I’m inspired by tonight’s new season premiere of Madmen not because I watch the show (I know I’m crazy especially when considering my love of all things vintage) but mostly because I get to chat a little about the fashion from those times.  I’m fully aware of how played out the 50’s have become stylistically mostly thanks to the popularity of the show.  As a matter of fact, talking about it is so 2010.  Yet, I find there are a lot of aspects of the decade that have not had the spotlight on them due to the limited facets represented on the show.  Below is an image that perfectly embodies what I’m referring to.  This amazing, yet very masculine side to 50’s fashion is something that I have been greatly inspired by for years! Way before Madmen brought the decade back.  Can we talk about the ill fitting high water pants paired with loafers and socks please? You don’t need to be Elvis to do this, I promise. It can be as bold or subtle as you’d like.  High waters can be worn with a tucked in distressed t-shirt, or a button down and cardigan.  Key is the awkward proportion and the shoe.  Brogues, penny loafers or even ballet flats will do. Make it your own, wear a bandana around your neck if you feel bold enough.  My take? I will most likely wear my vintage denim jumpsuit with a turban and distressed boots. Or some pedal pushers and a button down chambray tied at the waist. Marylin Monroe did this very well, It’s a great style for girls with all body types too, which I love.  It’s sexy but not overstated.

What about Bermuda shorts and sporty stripes? Hello spring 2013! 

Pajamas as outerwear?  Turbans?  Am I crazy here or are we basically reliving the 50’s right now and not talking about it.. Thanks Suzy Parker!

  Going to a Madmen party tonight?  Or even better, hosting one yourself?  Why not blow your guests’ minds with a few simple and classic 50’s cocktails?

For you gin fans: Try the Gin and Sin –

1.5 Measures      

Hendrick’s Gin

1 Measure Lemon Juice
0.5 Measure Sugar Syrup
0.5 Measure

Frobishers Orange Juice

0.12 Measure

De Kuyper Grenadine

For Vodka lovers out there: The Seabreeze –

2 Measures       

Green Mark Vodka

4 Measures

Frobishers Cranberry Juice

2 Measures Grapefruit Juice

Know your groceries!

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  • Orsa Maggiore

    April 8, 2013 at 7:19 am |

    High water pants are supercool you’re right, but you should really watch Mad Men it’s so disappointing that you don’t like it :)