I learned something about myself while in Chicago last week for the Pitchfork festival. I love R. Kelly.  Go ahead, laugh away.  Most people that I’ve made this declaration to have.
Truth is, he is an incredible performer who blew my mind and I’ve seen a lot of live music.  I didn’t realize how much of his music I knew until it was almost the end of the show and I found myself singing along to every single one.  During “I believe I can fly”, as if the song isn’t epic enough on it’s own.. and as if we had not been in the sun for the last 8 hours and completely delirious but also overly joyous, a burst of white dove balloons came up into the air and transformed what was a muggy and cloudy Chicago sky into a dream, the only thing missing.. a sea of lighters. 
If I had any advice for anyone who likes music and appreciates the pleasure of being in a crowd of people who are enjoying themselves and truly in the moment….. GO SEE R. KELLY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

Ok, now for the fashion portion of this post here is a compilation of some of the best images I captured in my delirious sun struck state.. and of course some of my outfitzzzz (I guess people could tell I wasn’t from around there.. and took a LOT of pictures of me #NYC)

Day One:
I didn’t realize how perfectly my little tropical dress matched the pitchfork poster till this happened. #coincidence

I also didn’t realize I’d run into Bjork’s biggest fan.. but I had to get a snap with her.

I obviously had to go to Wicker Park and see what it was all about.  I found they had a ton of vintage stores and a ton of street art.. Won me over.

Coffee is coffee right?  Not in Chicago it’s not.  This sweet little spot was adorned with quirkly cartoon themed stuffed animals.

Day Two:  The ladies of Free People snatched this little one of me in my polka dot maxi and gladiator sandals.  Thanks ladiez!!

And then there was day three: The hair at this point was out of control and I said fuck it.. it’s a music festival.

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