I’m a huge fan of wearing season inappropriate pieces and making them feel different and fresh again by mixing them into a wardrobe they have never been introduced to before.  Case in point: Sandals in the fall.  Afraid for your pretty toes to go numb?  Not to worry! As a fellow my extremities are always cold and my nails turn blue whenever it’s below 50 degrees type of gal, trust me when I say that if you’re covered up enough everywhere else, you make up for it. 
I love having this fashion trick up my sleeve for a couple of reasons.  It’s a good exercise to pair unconventional items together since it forces you to think outside the box and challenge the fashion norms, remember how we’ve discussed originality and creativity being the key components of true style?  Well, this is certainly a time to put that concept into solid practice.  It may not always work out (we all have don’t moments after all) but don’t be discouraged even if you feel like you look like a hot mess at first, since the point is that the combos you can come up with are really endless and it’s always fun investigating new ways of achieving this type of fashion statement for reinvention’s sake. I could go on endlessly about the different ways you can pair summer and winter gear, but lets focus today on the sandal paired with fall pants and top thing shall we?  Enough chat more photos?? You got it.

I’m wearing a vintage top  and bag from Omnia Vintage, Anthropologie wide leg trousers, Zara flatform sandals, Anthropologie sunglasses.

Ok, BYE!

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  • Sharron Miles Gilty

    October 28, 2013 at 11:44 pm |

    Your Look is absolutely amazing and yes lady I absolutely agree with sandals in the fall! Love love the colors in this look they really make your cut/color POP!