Oh summer.. you bring me so much joy, the sun the sand, the ocean.. not sure what I would do without these elements in my life.  Wait I do know what I would do..be miserable. 
Today marks the official beginning of MY summer since it was the first time this year that I finally got to dip my toes into the ocean and feel the gentle grinding of sand between my fingers.  Nothing beats the soothing feeling of sand between your toes and the sound of waves crashing in a rhythmic pattern.  Every season I say to myself that I don’t need a new bathing suit because the ones I wore last year are perfectly fine.  Yet every year I want to treat myself to a new one cause I obviously have a shopping problem/addiction, whatever I decide to call it on this particular day.  What inspired this post was my trip to Brighton beach and Coney Island.  Brighton beach is a predominantly Russian neighborhood in the depths of Brooklyn.  As soon as you exit the subway platform you feel as though you’ve entered an alternate universe that’s not quite past or present.  The colors are intense and so is the culturally rich presence of the elderly.  Snarls are common towards people who are not fluent in Russian, so you best sharpen up on the native tongue if you want to get service in any restaurant or shop.  Just a few blocks away from the main road is the boardwalk and lovely beach. 
This lively neighborhood isn’t short of entertainment whether you love to people watch, play some volley ball or just splash around in the ocean.  I was really inspired by the old New York feeling that permeated the neighborhood and while the idea of buying a retro or retro inspired bathing suit this season was something I had already been contemplating, today’s trip really reinforced this yearning.  I decided to compile some of my favorite vintage beach photographs and also some of my retro bathing suit favorites.
Shall we get started?

To recreate this amazing vintage beach babe vibe:

When it comes to swim suits ZIMMERMANN knows a LOT. Find this gorgeous one piece here.

Another great place to find retro inspired bathing suits is Anthropologie.  Find this gorgeous two piece along with the polka dot and printed one pieces here.

For those not afraid of the cooties, here are a few vintage suits that are just out of this world. 

Find this beautiful 50’s pin up one piece here.

I loved the color of this suit and the fact that it’s terry cloth!  Unreal… Find it here.

What’s not to love here? Nah.. for serious!  Find this beauty here.

You had me at Hawaiian print. Find her here. #tropicalfantasy  

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