It’s no news that I shop at thrift stores a lot. As a matter of fact I’ve begun in the last few years to really pride myself in my skills at finding super cool gems where others refuse to look (Ew someone wore that already?).
I’ve told many friends before when discussing second hand shopping, that I strongly believe it makes a person so much cooler, even distinguished, while building character and a strong sense of self.  I say this because it takes a unique kind of eye to make something out of nothing, finding treasures and seeing the potential in someone else’s discarded items.  You tell me it ain’t cake to find beautiful things if you’re shopping at Barney’s.
To give something a second chance is a pretty sweet feeling and it also forces you to be a lot more creative.  But if you are reading this now you probably already know all this and feel very similarly, right?. 
What I really think we ought to discuss though is the few pretty cool discoveries I made about myself my last visit to the thrift store.

Realization #1:  I met up with a coworker the other day and she had on these fantastic cluster earrings and of course I noticed them and asked where they were from (cocky one I am, I already knew she was gonna say vintage and a flea market.. but I still asked.. and yes they were vintage clip ons from the flea market) and then it occurred to me that I’ve been neglecting clip ons for a really long time because I was under the impression that they are uncomfortable.. and also why use clip ons when I have perfectly pierced ears.  Well it turns out I’ve developed a pretty bad reaction to costume earrings.. they always end up leaving me some weird rash.. so clip ons all of a sudden became a very appealing option to me.  Guess what! I found the COOLEST pair of them today.  They look very 80’s but at the same time very ethnic and very now in some weird way.  RIGHT?
On top of all that, the guy running the thrift store saw me trying them on and said they “opened up my face” which I’m not really sure what that actually means, but it has to be a good thing or he wouldn’t have said it.
In addition to that he said they made me look taller. How? I have no clue but I’ll take it.

Realization #2: I’m pretty darn skilled at spotting designer stuff without seeing the tag.  Ok this is kind of a no brainer if you shop vintage a ton, because you become very familiar with designers and their aesthetic but still… I saw below sweater vest (yes I said sweater vest and yes I will be wearing one this fall) and KNEW instantly that it was a Missoni.  I proceeded to scan the inside for the tag and the previous (clever but not clever enough) owner had cut it out.  For a second I doubted my magical talent, but then…… I realized they had forgotten to cut off the size tag and voila.. any doubt I had was instantly diminished, cause well, I even know what the size tag looks like. Now a Missoni sweater vest mine for less than your Starbucks latte.

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