I’ve found myself preoccupied lately with thoughts of how your hair color affects your style.
More specifically, my attention has been directed towards iconic blondes and the way their style often either reflects what we socially perceive a blonde should be, or alternatively how the bombshell factor that’s inherently associated with the look is played down.  Obviously Marylin has been one I’ve turned to and picked apart because she was (and sorry for stating the obvious, but at times it’s necessary to make a point) so strikingly beautiful but also overly sexualized, so it’s quite fascinating to catch glimpses where her sexuality was downplayed by the way she was dressed.
Style in my opinion should always have some sort of balance or contrast.  The moment it’s homogenized it looses all interest (or I loose interest..).
Let me explain myself a little better.  We always have a choice to conform to what’s been socially constructed and understood as standard.  Whether people realize it or not they love looking at things that are visually familiar and make sense to them because that’s what’s essentially safe and comfortable.  When someone deliberately chooses to push those boundaries and successfully messes with things in order to create interest and depth….. that to me is the true definition of style.  We need to know the rules before we can masterfully break them, right?  As far as I’m concerned someone like Marylin shined the most in her conservative looks because truth of the matter is, no matter how covered up she was, she oozed sex and her downplaying it was a nod to acknowledging it and deliberately choosing to playfully hide it.
Below you will find some of my favorite images of her, along with a shoot I styled that was inspired by the icon’s timeless looks.

I styled Lana in a vintage white wiggle dress, and added a gingham shirt over it for some depth.  The vintage tiger scarf really worked for me because it gave the look a playful feel and enhanced the vintage inspired aspect of the shoot.  All these items can be purchased on Omnia Vintage’s website.

Photo’s by: Naomi of OmniaVintage
Styled by: Stefany Mohebban
Model: Lana
Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn

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