There is very little in this entire world that I love more than the resurrection of vintage trends. Season after season we see styles from the past re-emerge.  Whether it’s passion for vintage or lack of creativity and innovation on the designer’s part, well, that’s a can of worms I dare not open at the moment, but regardless of the catalyst, I can safely say I love any reinterpretation, literal or not of era’s long gone. 
Recently we’ve seen first the 50’s then the 60’s make a splash, so it was inevitable and just about time that the 70’s disco vibe would make a comeback, both on the runways and on the streets. 
As a firm proponent of blatant celebration of the past (call me a romantic), whether manifested in colors, silhouettes or prints, I am excited to get behind this look.  Some may say the 70’s were very aesthetically intense and from a contemporary perspective, we may be better off not to take certain 70’s styles so literally, but I find that the more literal the looks are, juxtaposed with modern surroundings, the more attracted I am to them. Take the ultra wide legged pants we are seeing everywhere, sometimes with over the top floral prints.  How can you not fall head over heels over the look, when paired with a sleek and modern coat or shoe?
Below is a compilation of some amazing 70’s pieces I can’t live without. Over the top? Some.  So very awesome for that exact reason? Yep.

1. Wooden Platform Sandals (find here); 2. 70’s Deadstock Italian Sunglasses (find here); 3. Wooden and Woven Sandals (find here); 4. Vintage Bell Bottoms (find here); 5. Disco Multi Colored Platforms (find here); 6. 70’s Hippie Blanket Coat (find here); 7. Roller Sandals (find here); 8. Silver Glitter Sandals (find here); 9. Vintage Colorful Bangles (find here); 10. Blue Leather Motorcycle Jacket (find here); 11. Wooden Platform Sandals (find here); 12. 70’s Yellow Fur Coat (find here); 13. Roller Skates! (find here); 14. Vintage Suede Coat with Fur Collar (find here).

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  • Lotus Vintage

    February 28, 2013 at 9:17 pm |

    Love this!!

  • something borrowed

    March 5, 2013 at 9:46 pm |

    Amazing! Great finds ~ thanks for including my suede trench!