A really great and easy way to change up your look for spring is by experimenting with different styles of sunglasses. I have a great friend who is quite consistent with her look, she mostly wears all black, sticks to the modern silhouette of skinny denim, sharp boots and an easy breezy casual top, but she always rocks the coolest sunglasses.  I envy folks that have the discipline to stick to one look and recognize the nuances that can add variety to their style.  I, on the other hand, have multiple personality disorder when it comes to my style, or at least it feels that way to me.  One day I can look grungy and tomboyish but the next I may be a bohemian wild child.
Where am I going with this you must be asking yourself.  Well, earlier I mentioned my friends simple and put together style partially because I’m beginning to strive for a simpler style myself, one that doesn’t require prescription medication from the local psychiatrist.  So amongst other changes (like shedding pieces that I only wear once every couple of years)  I’ve also been paying close attention to trends and looks that would enhance my style in subtle and unfussy ways. First order of business has been trying to find a new pair of sunglasses to invest in.  Something classic but with a little bit of a modern edge.  This way I can wear simple dresses and flats or a cute crop top and skinny jeans all spring, but add a touch of cool with sunglasses that look good on me and portray the image of someone who’s polished and knows they don’t need to go overboard to look the part.

Spring/Summer 2013 was not short of eye-wear trends which spanned several decades. Everything from an exaggerated cat eye, eluding to the 40’s and 50’s in a humorous borderline fantastical manner, to really architectural and ornate frames were all over the runway.  Another dominating look was the mirrored reflective lens (which I’m still trying to decide whether I love or hate).
The look I could see myself wearing the most (for it’s practicality in real life) was the 1920’s inspired round wire frame variety.
Perhaps the most exciting and unexpected way this trend was shown on the runway was by Holly Fulton.  She made them feel fun and flirty, accessible to girls who wouldn’t typically pick up a pair.  

 What you may have discovered about me by now is that I often find inspiration in couture and high end design, and then find a clever way to make it my own in a budget friendly manner.  I don’t believe in sacrificing quality for cost, and I know that there are ways to find great things at reasonable prices (vintage being one of them of course).  I bring this up because I have (once again) found a resourceful way to explore this trend without breaking the bank.  Warby Parker eyewear has been a staple in my wardrobe for a few years now and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to discover that they have just launched a new collection of glasses and sunglasses appropriately named the 1922 Collection.  This limited edition group of eyewear is right on the nose with the trends (in particular the one I’ve been pining for) and is beyond affordable.


I must say I am loving the Porter style the most.. particularly in Whiskey Tortoise.  I might just have to pick up a pair of those bad boys, don’t you think?
For more Warby Parker Sunglasses click right over this way.  And for folks who can’t see just like me… here you’ll find a great selection of prescription glasses (I’m a proud owner of 3 pairs myself).  In addition to all this greatness you know what’s really awesome?  For every pair you purchase a pair is given to someone who can’t afford their own.  Now that ought to balance out your karma points for days. It’s a win for all.

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