I wish I could stop thinking/consequently asking every person that crosses my path whether it’s a good idea for me to go platinum.  I get that it’s super edgy, different, striking.  All these words have been used to describe this dramatic change, and even though I am a fan of being all of the aforementioned qualities, I still can’t imagine it looking *good* on me.  Is different for the sake of being different enough?  Coloring my hair doesn’t have to be a permanent change obviously, yet it feels like asking this question is about something entirely different and much deeper than a color job.  It’s about being comfortable with letting go of something that’s been part of my identity.  I’ve always been the black haired, middle eastern, exotic girl.  What would going platinum do to that?  Who would I become?  Would I love her?  Would she feel out of place?  How would this drastic change affect the way I like my clothes? My style?
I’ve been going back and forth about all of these issues for weeks now.  Am I overthinking it all?
Most likely, yet I can’t help getting all heady when it comes to aesthetics and image.  I recently tried to think of any olive skinned girls who had successfully gone platinum and made it work.  I’ve fallen a bit short.  Any girl that does look good with a platinum color is fair skinned as far as I can recall.  Here goes my list:

Selma Blair: She’s a hottie, but def much fairer than I am. 

 Oh Edie, you sure are perfect aren’t you.. I would do it just to be compared to her :)

Kate Winslet: Probably one of the most beautiful women out there.  She would look good with a bag over her head.. so maybe she’s not the best example.

Ok, miss Gaga: Only using this example because she’s Italian and her skin tone may be sort of similar to mine.  Yet I still think she’s lighter and isn’t the best resource for me to use.

Another beauty who can pull off the platinum pixie no problem.

Agyness:  Another white girl!  See the pattern here?

 The quintessential platinum babe of my generation:  But will it work on me?

Do you see what I’m saying here?  All these girls can pull it off because they are essentially way fairer than I am.  If ANYONE can show me a good example of a girl with olive skin who pulls off platinum hair I AM DOING IT.  Until then i’ll just talk about it.

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  • Nia Hand

    May 23, 2013 at 6:38 pm |

    yasssss!!!! do it <3