I love watching how different brands try to push the same looks over and over again and pretend like they have invented something new.  New is a concept I hardly see nowadays, as more and more designers turn to vintage for inspiration and often straight up theft.  Now don’t get me wrong.. I completely understand the idea that everything has been done before (although I don’t fully agree)  and that we all strive to just do it “better”.  As a stylist I often have to grapple with this issue because I’m on a never ending quest to be original.
With that said.. the whole safari look is by no means a novel idea, yet I insist on entertaining it cause I just love it so darn much.  In some purely selfish ways it reminds me of my childhood and my obsession with Indiana Jones and my dream of being an archeologist when I grew up (too late) which is why I haven’t snuffed it yet.
What has and always will captivate me about this girl, the inherent explorer, is that she values utility above all else.. she’s a badass at heart but somehow still manages to be hot as all hell. Do you know what I mean? Well in case you don’t I have photographic proof that she exists.. and she can both be practical and adorable simultaneously….. and best of all..she’s shamelessly all about indulging in her favorite summer treat.. ICE CREAM.

Lana is wearing an OmniaVintage dress, shoes and handbag which can all be found on her website: www.omniavintage.com.  She is also wearing an Urban Outfitters utility vest and a Zara necklace (stylist owned). For more summer style inspiration check out my other posts!

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