You know when you’ve found something truly magical.  Your gut feels it, there’s no question about it.  I often find myself looking through a store and picking things up throughout and thinking to myself “That’s cute, I guess”.  NEVER buy something if you feel that passive towards it! I’ve done it way too many times in the past and guess what happens to this article of clothing? You guessed right, it sits there in my closet with the tag still attached. Forever.  So best advice I’ve ever given myself is, only buy it if there is no question as to whether you love it.  What you’re going to wear with it or all the other bits of info can be an afterthought. 
I bring this up because the skirt in this post is one of those pieces.  I picked it up off a rack of about a million vintage skirts at a thrift store called No Relations down in the lower east side.  I knew the moment I laid eyes on it that it was amazing and one of a kind, no second guessing there.  And it’s true.. it is amazing (and only $10).  It had a yellowed spot on the lower right corner that was easily washed away.  The piece was handmade I am guessing in the 70’s. The fabric is definitely meant to be upholstery fabric (another one of  my life’s pleasures!) So how did I do pairing this dope skirt with some modern pieces? Oh and don’t let me get started on how much I will always love socks and sandals/pumps. 

Outfit Details: Vintage hand made skirt; H&M Chambray Top; H&M socks (best!); Nine west platform sandals (old); Vintage Coach Bag and Vintage Jewelry find on —>  Omnia Vintage

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  • grunge-queen

    March 25, 2013 at 6:16 pm |

    That skirt is to die for, and the look you’ve created rocks – especially with the socks and platform sandals. I used to have a tapestry skirt like that in the 90s that I loved. Now I go ga-ga over unusual tapestry bags. It is an obsession!