Girl’s often have fantasies starting at a really young age about what their wedding dress will look like.  Some grow up and actually find that dress and (man).  Others… not so much.
Well to be honest I was never that little girl.  I thought that was stuff only adults would want to be bothered with.  Even then I (being the little Buddhist I am) much preferred taking things one day at a time and worry about imminent issues at hand.. such as how I was going to convince my mom I needed a new barbie or how I was gonna sneak in more cake when I had already eaten my slice.  As I grew older, and older… and older… that feeling I expected would knock me into adulthood never showed up.  I’ve been to over a dozen weddings and every time the same things occurs.  I think finally this is going to make me feel that itch, and want that same thing, but each time that feeling falls short of itself.  I love weddings…for everyone else, I cry.. I eat the cake.. I dance.. and I completely understand it, yet nothing inside of me seeks it desperately.  A funny twist is that I actually LOVE clothes and dressing up and fashion so much I would think that I would want to get married just for THAT part of it.. but to be honest I find most wedding dresses kind of ugly.  Often over the top and once again feeding into that same princess idea that so many girls have about their special day. That idea, so socially constructed, should be deconstructed and examined, because in all reality we should feel that way all the time, special, loved, pretty.
 As far as what my wedding dress will look like? What I can say that I’ve come to realize about me and my big day is that I’m wearing a vintage dress (duh).. and it will be understated.. and I will probably change into a pair of white converse half way through the ceremony so I can dance. DuhSquared.

For all of the ladies out there who are planning a wedding.. I’d love to offer you some options that are not your average Vera Wang.  These are unique and special dresses that will speak to your love for the past, as I hope mine someday will too.
But before I show you those.. here I am pretending to be wedding ready in a vintage lace top and satin skirt and of course the ultimate wedding accessory………… converse.

On me: Omnia Vintage lace top and skirt.  Omnia Vintage tribal necklace. White converse.

Now for all the ladies who are not playing dress up, here are some vintage beauties spanning from the 20’s to the 70’s.
Find this gorgeous flapper wedding gown here.

If you’re a fan of simple and elegant this may be your pick.. a stunning 30’s or 40’s bias cut beauty, find her here.

This gorgeous mod dress is perfect for your big day if you’re into the no fuss but a little bit of fun vibe.  Such a great piece… find it here.

For the bohemian girl in all of us here is a stunning empire waist lace dress: find her here.

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