There are times when I question whether I’m successfully getting my message across about the way I view fashion and style.  On the outside it may appear as though this blog is simply about buying clothes at thrift stores and bragging about how little they cost.  On the contrary, it’s meant to look beyond the cost of items, and focus on the truth that style is inherently unrelated to the amount someone is able to spend on their wardrobe, but much more about the way they are able to creatively escape that confinement and achieve the unimaginable.  This is precisely why I often forget to mention who the designer of something I am wearing is, or where it can be purchased.  My intention has never been to get the reader to go out and buy the same item I’m wearing.  Rather, it’s meant to give you the confidence and inspiration to walk into a thrift store, a Zara, a department store, or the Chanel store in Soho and OWN whatever it is that you’re buying, never letting the item dictate your originality and creativity.  There is no one brand, item, price point right for everyone.  The key is to get to a place in which you are so comfortable with yourself, a garbage bag would look amazing on you.  That is at the crux of true style.  It’s an art that has no perfect, is and will always be a work in progress, but happiness does come with the journey as long as you embrace every step of the way. What’s right for my wallet or my body is most likely not the same as what’s right for you, but by communicating with each other and being open and honest about who we are, we can only get better at it. I encourage comments even if they are negative, because I am learning as much as you every time I write a post or share a photo on Instagram.  I’ve been giving this idea a ton of thought, because in this over saturated digital world we take part in it has become so difficult to separate the original and interesting, from the contrived.
Trust me when I tell you I am not beyond falling short of this myself.  It’s a constant battle not to get sucked into the appeal of consumerism, and the mentality that what you have is no longer relevant, and feeling as though in order to look good you need to constantly shop and feed into the latest trends.  It often helps me to step back, look at what I have, and assess whether items will enhance who I am, or just feed the flaky ego.
That perspective is also quite useful when gauging if something is great for somebody else, but not right for you.  I find myself confusing that sometimes, not realizing right away that something I’m admiring on another person, may not necessarily work for me.
Sorry to get so preachy, but I felt it was crucial to make a stance on how important staying true to yourself is, as I find that I don’t communicate that enough verbally.  So thanks for reading my ramble and have an amazing weekend.

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