If I had to pick an era of fashion that resonated with my sense of style the most, I’d say the 50’s and early 60’s probably do it for me.  The silhouettes compliment my body type, they feel classic, simple and sophisticated. 
There are times though when I get nostalgic about decades I’ve actually lived through *80’s and 90’s* and just need to get that out of my system.  The 80’s were by far the weirdest and wildest when it comes to fashion, and it’s lack of boundaries usually leaves me slightly baffled but humored nonetheless.  When I find a piece from the 80’s that I think manages to look crazy but in a good way, I can’t help but want it on my body. I do believe this is the unicorn effect working it’s magic (when you think something is rare and unique it makes it that much more appealing to your senses).
Below is a perfect example of such a time, not to mention the fact that my platinum pixie look is a perfect match for this funky 80’s look.

Outfit Notes: Vintage black tank; Dusty Rose Vintage harem pants; Zara gladiators; Anthropologie Sunglasses.

Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Photography: Maresa of Dusty Rose Vintage

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