Ever wonder how to come across the best Etsy and Ebay shops? Feel overwhelmed by all the options and give up as soon as you begin your searches? Don’t fret my friend! I’m here to help. (all that just sounded like the start of a really shitty infomercial didn’t it- bleh)
A few things you’ll need: Time, patience, a computer, a sense of adventure, a hint of curiosity and a sprinkle of confidence (that you will find what you’re looking for).
I usually begin by having an idea of what I am looking for, whether it be as specific as a brand of boots, or jewelry, or a style of something (brogues, satchel, pendant, etc…etc.) A time period works too, so I would say “flapper dress”, “80’s bedazzled denim”.  Simple enough so far right? The key is to be as specific and clear as possible, so you don’t end up having to go through unnecessary stuff.  After that, you can refine your searches by price, time it was listed, how close the item is to your key words.
I have found most of my favorite shops this way. It exposes you to a lot (of crap) sometimes but a few gems come out once in a while that make the whole process worthwhile.
Now while we are on the topic of shops, I recently found a really cool one on Etsy called Lee Coren.  Lee is an awesome designer from Jaffa, Israel who makes her own hand screen printed scarves and handbags.  What’s really great about the shop is the clean, modern yet earthy aesthetic of her designs, often inspired by her surroundings.  She is definitely my kind of girl.
I loved her store so much that I reached out and asked her a few questions to get to the bottom of how it all began.  I am constantly inspired and admittedly envious of people who are motivated enough to spend their life creating things and what a huge plus when the stuff they make is beautiful to look at.

Below you’ll find our little Q&A:

1. How did you get started with your business?

I was in my 4th year studying Visual Communications when I started feeling the attraction for textiles – suddenly all of my projects evolved around patterns and textures. After I graduated I just knew I had to do something about it, so I took a screen printing class. It started as a hobby, I screen printed a few scarves and that was it – I was hooked. I started this business not too long after, it was too much fun!

2. What is your favorite aspect about having an Etsy shop, and your least favorite.

Etsy is great, so many talents and ideas coming together. The community is so warm and inviting, I often find myself surprised by the kindness of strangers around here. It does take a lot of my time though..

3. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my local environment. I took (and still am) many photographs of forgotten urban icons such as broken plastic window shutters, rustic curved window bars and randomly placed mailboxes, and extract shapes from them – which I then transform into modern patterns that will return to the city as quality scarves and bags.

The new line I’m working on is more escapist, as you can see in the nature landscape clutches I just made from photos I took. but I won’t tell you all about it just yet 😉

4. What are your other interests beside design?

I love reading and researching, such a bookworm. Also, photography has always been a key interest. Oh, and traveling this small country with our dog. you’d love him.

5. What’s one funny/ quirky thing you’d like to share about yourself.

I make up jingles for basically everything I do, even for using the press for foiling or waiting for PDF export to complete.

6. Who are some of your favorite designers/ artists/ style?

Egon Schiele, Alexander McQueen… I think I adore anyone who can express their thoughts and emotions so clearly words are unnecessary.

To see what Lee’s designs are all about check out her shop, and for a quick glimpse take a look at some of my favorite pieces below:

These were the clutches that I originally found and fell in love with, how badass! Find here.
Find this lovely digitally printed nature scene clutch here.

Another awesome print, and great color. Find here.

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  • Carrie

    March 8, 2013 at 5:53 am |

    Lovely! Very abstract looking and great light! My Own Erotica