Do you ever renounce a fashion promise you had made to yourself cause well, something has changed and you all of a sudden understand it all differently?  For the longest time I had made my mind up that I would never partake in any goth trend.  As much as I recognize it’s significance in the 90’s and respect others decision to go to that dark place and never look back, it always felt a little too costumey for me to try out without feeling goofy.  All of a sudden though, velvet is everywhere, and ladies like Claire Danes at the SAG awards are popping up in very 90’s – very goth inspired looks, and I must say.. I DIG! I dig it in the way that I dig watching Clerks on a cold night in my favorite flannel pjs, it’s comforting and nostalgic.
My take?  Velvet (just scored a black velvet tuxedo blazer at Zara on sale and am beyond thrilled about it), a darker lip perhaps? I have fallen in love with NARS velvet matte lip pencil in damned, And the shoes!  Shoes always make the look don’t they?  How about them Zara black velvet ankle strap platforms, yes I think those will do.

Wearing: Vintage black velvet cape; Velvet bustier; J. Crew Cropped pants (thrifted); Vintage metal clutch; Zara block heel velvet platforms.

Don’t mind me, I’ve got a hot date with The Craft.

 Photo’s: Naomi of OmniaVTG

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