Before I made it into the world of fashion I spent 6 years of my life in the hospitality business, which is fancy for being a waitress and bartender. The money was great and I met a ton of fantastic people along the way. So it may not come as a surprise then when I say I spent a bulk of that time hanging out with people from Mexico. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant this makes perfect sense. They are the ones running the show after all, so if you want a piece of pie or an amazing Mexican meal after your shift you better be boys with the kitchen boys or you’ll get nada. During this period of my life I developed a fondness for the culture and food and people of Mexico.  Their work ethic, love for family and life is contagious and I’m a much better human for being exposed to it.  Besides the food being simply incredible.. (I’ve stated in the past that if I was stuck on a deserted island and could only eat one thing it would be fish tacos) the clothes also have an amazing array of color and so much life to them.  I’m always on the hunt, especially during the brutal summer months for the perfect Mexican embroidered dress. So light, easy, comfortable and cool, I feel like they have become one of my summer staples. As an added bonus you can rock them with converse, boots or even the sexiest of pumps.
Below is an amazing one that’s available for purchase. Just clickity click right HERE.

Outfit Notes: Vintage mexican dress ( Vintage bangles (, Vintage DKNY handbag (thrifted); Converse; MAC RED LIPS.

And just cause… here is a great recipe to make your own fish tacos!  YUM!

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  • Joel Moore

    June 26, 2013 at 12:21 am |

    Love how you’re wearing converse with the dress! gorgeous