The Revival Outpost’s Christina, in an adorable 90’s jumper.
So you asked me, how was your trip? Did you do a lot of vintage shopping? How good was it!
Here’s what you need to know.  Driving from New York all the way south through West Virginia and Alabama and Georgia SUCKED (shopping wise).  We had to drive through a blizzard with a car that was not exactly equipped for it, and the highlight was our motel check in guy, a nice fella named Doug, who was kind enough to put us in a business suite for the same price as a regular suite.  But, all of this was worthwhile, because there was a really amazing light at the end of the tunnel called NEW ORLEANS. I had never been I am ashamed to admit.  I can’t believe it now, having been on this earth a full 30 years and never having experienced the amazingness of this city.  Full of culture, life, nice people, amazing food, gorgeous architecture, I really felt I belonged.  It was a lovely thing.  Besides all that, as if it’s not enough, it was the first place where I actually got to stop into a really cool vintage shop and do a little bit of browsing and yes I bought something too (see the amazing woven bag below).  
Christina, the owner of The Revival Outpost has just opened up a new store (the first one being on Magazine St.) in the French Quarter.  I had been told I need to check out the shop, once again by my devoted Instagram followers, and of course with smartphone in hand I made it a point to look up the store’s location.  Magazine street was nowhere near where I was hanging out that afternoon and after trying to finagle my way to it (despite the lack of interest from fellow travelers) I ended up walking right by the brand new second location!  It was meant to be I guess.  So yes, if you’re in the NOLA area, this shop is a must!  Great mix of vintage (I saw everything from 70-90s) and local designers for great prices, cute decor, and overall great vibe.  Check out the website here.

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