CHOKERS: The new sensation.

Look no further when it comes to the perfect necklace. Collars? So 2012.  Pendant? What’s that??
The new generation of IT necklace’s are certainly going to be of the choker variety (if I’m wrong you can come find me and punch me in the face).  With the 90’s making a comeback this year, and opulence and extravagance wiggling themselves into our psyche, this trend was pretty much inevitable.  Think cleopatra meets Iman (although we can’t all have giraffe necks like they did) so even though when we think of the 90’s choker we may picture a more goth form (black – lace – velvet), I believe this time around it’s headed in a tribal and ethnic direction.  If you still don’t believe me take a look at this Mara Hoffman x Pamela Love collaboration. As you can see tribal influences are clear, with an updated colorful take that really put’s this look on my map.

As already mentioned, an extra long neck is a great asset for this look, but not mandatory. And while model Grace Bol, makes it all look so natural and easy, we can find comfort in the fact that I did my research, as per usual; and found a series of chokers, mostly of the brass or silver variety, that will make the look so easy to incorporate.

I posted the photo below on Instagram yesterday, showing off a new Trifari choker I found at the local thrift store.  Although obviously unplanned, along with pretty much everything else in my life, it was a happy accident, which really got me thinking about the trend and the way I want to partake in the fun.  I plan on stacking this organic gold beauty with another similar choker I found a while ago at a beacon’s closet.

With a simple white crew neck t-shirt or pullover, this look can be toned down quite a bit. It doesn’t have to scream DRAMA and be all up in your face.  Same can be said with the following chokers I found on Etsy, which are both affordable and on trend.  Brass, gold, silver; Take your pick. There is no wrong answer.  Mix with daintier necklaces and layer as much or as little as you please.  The world is your oyster.

Vintage brass horseshoe choker (find here):

Vintage silver choker (find here):

Vintage gold and black stone choker (find here):

Vintage tassel gold choker (find here):

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