Yes, this is a reference to Avril Levine, but with good reason.  Remember being 13 and having the biggest crush on the skater boy with long hair, skateboard in hand and enough aloofness to win the award?  We’ve all been there and the memories are nothing but fond.  What I never thought though is that I would end up 30 and dressing like one of those boys myself. The circle of life.
Truth be told, I’ve done a decent job at portraying a dressier side of me on the blog, skirts, high heels, the works.  But when it comes to everyday life, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love to kick back in sneakers and the baggiest least flattering pair of pants I can find.  I’m very practical and utilitarian at heart, and more often than not, concern myself primarily with comfort.  So here is a look at one of my go to outfits for hanging, borrowed from the boys.

Outfit Details: Helmut Lang Cargo Pants; Vintage sweatshirt; Crocodile bag (find here); Vintage and thrifted bracelets and rings; Urban Outfitters necklace; Skate slim Vans (sold out!).

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