Strolling through the isles of The Strand I often get lost in the wide spectrum of subjects the books cover.   In the cookbook section I find myself fully capable of preparing a gourmet feast for 12, while in the poetry section I get lured into the beautifully articulated works of Rumi.  Where I often get lost the most though is the design and art section.  I could spend hours perusing: Graphic design, photography, textiles, fashion illustration, street art, so much to see.. so little time.
The last time I was there I came across a compilation of photographs by Norman Parkinson.  I’m ashamed to admit I had not realized how much I loved his work (although I had seen his photo’s in the past) until they were blatantly staring me in the face in the form of this book.  Of course I picked  up a copy and fervently began doing extensive research on the man and his journey as a fashion photographer.  I was and still am completely astonished at the sheer amount of beauty he was able to capture and preserve.  I was inspired to the point where I found myself, on the next photo shoot for Pretty In Thrift, trying to emulate certain poses as well as capture the essence of some of my favorite editorials.
Ok, now comes the fun part.. the part where I try to pose like this beautiful lady.. and sort of fail miserably?  But honestly, you have to give me credit for trying.. because it took guts to think I could maybe pull it off..

Outfit Details:
White Vintage dress OmniaVTG; Black motorcycle jacket (Zara/old); Shoes are also Zara, Vintage woven bag OmniaVTG (find here.); Jewels are vintage and mostly thrift store found.

For more info on Norman Parkinson.. I suggest you do a google image search and get lost in the plethora of beautiful imagery!

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