously a fan of vintage.
She nailed the print mixing and bohemian vibez.

Absolutely loving the tapestry vintage handbag on Lex. Check out her blog

Probably my favorite chick of all times.. can we be friends?

Ok, is she not the cutest?

I wanna be her when I grow up.

Can you say FIERCE?

Bikes: the new fashion accessory.

Photo’s by ME.  Shot with my Pentax K1000.

Although I missed much of this fashion week (due to my decision to drive across the country instead) I did catch the last couple of days.  Equipped (once again) with my Pentax, I gleefully marched to Lincoln Center hoping to catch some awe inspiring looks and fashions to razzle and dazzle my senses, unfortunately it was kind of a #FAIL. 
Not to say that fashionable ladies and gents weren’t strutting their stuff across the marbled steps to the tents throughout the day.. what I mean when I say it was a fail is that these fashionable ladies and gents all stuck to a pretty unanimous formula of dressing, taking oh I dunno exactly, but let’s just say 3 trends that they all telepathically decided they were all going to rock, and went for it..
Which do I mean?  Colored fur to start out… it was EVERYWHERE.. do I love it? kind of… do people also kind of look like a sesame street character? maybe a little.. yes.
Big floppy bohemian hats.. Ok I get it, the 70’s are back.. hippie’s are cool again… but if I see another girl with sleek long hair and a floppy hat I may have to punch myself in the eye ball.
Last but not least… I still spotted some jeffrey cambell Lita’s… are you for realz people? can we please bury that trend somewhere real deep and try to forget it ever happened? Ok thank you.
Now for what I did love.. COLOR.. lots of it..  I think people are growing tired of the grey skies, the grey concrete, the slushy grey turned snow.. and are ready for spring.. and dare I say I wholeheartedly agree?
Some of my favorite colorful street style looks:

Someone else is clearly pining for spring. (Photo via Racked)

Oh bubbles.. you never fail to look cute and dare I say… bubbly?

Hanneli serves color blocking much justice in this bright coat.

Mira Duma doing pastels oh so well. (Photo via

Oh hello! Yeah that’s me, decked out in vintage coat, Theory Jkt, my mom’s pants, and a thrifted bag from my travels!

 Photo Courtesy of The Headhunter JL.  Check out his site

It seems like just about everyone’s got fashion week on their mind these last few days.  As that joyous time approaches us quicker than we can blink an eye, many questions arise, such as…will it be too cold to wear that dress without tights, is wearing my Carhartt beanie cool or will I look like a tool (it’s so cozy!)  etc..etc.. As the invites start to roll in I can’t help but feel pretty excited and Fall being my favorite season to dress for, I am particularly looking forward to seeing what some of my favorite designers have up their sleeve.
Before I get ahead of myself with outfit planning and Fall 2013 wishlists, there are two things I wanted to mention..
First.. it’s never too late to post pictures of fashionable people, even if they are (oops) from last fashion week.  Hah! Thing is I had this roll developed in September, and I had a shot of Bill Cunningham that I was so overwhelmingly thrilled about that I didn’t even bother to post the rest!  All about Bill (is that a movie yet? cause it should be)
Also in delayed picture news, a coworker was at fashion week last season and shot a picture of me without realizing it was me (we had not met yet) and we later discovered that she had photographed my bag (bum), and she just sent that to me today!  So you know what? I don’t feel bad about posting these so late (ok I do and I’m just looking for justifications).
Now, I’m certain you just want me to shut up so you can look at the photos.  Here you go.  Can you spot Stefany??

First up: Leaf Greener.  She came out of nowhere and bombed us with amazing prints and tons of quirky accessories! I couldn’t get enough of her (hence one too many pictures of the girl)  She also happens to be senior fashion editor at ELLE China.  Duh.

Next: A lovely girl I didn’t know then and still don’t recognize now..but you know what? she pulls off that Canadian tuxedo look like it’s her business.  Gots to love that. Hard.

Third:  A lovely student from Eastern Europe.  We got to chatting and she was also shooting film and she was so adorable and I just had to capture her cuteness.  

Here we have a necklace layered over a tie?  Shut the front door.

 Lynn Yaeger:

 Advanced Style:

 ME! Hi! (photo courtesy of Morgan Jordan of Style For Hire)

All photo’s shot by me with my Pentax K1000.  Woot Woot.

We often forget the magical power possessed by hosiery and socks. They can be a powerful outfit maker or breaker depending on the way we are able to take advantage of their utility and style capability. I think of them as the final touch, the cherry on top. In all these cases the outfit would have still been cute of course.. but without that pop of pink, that crazy print, them polka dots…perhaps nowhere near as street style photo worthy.  So hit up sock man on st. marks and grab yourself some funky pairs and don’t be afraid to clash and be bold with your choices. We all deserve to have a little fun.

My film roll from fashion week has been developed at last. What can I say… it’s much better than I had anticipated? it is.  Given that I am still learning how to use a manual film camera, with no formal training.. the first few rolls were pretty much a pile of crap…. but nonetheless, practice does make (not perfect) but better in this case. So here you have some of the fashion I captured during NYFW ! ! ! taken with my trusty Pentax K1000

If you love: Bill’s iconic members only like jacket you can buy a similar one Here
And smitten with Whitney’s straw tote? Here’s a similar one for you.

The man who needs no caption.  Bill Cunningham.
Loved this woman’s blue/green color palette.
Vogue contributing editor and writer Lynn Yaeger
The adorable Whitney of A la LadyWolf with her amazing vintage handbag.

Photo’s by: Stefany Mohebban
Location: Lincoln Center NYFW

I dragged my ass to Lincoln Center yesterday to catch some street fashion to shoot.  My timing was a little funny (girl’s got a full time job ya know), and I did a bit waiting around for some funk to pass by, but at last it arrived.
I’ve been playing around with my Pentax k1000. It’s a manual film camera from the 80’s that was recommended to me by my dear friend Rooman.
To be honest, I still have a lot to learn, and more specifically need to be more careful about keeping still when I take the shot, because I still get a lot of blurry photo’s (wah).
Despite the blur issue I am noticing an improvement, so keep checking back for more film shots! anyhoos, here are some of the ones that came out (less) blurry than the rest.. tee hee.

She caught my attention with those wild neon hoop earrings she was wearing, a fellow photog, and cool as chick herself, I had to get a shot
I fell in love with this man at first sight, his stoic manners and amazing color combination made for one of the best shots in my roll.
This lovely lady was busy on her cell, but I had to get a shot of her, because she really has mastered the print mixing here, along with my favorite, the shirt knot! Also, check out her beautiful hair color.  Stunner indeed.

 Oh, and because I love a man in a hat, or even better two. Here’s a quick video of these awesome styling lads passing by.  #wishwewerebffs

Fashion week is here, and it rules on so many fronts.
Much inspiration, so little time to digest it all.  It will take me weeks to get through all the images post shows, and gather my thoughts on the season.  But before that.  Here is an image from Milan’s fashion week, which manages to represent everything I adore about fashion: it’s playfulness, spontaneity and artful ways, but first and foremost the way it makes us stylish gals feel. HAPPY!

Need I say more? Image via Getty