When I grow up I want to be just like Indiana Jones, exploring foreign lands and discovering treasures around the world.  I’ve found that in an odd way my dream of being an explorer and finding lost treasures has manifested itself in what I do for a living.  Finding vintage treasures may as well be an archeological adventure.  Especially when you take the time to understand the history of the pieces you find.  I wish I could devote even more of my time into this digging of the past, focusing on the cultural ramifications of my finds.  I speak of exploration and discovery today because in New York, the official urban jungle.. there is always room for discovery.  Every nook of every neighborhood has something new and unique to offer and it’s up to it’s residents to take the time and explore these landscapes.  The sense of wonder that this city leaves me with never seizes to amaze me and that’s perhaps the reason why I’ve never left.
To be an explorer, you need to dress like an explorer, right?

Outfit Details: American Apparel top; Kenzo Pants (Beacon’s closet); Vintage Flats (OmniaVTG); Anthropologie clutch (on sale now!); Vintage Thrifted Jewelry (some available on Omnia Vintage), Vintage Hat.

Location: Brooklyn
Photo’s: Naomi of Omnia Vintage.

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