I’m sure it comes as a huge surprise to you that I wanna talk about the cutest, funkiest must have shoes of the season with you.. (again and again.. and again).  Truth of the matter is, I can wear lot’s of my vintage spring dresses from last season.. Oh, and also this AMAZING one I saw a girl walking around in (whom I had to stop in the middle of the street to ask about her dress). It’s a beauty from ASOS that is now on it’s way into my arms! Cause truth is… summer dresses are summer dresses, and if you are anything like me and buy vintage ones.. they are timeless. It’s A FACT.   But shoes, that’s where the magic happens..because you can transform an outfit you’ve worn 100 times before into something completely new depending on choice of footwear.  So let’s see what I picked out as my top ladies.

1. Retro Gola kicks:  I love the old skool and worn-in look to these, the low sole and the great selection of colors.  Paired with distressed denim and an easy tee, it’s the perfect addition to your spring casual vibes.  Find a wide range of them at Free People.

2. Senso cut out boots:  I’m the kind of chick that wears boots all year long.. Basically I think they look amazing juxtaposed against summery fabrics and colors.  I adore the idea of white ones, and even better if they have a cut out detail.  Find these awesome ones on ASOS.

3. Espadrilles: Well there is nothing new about this concept, except that I love the idea of an interesting/unique pattern on the fabric as opposed to your typical solid or striped variety.  These reminded me of the Dolce & Gabbana spring collection in their colorful and Renaissance eluding pattern.  Find these vintage beauties here.

4. Ohhhh Metallics!  Yes.. this purchase has been made.  Everything from the silver, to the chunky 90’s heel, to the caged gladiator look screams something I will be able to pair with everything from floral summer dresses to casual denim rompers and jeans.  The white sole is nothing but a bonus.  Find these on ASOS.

5. Who doesn’t love a pop of color in their spring wardrobe?.  Be it hot pink, yellow, cobalt blue, I think nothing say’s I’m ready for some sunshine and a picnic at the park more than a colorful sandal.  So here is my pick in this easy breezy yellow number.  Find them here.

6. Oh Zara, you could do no wrong.  Sure these aren’t the Gucci version by any means, but lord they are pretty.  A sleek white heel will get you very far this season.  Worn with everything from your short pant suit, to a Helmut Lang knit dress, to overly distressed boyfriend jeans.  These are the sex kitten shoe of choice.  Find these beauties here.

7. Zebra patterned sandals:  Where do I begin?  These are just perfect for your every day running around.  You’ll look stylish, put together but be as comfortable as you would be barefoot.  I really can’t imagine a more amazing combo.  Find these at  ZARA.

8.  Nike’s never left and are not going anywhere.  Question is, which style and color and texture is the next big thing.  I happen to like these perforated blazers in this amazing turquoise because they scream not only “I’m too cool for school” but also “I’m a really easy going chick who prefers a relaxing weekend antique shopping and exploring a new neighborhood, as opposed to going to clubz”…..  Find these here.

Happy shoe shoppin!

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