If there’s one piece of information that’s crucial to knowing me is that I love a good margarita.  No, that doesn’t include anything frozen or slightly green tinged or flavored.  But it’s true.. I celebrate national margarita day like it’s my business.. and what’s the next best day to drink them after that? Cinco de Mayo of course.. We also all know that this is a ploy to get people drunk and stupid like St. Patty’s and all other made up national holidays, and has no relation to Mexico’s heritage or people in any significant way. Despite knowing this and feeling slightly ashamed, I do like to partake cause after all.. any excuse to drink tequila and be merry, I’ll take.  Well now that you know what to send me for the holidays, my birthday, or any other time you wish to send me a gift, let’s get to the fashion stuff.  Here are some great vintage Mexican or inspired pieces we should all have in our wardrobe and wear.. not only on this made up holiday.

50’s hand painted circle skirt – find here.

 We all love a little irony – especially those of the hipster variety.  Find this souvenir tank here.

 Mexican silver, can’t beat it.. find this cuff here.

 Embroidered vintage dress – find here.

Minimalist cuff – find here.

 Upcycled from a mexican embroidered dress, awesome spring bag – find it here.

Unique vintage silver cuff – find here.

Embroidered vintage top – find here.

Styled by Stef..Lana in wideleg 70's plaid pants. arrow-right
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