Sometimes the best inspiration comes from the boys.  I say this because when a man dresses well, he dresses better than most women could ever dream of.
It takes a certain type of person to carry all: finesse, confidence and attention to detail and for many reasons (which I dwell on a lot in my head and may eventually dedicate an entire post on), in this day and age, this type of man is harder to come by than ever before. It’s up for debate why back in the early 20th century it was absolutely unacceptable for a man to go out in anything but his finest suit, dapper being pretty much the norm, yet nowadays, we’re lucky if a guy wear’s anything other than sneakers and jeans.  It may be a product of what seems to be an exhausted love affair this country has with the casual, dressing up being a chore rather than pleasure. I’ve overheard men give each other shit for being “metrosexual” or what I’d rather call simply taking care of themselves, as if that makes you less of a man. What nonsense.
Unfortunately, with the exception of tiny concentrated cosmopolitan pockets, our society looks down on men who pay too much attention to fashion (unless they are gay of course, and then it’s totally cool).
It’s a sad state of affairs for the fashion conscious guys of the straight variety, always taking heat for something that should be praised, and for us ladies who need to deal with the consequences (I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to turn down a guy because he was wearing hideous shoes) Which of course may very well make me judgmental and superficial, but that’s neither here nor there.. or maybe it’s everywhere.
In turn, when I am occasionally struck by a vision of a proper fella, I go into a state of shock at first, and directly into awe, for the sight is so far and few in between.  Lucky for me though, if I were to catch a stylish boy walking down a street somewhere, chances would be highest in a town like New York. 
To strike a balance of put together, sophisticated, yet effortless is difficult to achieve, and I commend the few men I know and those I spot on the streets who are able to do it, since I must admit that us ladies have it much easier, not only cause it’s demanded of us, but with so many more places to shop, and with brands constantly marketing themselves down our throats, we often have the opposite problem, over saturation.
That being said then, men do have to work and look harder not only to find the right things, but also to be inspired.
When guys ask me for fashion advice (which I wish would happen more often, since I love styling guys a LOT), I often refer them to the same handful of stores including: Topman, Brooklyn Circus, Steven Alan, Opening Ceremony, Ben Sherman, Rag & Bone, and I never forget about thrift stores or spots like Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange. 
During Fashion Week the doses of well dressed men were higher than usual, and naturally I took advantage and did a little men’s fashion stalking.  We can all learn a little something from these guys…so please.. take note fellas, I sure as hell am….

What is there not to love about this man? He had me at top hat.  And best of all, he was sweet as pie.

 This lovely man was workin’ and actually snapped a photo of me first, but I just couldn’t resist taking his photo as well. The guy knows his layering like a pro.  Look at that floral vintage button down and the leather jacket… tres cool.

 Alright, you may find this questionable.. but let me explain. I took this photo knowing that he was up to something good.  Double camo and a dash of red? Totally something I would do!  But little did I know, he was aligned with some cosmic fashion situation, cause later on I found someone else who knew to do it too.

Image via Harpers Bazaar.

Oh and finally, this guy.  True, he did NOT seem very excited to be out in the cold snapping pictures all day, but I bugged him nonetheless for this shot.  Why?  I love that coat and his cool camera and his “I’m too cool for school” attitude, cause there’s a shortage of that in New York City (insert sarcastic tone here).
And if you love the coat as much as I do, look what I’ve done! I found one for you.. just like it. Thank me later.

You can buy this puppy here.

Ok, BYE!

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  • Jhon kenyy

    February 19, 2013 at 10:51 am |

    Amazing jackets..First shot is very stylish..
    Men’s fashion

    • Pretty In Thrift

      February 19, 2013 at 8:21 pm |

      Yeah a super cool dude! I wanna be his friend :)

  • grunge-queen

    February 19, 2013 at 10:54 am |

    Aw, I’m missing Canada looking at this post. Looks like the guy with the ‘tude is wearing a Canadian-made Hudson’s Bay Company coat (from the 70s?) as his has a green stripe. Those coats are much coveted and re-sell for big bucks. Wish I had a longer woman’s version. Sadly they’re next to impossible to find in thrift shops, and you’ll pay the price on eBay/Etsy. :)

    • Pretty In Thrift

      February 19, 2013 at 8:22 pm |

      Yeah very likely! It could also be Woolrich, Ive seen a few coats such as the one I posted with the same kind of striping… If I find more for a reasonable price ill send the link along to you :)