As a creative, I think it’s crucial to take cues from your surroundings and let your intuition guide you forward.  I mention this because I’m not necessarily the type of girl who regularly picks up fashion magazines to familiarize with new trends.  Instead, I pay a lot of attention to people, places and things around me at all times. Nothing about it is forced, as I just happen to be very alert and inquisitive by nature.  I just want to know. Everything.  Luckily I also happen to live in a city where inspiration is around every bend, and fashion a way of life, so I may be speaking in a different tune was I typing this out of my bedroom in Omaha. Even though in my profession awareness of trends is necessary I strongly believe it’s crucial to make things your own and not just follow blindly, not every trend is aesthetically pleasing or appropriate for all.  See what resonates with you and feel comfortable and yourself in it.  Today I’d like to graze over the black and white cocept (again). Just this past week, I’ve felt like it’s been very present in my life, starting from the Glamour magazine I flipped through at the doctors office, to the preciously sleek Phillip Lim 31 Hour bag I won last month via a pintrest contest #humblebrag. 
Black and white is the word, the cosmos said so. So once again let me emphasize. I didn’t seek out black and white.  It came to me, from many different directions and I took the hint.  Does that make any sense? I hope so, cause at the end of the day it’s beyond fashion or style, it’s a way of life, not forcing things that aren’t meant to be, makes things a lot simpler once you get the hang of it.


And now a story, a friendship story about a girl, who got caught being “cute” with a mop, for humor’s sake (I do this shit for you!) and was totally busted by the mop’s owner (Mo) in mid action, but then saved herself with her sweet smile and charming ways.

Outfit details: Vintage French Connection polka dot sweater (find here.); J Brand white skinny jeans; Vintage Studded Brogues; H&M bowler; Vintage handbag; Thrifted Cuffs.

Photos: Naomi of OmniaVTG
Location: Brooklyn

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  • Scatter Girl

    January 16, 2013 at 8:26 pm |

    I am loving your black and white ensemble and those polka dots. I am ever so jealous of your handbag win! congrats xx

    check out my giveaway!

    • Pretty In Thrift

      January 17, 2013 at 2:42 pm |

      Thanks! yes i have a thing for polka dots especially when they are so oversized :)

  • grunge-queen

    January 17, 2013 at 12:41 pm |

    Weird – Naomi’s Etsy shop has been a fave of mine for a while – was taking a peep today and spied this very sweater! Small vintage world. :)

    • Pretty In Thrift

      January 17, 2013 at 2:41 pm |

      That is SO funny! yes, we started out being vintage buddies but have become really good friends! she’s an awesome seller, very devoted and consistent :) And the sweater rocks!