As mentioned in my last post, I am pining and soooo ready for spring time.  I just got back from L.A, where 70 degrees and sunny is the norm, so you can only imagine the shock to my system when returning to this frozen tundra we call NYC.  I get very impatient right around this time and start ignoring things such as gloves and hats, in the hopes that if I am not dressed warm enough, the weather gods will have pity on me and raise the temperatures just enough so I don’t get frost bitten.  This method has NOT been successful in the past, yet I keep trying.
Prime example is the look below.  It must have been a 40 degree day, yet with the winds.. I tell you it felt below 40.  The things we do for blogging and fashion… PFF!

Outfit Details: Skirt: thrifted -local shop in queens; Blouse: Searle -thrifted from salvation army; Shoes B Brian Atwood (gifted); Jewelry: Vintage from various flea markets and thrift stores; Handbag is vintage and you can find it here;

Location: Brooklyn
Photo’s courtesy of: Naomi of Omnia Vintage

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