Although I missed much of this fashion week (due to my decision to drive across the country instead) I did catch the last couple of days.  Equipped (once again) with my Pentax, I gleefully marched to Lincoln Center hoping to catch some awe inspiring looks and fashions to razzle and dazzle my senses, unfortunately it was kind of a #FAIL. 
Not to say that fashionable ladies and gents weren’t strutting their stuff across the marbled steps to the tents throughout the day.. what I mean when I say it was a fail is that these fashionable ladies and gents all stuck to a pretty unanimous formula of dressing, taking oh I dunno exactly, but let’s just say 3 trends that they all telepathically decided they were all going to rock, and went for it..
Which do I mean?  Colored fur to start out… it was EVERYWHERE.. do I love it? kind of… do people also kind of look like a sesame street character? maybe a little.. yes.
Big floppy bohemian hats.. Ok I get it, the 70’s are back.. hippie’s are cool again… but if I see another girl with sleek long hair and a floppy hat I may have to punch myself in the eye ball.
Last but not least… I still spotted some jeffrey cambell Lita’s… are you for realz people? can we please bury that trend somewhere real deep and try to forget it ever happened? Ok thank you.
Now for what I did love.. COLOR.. lots of it..  I think people are growing tired of the grey skies, the grey concrete, the slushy grey turned snow.. and are ready for spring.. and dare I say I wholeheartedly agree?
Some of my favorite colorful street style looks:

Someone else is clearly pining for spring. (Photo via Racked)

Oh bubbles.. you never fail to look cute and dare I say… bubbly?

Hanneli serves color blocking much justice in this bright coat.

Mira Duma doing pastels oh so well. (Photo via

Oh hello! Yeah that’s me, decked out in vintage coat, Theory Jkt, my mom’s pants, and a thrifted bag from my travels!

 Photo Courtesy of The Headhunter JL.  Check out his site

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  • SylviaETC

    February 15, 2013 at 9:28 am |

    Great pictures!
    I really like your neon green bag, and the close-up on MiraDuma’s shourouk plastic bag!!

  • Jonghyuk Lee

    February 19, 2013 at 11:23 pm |

    This is Jay from